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Thread: 11/11 Biggest Loser Recap: Vicky the Vicious and Heba the Horrible

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    11/11 Biggest Loser Recap: Vicky the Vicious and Heba the Horrible

    Welcome back to another week of the Biggest Loser! It looks as though you are stuck with me for the rest of the season. Before you run away screaming, I just wanted to let you know that I too love Bob and everything Bob-esque. May I stay and play now? Let's grab our pints of Ben and Jerrys carrot sticks and get this show on the road!

    As the show begins, we are reminded that Phil was the one booted when the show last aired two weeks ago. I actually appreciate the reminder this time around because I feel like the Biggest Loser hasn't been on for a month. Of course, the blue team has a few snotty comments about Phil's departure. Ugh, I want to kick Heba in the teeth sometimes. Vicky cackles like a witch laughs about Phil's departure and they all celebrate like they are at a party. They are sad, sad people. Poor Bob.

    In the gym, Jillian pushes the Black Team extra hard since there are only 3 of them remaining. They grunt and groan and sweat. Bob tells his team that whoever runs the farthest in 3 minutes will win a banana fudge sundae. Huh? Does Bob hate his own team so much he wants to sabotage them? Go Bob! Amy C. wins the mini-challenge and we find out that the banana fudge sundae is really a Jell-O sugar free banana fudge sundae with Cool Whip on top. Wow. There's some blatant product placement.

    A little bit later, Alison visits the house and drops the bomb that instead of teams, everyone will now be competing as singles. She also asks everyone to follow her to the gym for a special weigh in. Exactly WHO is weighing in? Enter Phil. Umm, I hope it isn't just Phil because this is a dumb twist. Phew. There's Amy. All of the eliminated contestants enter the gym. Heba attacks Ed (run Ed, run) and Amy C. is super excited to see her mom. Coleen looks around for her dad, but finds out that he couldn't make it because of work. Alison tells the eliminated contestants that they will weigh in so we can see the progress they've made since leaving the ranch and they can earn the right to enter the game once again at a challenge coming up.

    Coleen's dad , Jerry, sent a video message and we find out: Starting Weight 380/Current 339(-41)
    Shellay: Starting Weight 216/Current 177 (-39)
    Tom Sr.: Starting Weight 314/Current 266 (-48)
    L.T.: Starting Weight 357/Current 300 (-57)
    Adam: Starting Weight 340/Current 305 (-35)
    Stacey: Starting Weight 221/Current 190 (-31)
    Ed: Starting Weight 335/Current 277 (-58)
    Amy P.: Starting Weight 229/Current 182 (-47)
    Phil: Starting Weight 331/Current 263 (-68)
    (The Blue Team members were the only ones who didn't clap when Amy and Phil weighed in. Vile.)

    After Ali announces again that the winner of the next challenge will come back in the house, Brady comments that Phil is gone and he won't be the one coming back and Vicky openly expresses her dislike for Phil. Vicky is a bitch. A straight-up, cold hearted bitch. Get her off this show already.

    Back at the ranch, the eliminated contestants join the current contestants and of course, drama ensues. Amy P. is crying because of Vicious Vicky and Phil heads to the kitchen to confront Vicky about her meanness. Vicky, queen of the world, tells Phil he doesn't deserve a spot back in the game. Brady yells at Phil, Heba yells at Phil, and everyone else sits in the silence. They are horrible people. Stacey starts to cry because she was looking forward to coming back, but now things are different and there's too much drama.

    Amy C. and her mom go to Subway and chat about how wonderful their Subway meals are. Wow, NBC must be getting paid well for this episode. I'm surprised they aren't wearing Brita Tshirts. Back at the ranch, Bob and Jillian pay everyone a visit. L.T. walks into the kitchen and Jillian practically attacks him. Bob and Jillian visit with their former teams and it's clouds and butterflies all around. Bob throws Amy down on the bed. Whooaaaa Bob, maybe I was wrong about you. *cough*

    It's challenge time and the contestants walk up to find a row of step-up boxes and an always perky looking Alison Sweeney. She explains that the winner of the challenge will have immunity at the next weigh in. The rules of the game are pretty simple. Each contestant has to step up and step down off of their step. The first person who steps up and steps down 1,000 times will win a chance to get back into the game and immunity for the week. Ed starts off like a bullet, furiously stepping up and stepping down. L.T. thinks that slow and steady will win the race. Phil trips and falls, but keeps on trucking. I know I've said this before, but the Ali play-by-play annoys the heck out of me. I can see what's going on, thanks. Stacey and Ed are pretty much neck and neck for most of the competition. After 700 or so steps, Ed looks like he is ready to pass out. His shirt is soaked. L.T. starts to encourage Stacey while Heba's annoying voice is screeching from the sidelines. I mean that girl doesn't shut up. Oh boy. Ed wins and gets to rejoin the game and gets immunity for the week. Everyone immediately goes up to Stacey to congratulate her for doing such a good job. Now we have Ed, Heba, Vicky, and Brady back together again. Poke my eyes and ears out now.

