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Thread: 12/2 Biggest Loser Recap: The Icky Vicky Show

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    12/2 Biggest Loser Recap: The Icky Vicky Show

    What is it about Tuesday nights and the Biggest Loser that makes me want to shove my face full of the greasiest, most calorie laden foods imaginable? Maybe it's the way the contestants chew Extra gum like it's a juicy and satisfying steak dinner or the way they caress that Brita like it's the most expensive bottle of wine they've ever held. Either way, tonight I find myself enjoying a little Chinese food and downing a Dr. Pepper (note: NON DIET) while watching the show. What have I done today to make myself feel proud since obviously I haven't eaten right? I looked in the mirror and realized I'm not Vicky. Ooo. Slam. On with the show!

    In case you forgot, Amy left us last week due to Vicky's deciding vote to oust her. That Vicky is a scary one. I can't imagine I'd like to back stab her at any point in time. We are down to the Final 5 contestants... finally. The beginning of the episode is a flashback AKA filler taking us on a little trip down memory lane back to the start of the season. We are reminded how much progress everyone has made and how much they need to lose weight, etc.

    Alison informs everyone that they are going to New York City for a fabulous makeover. They are all super excited. She then tells them they will be appearing live on the Tyra Banks show. The excitement dwindles a bit. Go figure. So anyway, off we go to NYC. The Final 5 are chauffeured around in a sweet limo and get to see some of the sites in the city. They arrive at the hair salon first and they all decide they want their hair colored. Next, they head to Macy's and see Christian Siriano from Project Runway who helps them shop for clothes. Heba tries on a size 14 dress and is very emotional that she fits into it. Hmmm. I'm sorry folks but I'm a little skeptical that Heba is a size 14. If she's a 14, I must be an 8. Chalk another one up to the wonders of Spanx I guess. Christian criticizes a lot of what the contestants pick out, but he ends up helping them choose some fierce outfits for Tyra. Next stop: The Tyra Show!

    Every time I hear Tyra's name, I think of the TV show “The Soup” and the clip of Tyra they always show where she points to herself and says “Me!” It cracks me up whenever I think of it. Anywho, it's time for the big reveal! Michelle is first and looks absolutely stunning in a fuchsia spaghetti strapped dress and a very cute voluminous hairstyle. Tyra has a surprise for Michelle: Michelle's father! Hmm, me thinks there will be more family related surprises to come. Renee is next and she steps out wearing a beautiful black dress and is now sporting a very sassy short haircut with some side bangs. She looks great! Tyra surprises Renee with Renee's husband. Our BFF Vicky is the next one out and she is wearing a very cute black dress and she now has red hair. The cut looks similar though. Okay, she doesn't look that bad, but for some reason her face looks like she got smacked with a pillow full of powder. Who does Vicky want to see? I bet you are thinking that any mom with young children would want to see her children. Nope. She wants to see her sister. Next out is Heba in a fierce red dress. Wow, she does look really good. Her hair looks cute and her makeup looks really nice too. She tells Tyra that her brother promised to take her on a trip if she lost 50 lbs, then guess who pops out from backstage? Her brother! I'm pleasantly surprised at Heba's post-makeover appearance. Last but not least, the only man in the bunch gets his turn on stage. Ed comes out in a suit jacket, dress shirt, and dark jeans. He has some highlights in his hair and looks very confident. Ed's surprise family member is his dad. I think I'm still in shock that Tyra didn't talk about herself at all.

    Michelle is absolutely stunning

    After the show, Christian reveals that Macy's is giving everyone a $1000 gift card to keep up with their new looks. The newly made over ladies and gent head out on the town with their surprise family member. When they are in Time Square, they look up to a video billboard and see Bob and Jillian! They offer the contestants suggestions on where to exercise while they are in NYC. There's a 6 mile trail in Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge is a mile across. Instead of enjoying the outdoors, Vicky, Ed, and Heba head to the brand new 24 Hour Fitness gym. Boring. Renee decides to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with her husband and Michelle takes her dad to Central Park for a stair run. After a fun couple of days in the Big Apple, it's time to head back to the Biggest Loser ranch for a good butt whoopin! Jillian is all business and gets started right away with her team while Vicky exercises alone in the gym. Heba wants to make a nice dinner for Bob, so she and Ed go to town in the kitchen making lettuce rolls. Bob is touched. Bob and touch in the same sentence... oh the places my mind could take me!

