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Thread: The Biggest Loser on House!

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    The Biggest Loser on House!

    House (which directly competes with TBL, so many of you may not have seen it) did an episode this week that had me checking the channel as it opened with a scene of really fat people running up the steps of a stadium being cheered on/jeered by female trainer in black (sound familiar to anyone?). There was even one really big guy who seemed to be faltering and had to be psychologically pushed into finishing where he felt fabulous and was doing a sort of Rocky type cheer while gasping for breath.
    At which point, since it is House, and a medical mystery show, you expect him to collapse, but it's the trainer who does.
    Some very interesting "eating disorder" info comes out in the show--I recommend looking at it on Fox when they post it...probably in over a week though--they are slow.
    Anyone else see it?

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    Re: The Biggest Loser on House!

    I saw the episode last night and immediately saw the connection. Very interesting.
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    Re: The Biggest Loser on House!

    Just givin' a shout-out to my boy, Hugh Laurie, one amazing actor. And one who is in no way fat. In fact, he needs to put on a few pounds and I for one would enjoy the task of fattening him up. I hate to cook, generally, but something about the prospect of having a sexy man to feed makes it sound more appealing. I can totally understand why happy couples get fat when married--it's way more fun to cook or eat together than by oneself.

    I recommend everybody watch House on DVD--that way you can have your cake and eat it too by catching both shows.

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    Re: The Biggest Loser on House!

    I didn't like the whole gastric bypass aspect of the storyline but I thought that actress had Jillian's mannerisms down to a T.
    Favorite Dr Oliverisms

    "We were about to have sex not move out of the state"

    "Shh. Okay, stop. Just let me"

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