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Thread: 10/21 Biggest Loser Recap: You Can Smell the Fat Burning

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    10/21 Biggest Loser Recap: You Can Smell the Fat Burning

    Wow - a week's gone by already, huh? Well it's time for another two hour Biggest Loser. Doesn't NBC have any other shows to put on so we don't have to have so much filler? I mean really - there's only so much talk of Extra Gum, Brita water pitchers and Jennie-O turkey products I can take. But since they'd rather show 2 hours of The Biggest Loser than my dream nerd Chuck, I guess I'll recap. I hope you're out there, fellow recap readers. I'm not sure anymore.

    So we begin by seeing Amy the Child all bummed out because her hot mom Shellay was given the old heave-ho. She's happy she got to spend time there with her mom, but she is determined to make it to the end for not only her mom, but herself.

    Cue dramatic music when Jillan finds out who the black team lost. Coleen rationalizes the decision by saying they need a man to get them to next week. Jillian wants to get more competitive this week. Renee is ready to push herself and Coleen is fired up. Phil realizes that he has to focus on himself and can't think about Amy the Wife being his direct competition.

    So the blue team heads to "Absolution" where Bob is hanging from a huge contraption a la Cirque de Soleil. Jillian on the other hand brings her team to a ropes course where a 40 foot climbing pole awaits. The Blue team is using all their strength to hang from the fabric trapezes. Meanwhile the black teams first task is to climb a huge pole and jump out for a ring that's hanging from a tree. Phil does great, but Coleen is freaking out. Back at Cirque de Bob Harper, Brady's all wrapped up in fabric and proud of his strength. Renee and Michelle have the task of climbing opposite poles and then walking across a horizontal pole and meeting in the middle. Dr. Jillian gets all metaphorical with the whole "meeting halfway" thing. I love you's are exchanged. Ahhhh.

    Back with the blue team, this weird guy dressed like an alien comes in and their task entails beating him up under the guise of self-defense. The teacher is a maniac and sweet little Amy the Wife was being all sweet southern comfort on him. Heba on the other hand takes it to the limit and ends by spitting on him. Class act, that Heba. So we're thrown back to the black team and Coleen is having a panic attack about the height of the pole she has to climb. I'm super excited because their helmets say "Fulcrum". Chuck fans? Anyone? Where's the intercept?? Oh well, no Chuck sighting. But Coleen gets to the top and she can't believe it. She owns her moment between tears and then jumps off. Way to go Coleen!

    Ali tip! Ali's dressed like a witch and says this year, give out Play-doh instead of candy at Halloween. I'm not sure about your neighborhood, but that's a major invitation to get your house egged. The disclaimer says "fun to play with, but not to eat". Unless you're one of those kids who enjoys eating paste. Then you'll LOVE the play-doh.

    So our teams head to see our favorite hair club for men recipient, Dr. Huizenga. They get in the "bod pod" which measures body fat percentage and they participate in different tests to see how their bodies are doing. Michelle's biological age went from 41 to 34, she's happy to have turned back the clock. Renee was at a biological age of 66 and she's down to 44. Brady dropped from 72 to 43 cardiac age. Vicky lost 38 pounds of true fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle. Amy the Child went from 47 to 34. She's happy she's almost there. Phil's body fat was 47% at the start. He's lost more fat than weight. Phil's on his way out of the danger zone. Amy the Wife lost 20% of her abdominal volume. Coleen, who is 24 years old, started at a 55 year old range. Now, she's at a 30 year old range and she knows she's on the right path. Heba's body fat was at a 52%. She's lost 38 pounds of fat and Dr. H. is glad Heba got motivated to do something.

    We head to Universal Studios for a challenge which involves water. Again. Each team has a balance beam. They have to walk in a circle and each time a team member climbs under the laser beam, they get a point. First team to 25 points wins. If a team member falls in, they're out. They can't get back in unless everyone from both teams fall in. If everyone falls in, they will reset and each person gets back up and keep going. Winning team gets videos from home. The blue team has to sit out someone, so Amy the Child sits out due to her knee injury. Vicky whines about it being a crappy prize. Amy the Wife falls in after about 2 seconds. Vicky falls in immediately. Heba falls in and Brady's the only person on the Blue team left competing against the entire Black team. Coleen falls in. Phil gets point number 1. Only 24 to go! Brady falls in and nobody on the Blue team gets a point. The Black team continues on and the blue team continues to whine, lead by the team whine leader, Vicky. The heckling was getting to Coleen. Renee & Michelle get their first point and they continue to compete. They get to 15 points and Michelle falls in. Amy the Wife is torn about rooting for Phil when he says that she could at least root for him as a human being if she can't root for him because he's not on her team. Heba chimes in that she forbids it. Of course she does, because she's not human. She's downright mean sometimes. Unless it pertains to her. I'm betting if she were being heckled, her inner bitchiness would come out. Quickly.

    There was a trainer tip with Bob about yoga and pilates poses being beneficial, blah blah blah. I just got sweaty looking at him pose, so I'm not sure what else he said.