    The next day, Bob's team is working out in the gym, and they goof around with him and tell him that Phil was the one who got to come back into the house. Then Ed sneaks up behind him and they all cheer and giggle. Gag. A little later, everyone is once again in the kitchen, and last season's winner, Ali, surprises them. She tells them about her experience on the show and how she kept her weight loss going when she got home. She still looks amazing! Wow! Her friend Cynthia Sass, the nutrition director at Prevention Magazine, joins the party and begins to educate the contestants about various aspects of their diet. We learn useful facts such as a pint of beer contains the equivalent of 1-2 slices of bread. A 6 pack of beer is like eating a loaf of bread. Mmm, bread and beer. Next, Cynthia blindfolds Heba and Ed and asks them to eat something. The lesson here is that things might look gross but can taste good. Now, back to that bread and beer... Anywho, next up is Cynthia teaching Michelle how to eat sweets in moderation. She advises Michelle to preportion her brownies. Prevention is also going to give everyone $5000 toward groceries. That's pretty sweet!

    Back at the ranch, Jillian pow-wows with her girls, and the mood is pretty pessimistic when she finds out Ed came back. She feels like everything is always stacked against her Black Team. She knows they are in a bad position and have to work extra hard to stay safe this week. She says she is going to “beat the crap” out of them. That a girl, Jill! It isn't a good workout unless someone falls over or vomits!!

    On the blue side of the gym, it's last chance workout time. Even though Ed has immunity, Bob pushes him to the limit. Ed is really struggling and Heba yells something at him. Bob scolds her and she makes a face. I used to think Heba acted like a Second Grader, but now I'm thinking Kindergarten.

    It's weigh in time and everyone files into the gym. Just a reminder, the couples are no longer couples and will be weighing in as individuals. Just in case you missed it the first 40 times it was mentioned, Ed has immunity.

    Here we go!

    Ed: Last week 277/This week 273 (-4)
    Heba: Last week 247/This week 238 (-9) -3.64%
    Coleen: Last week 177/This week 170 (-7) -3.95
    Amy: Last week 187/This week 181 (-6) -3.21%
    Michelle: Last week 200/This week 194 (-6) -3.00%
    Renee: Last week 222/This week 215 (-7) -3.15%
    Vicky: Last week 201/This week 193 (-8) -3.98%
    Brady: Last week 270/This week 264 (-6) -2.22%

    Michelle and Brady fall below the yellow line and are up for elimination. Usually the contestants get an hour to talk about who will be going home, but this time, they don't get any time to deliberate. They are going straight to the elimination room. Vicky is pretty sure that Brady will stay because she thinks the Blue Team will all keep him, but Amy seems to be having second thoughts. Wouldn't that be wonderful if Vicky's poor,tortured oh so lucky husband got to go home and be away from Vicky? He'd probably vote for himself if he could!

    Renee is upset because this episode marks the one year anniversary of her reuniting with Michelle and now Michelle might be going home. I heart Michelle, I don't want her to go! The contestants go off to the side, Survivor style, write down the name of the person they want to leave, and then come back to the table. Heba and Vicky look smug like usual. Blah. Here's what's going down:

    Vicky votes for Michelle
    Renee votes for Brady
    Coleen votes for Brady
    Ed votes for Michelle
    Heba votes for Michelle
    Amy votes for Brady.... WHAT?!?!

    The votes are tied, but because Brady has a lower percentage of weight loss than Michelle, he is eliminated. Ding dong the witch's husband is dead! I think Amy is my new favorite player! The look on Heba's face was priceless. Go Amy!

    A day after being eliminated, Brady goes home and his family tells him over and over how good he looks. He gets to see his kids and they think he looks great too. Aww. When Brady came to the ranch, he wore a size 48 pants, and now he is down to a size 34. He is now biking to the grocery store with his kids and teaching them to eat better. Since starting the show, he has lost over 100 pounds.

    Next week, it appears that Vicky goes psycho and looks for revenge against Amy. There's a shocker. Vicky=psycho? Nah.
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    Re: 11/11 Biggest Loser Recap: Vicky the Vicious and Heba the Horrible

    I just want to tell you I agree with everything you said. Next week with Vicious Vicky should be very interesting. With out her husband there to stablize her she could really lose it.

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    Re: 11/11 Biggest Loser Recap: Vicky the Vicious and Heba the Horrible

    Vicious Vicky and Heba the Horrible are such trolls. There's going to be a lot of happy people in TV land (and not just those on the show) when Alison tells both Vicky and Heba they are not the "Biggest Loser" ......................... Actually, they both are losers in EVERY sense of the word. As my dear old daddy use the say........"Karma alway equals out."
    If I get too cranky, would someone wipe the drool off my chin and send me to the home!

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    Re: 11/11 Biggest Loser Recap: Vicky the Vicious and Heba the Horrible

    ashleyPSU, great recap! I personally hope that Vicki and Heba get kicked out for being beyond gross and mean in the house. There ought to be a law that muzzles are to be used at all times for certain people.

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    Re: 11/11 Biggest Loser Recap: Vicky the Vicious and Heba the Horrible

    Great recap!! I was SO rooting for Amy to flip... so was jumping up and down and dancing with my puppies when my wish came true.

    Vicky will now feel what Phil did when they voted Amy out only because she was married to Phil (and it would cause his mind to go haywire).

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    Re: 11/11 Biggest Loser Recap: Vicky the Vicious and Heba the Horrible

    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyPSU;3234014;
    I used to think Heba acted like a Second Grader, but now I'm thinking Kindergarten.
    Now that is an insult to Kindergartener's everywhere!

    Great ReCap!
    You've got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince!

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    Re: 11/11 Biggest Loser Recap: Vicky the Vicious and Heba the Horrible

    Thanks Ash. I only got to peak in at the show this week. Great re-cap! Vicky and Heba

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