    Next, the contestants find Alison standing near a big pool of water with a row of booths/boxes above it. Oh yeah, I almost forgot we haven't done the challenge yet! For this challenge, each player must wedge his/herself in the glass cube 15 ft above the water and not fall into the pool of water. The winner gets a 2 week vacation to a spa in Utah. Vicky has fire in her eyes and really wants to win this one. I wonder what way she can think of to cheat her way to a victory this time? Michelle looks strong right off the bat, and surprisingly Vicky takes herself out of the competition immediately. She looks scared to death and sits on the ledge and won't jump into the pool of water. She whines and cries for a good 15 minutes while everyone offers her encouragement. It's always about Vicky, isn't it? Heba is the next one out after 17 minutes, while Vicky sits silently in her box still afraid to fall. Ed is next to go, followed by Renee. Michelle wins! Congratulations! Meanwhile, Vicky is STILL sitting in her box refusing to jump down. Even though Michelle won and dropped down into the water, everyone is still waiting on Vicky to come down. I can't stand the way she always has to steal another person's spotlight. Michelle even realizes what Vicky is doing. After Alison points out for the 900th time that Vicky is still hanging, Vicky whines and cries and blah blah blahs for awhile. Ed jumps into the water under Vicky's box just to give her a “point of reference” as he called it. They are all cheering for her and yelling and she is soaking it up big time. Finally, she falls into the water. I'm surprised she even went under water when she landed because I figured that ego would keep her afloat for awhile.

    The mime called. He wants his face color back.

    The next day, the Blue Team fills Bob in on all the details of the challenge. Of course, Vicky blabbers on about herself and her fear and her troubles and her struggles. I must have the wrong channel on because I thought I was watching The Biggest Loser not The Vicky Show.

    The last chance workouts are brutal this week, as this weigh in decides who makes the Final 4. Bob's team is dripping sweat like nobody's business while Jillian screams at her team to push themselves to the limit. Jillian jokes about taking body parts off to make her girls' weights lighter. I'm not so convinced that she's joking!

    It's weigh in time and the nervous little Losers file into the gym to face the giant scale. It's do or die for two families this week. Let's see what happens...

    Vicky: Last week 180/This week 176 (-4) -2.22%
    Renee: Last week 199/This week 195 (-4) -2.01%
    Michelle: Last week 176/This week 171 (-5) -2.84%
    Ed: Last week 253/This week 250 (-3) -1.19%
    Heba: Last week 224/This week 217 (-7)-3.13%

    Renee and Ed have the two lowest percentages for the week and fall below the yellow line. They will be up for elimination. Hmm, this is going to be a tough one. Not. Vicky pretends that she may go against the Blue Team and vote Ed out instead of Renee, but we all know that isn't going to happen. Let's check the votes!

    Michelle votes for Ed
    Heba votes for Renee
    Vicky votes for Renee

    Sadly, Renee is eliminated leaving Michelle as the sole Black Team representative. I'm really sad to see Renee go. She seems like an amazing woman inside and out. She has an emotional goodbye with her daughter and then promptly leaves the ranch. Ed, Heba, Vicky, and Michelle are the Final 4 contestants remaining.

    A day after leaving, Renee is reunited with her family and friends. She feels great and feels like she gained self confidence. Since the show, she has been doing public speaking. When starting the show, Renee was a size 22 dress. She currently wears a size 8. Wow! Way to go Renee!

    Next week, the Final 4 are pushed to their limits and the contestants find out that America will decide who is going to be the 3rd person to make the finale. This season is just about over! Join me again next week, same time, same place!
    Wake up and be awesome

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    Re: 12/2 Biggest Loser Recap: The Icky Vicky Show

    What have I done today to make myself feel proud since obviously I haven't eaten right? I looked in the mirror and realized I'm not Vicky.
    You've got that right!! Great recap, if only we could get NBC to cut out all the duplication like you did.

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    Re: 12/2 Biggest Loser Recap: The Icky Vicky Show

    AshleyPSU, a mighty fine recap! And I agree with GabbyG that NBC needs to cut out the duplication!

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    Re: 12/2 Biggest Loser Recap: The Icky Vicky Show

    Did anyone catch that one of the stylists at the salon was Brandon Martinez from Season 1 of Bravo's Blow Out with Johnathan Astin?

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    Re: 12/2 Biggest Loser Recap: The Icky Vicky Show

    And here I was thinking I was the only one who am SICK of Vicki and Heba with their juvenile antics. I was incensed at their unforgivable treatment of poor Phil who did nothing to deserve it. Both he and his wife were hurt and no-one seemed to care! Why did the others just sit there and not protest?

    This reminds of the bullying that my daughter was subjected to in 3rd grade! Where did they get these women? From a cave?

    Well I'm fed up with the drama and each week I wonder why the show's producers don't make it stop. Oh! Wait! They WANT the drama - because they think more people will watch it?

    I liked this show a lot more last year. I haven't seen a woman as nasty, selfish, and cruel as Vicky in a very long time. If this is the way this show is going to progress - I'm done with it.

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