    Phil loses his balance at 16 points, so it's up to Renee. Heba's still whining about wanting to participate. Renee completes the next 9 points all by herself. Basically the black team kicked ass. The blue team did not score one point. Take THAT Heba and Vicky. Renee is psyched. This is where I decide I hate Vicky even more. She whines again that the prize wasn't worth it and she only gave it a fair shot (hello, she lasted about 10 seconds...that's fair?) because the rest of her team wanted it. She doesn't feel pride when she wins a trivial challenge. Now I officially dislike her as much as I dislike Heba. So the blue team needs to tell Bob about the challenge. He's disgusted. He should be. I love an angry Bob. Yummilicious!! Vicky tells Bob that she hated the prize. Bob basically feels like even if the prize were a pack of gum (I so expected him to look at the camera and say "Extra Fruit Sensations - great snack for few calories!), you need to get out there and give it your best. So digusted isn't even a good enough description on how he feels. He wants to challenge them to do things they've never done. Vicky, on the other hand, feels like she's only there to win $350,000. Yes, my friends, she doesn't just want to win, she wants her and Brady to win first and second place. Oh, so the truth comes out. It's not about being overweight and setting a good example for your already overweight 4 year old Vicky? It's about money? Wow, we sure did see a new Vicky tonight. I feel for the 2 Amy's. They are the only normal ones on the blue team.

    So we get to see Michelle get her video. Except it's not a video - it's a live video chat. Her dad really encourages her. Next is Coleen and we see Jerry, her 2 sisters, her boyfriend and his brother. Jerry tells her how good he feels. Her boyfriend is really emotional and tells her how beautiful she is. He said being apart from her makes him realize how much she means to him. So we see Renee see her husband and her doggies. She realized how valuable the prize really was. Phil gets to see his in-laws and 2 of his sons. His son Rhett lost his tooth and he felt so confident to go to the end knowing he has such great support.

    We know how difficult those last chance workouts can be. Today is no different. Amy the Wife knows she has to be the biggest loser this week or she's going home. Jillian wants to see puking. Bob is pushing Brady to the limit. Jillian pushed Phil a little too far, because he actually went outside and puked. She should be proud. She really pushed all of the black team over the edge. Bob tells Amy the Wife to cry when she's done with the workout. Phil said she was making sounds that he hasn't heard since she gave birth. I agree. That was definitely sounds of childbirth.

    Vicky and Brady run to Heba's room like 7th graders with a secret. Brady tells Heba that Phil unloaded on him that Amy needed to stay and that they should really get rid of Heba. Heba thinks Phil has a heart full of hate. Vicky thinks they're just playing a poor game. The 3 of them feel that Phil is nothing without his wife and that she must have sent him to say those things.

    As we head to weigh in, Vicky said it really doesn't matter how much she lost because she's in a win-win situation. Even if she doesn't lose weight, she has the votes to stay. Oh, pardon me. I thought this show was about losing weight.

    Renee last week 232/ this week 225/ (-7)
    Michelle last week 209/ this week 202/ (-7)
    Coleen last week 187/ this week 179/ (-8)
    Phil last week 279/ this week 272/ (-7)
    Total (-29) for a total percentage of 3.2%

    Amy the Child last week 199/ this week 193/ (-6)
    Heba last week 258/ this week 253/ (-5)
    Vicky last week 211/ this week 203/ (-8)
    Amy the Wife last week 193/ this week 191/ (-2)
    Brady last week 286/ this week 283/ (-3)
    Total (-24) for a total percentage of 2.09%

    The Blue team loses the weigh in and faces elimination. Stupid, whiney Vicky is safe this week. Heba then goes on and on about how much she hates Phil. She is one annoying woman. I think Ed wanted to leave the other week just to escape her for awhile. I hope when she's losing weight, she loses some of that "I'm the best" attitude. It would make her so much more likeable. Vicky basically wants to play the game and doesn't care about the weight. She has really shown her evil side this week.

    Vicky votes Amy the Wife
    Brady votes Amy the Wife
    Amy the Child votes Brady
    Amy the Wife votes Brady
    Heba has to break the tie and votes Amy the Wife

    Amy the Wife has been eliminated. The travesty! They weren't even nice to her when she left. My word, they are so mean spirited. Amy started the Biggest Loser at a size 20. She's now wearing a size 8 and is extremely active. She can do so much more with her children, including riding horses with her autistic son. She really radiates beauty.

    Next week one person out-loses another whole team.

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    Re: 10/21 Biggest Loser Recap: You Can Smell the Fat Burning

    great recap-did you wonder if Vickie and Brady somehow knew they weren't going to lose a lot? (I'm referring to Vickie s***eating grin when he only lost a couple of pounds. And my next question is did Phil actually talk to Brady about sending Heba home or is that just Vickie and Brady starting something?)

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    Re: 10/21 Biggest Loser Recap: You Can Smell the Fat Burning

    Great recap! I so can't stand Vicki. Totally not there for the right reasons.

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    Re: 10/21 Biggest Loser Recap: You Can Smell the Fat Burning

    I love an angry Bob too! .... Go Team Black! (I am so over the blue team...)
    Wasting away another summer...

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