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Thread: 10/7 Biggest Loser Recap: Part One: Chains of Love

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    10/7 Biggest Loser Recap: Part One: Chains of Love

    So in today's edition of As the Treadmill Turns, we're treated to a one hour episode. Yahoo! No filler, No garbage. No product placement. Right? WRONG. It's the first hour of a special two-part episode, since our President Wannabes have a debate tonight. So tonight will be a whole hour of hot air with no happy ending. Sorta like the debate.

    We begin with reflections of having a loved one with you. They were really thrown when Jerry went home and Coleen is facing this by herself. She curls up with her little stuffed toy in her yellow shirt, in her yellow room, on her yellow sheets crying buckets of tears. Jillian has a few tender moments with Coleen telling her not to feel guilty about her dad having to leave.

    Bob on the other hand loves week 4 because he loves the competitiveness and passion shining through. He's really working these married couples to death. Vicky realizes she's nothing but a whiner. Actually she's injury-plagued and wants Bob to help her burn some more calories without hurting herself further. Bob said Vicky has severe kneeeeeeeeee injuries and I swear I thought he was going to say neeeeeeeeeeediness. He should have. She then complains about Brady and how she has to work so much harder than him and he must feel guilty because he gets to work out less because he can work harder. Yeah sweetie - the same guy you said you'd send home in a heartbeat. That's teamwork. Basically this is the biggest enabling couple and Vicky needs a mental check. And less whining.

    We get a new product placement which made my husbands ears perk up. A MOTOROKR S9 - Motorola complete with a downloaded workout. Jillian thought Coleen could use the boost. Hello?? marybethp could use the boost - send one my way girlfriend!

    Vicky then confronts Brady and tells him he needs to give her the space to workout and do her own thing. He understood and they SWAK.

    We get to see the first reward from the first week's challenge. Amy and Phil get to go home and see their boys. The boys are stoked to see their parents and it really is tender. They were so happy to see each other. They show the Red Family on a hike and working up a sweat. They're excited that this will be the rest of their lives. No more sitting around eating snacks. Meanwhile, we see Amy and Shellay's 24 hours with Jillian. Shellay thought they were having a girlie day. She's delusional. Jillian has them on elliptical machines and Shellay is terrified to put her hands behind her back and then fakes about 10 injuries. Jillian's trying to practice patience, but that doesn't last long and she threatens to break her fingers. She actually threatens to rip off Amy's arm and beat Shellay with it. Now that I'd like to see! Jillian tells Shellay that her head needs to be examined. Meanwhile, back at the ranch (I'm so glad I get to use that), Michelle, Renee and Coleen are working out but they feel like they're not working hard enough without Jillian. I hate to break it to you guys, but you're not going to have Jillian forever. Meanwhile, Jillian is seriously torturing Shellay, telling her she doesn't care if her neck snaps. What I'm wondering is why Shellay is in the public gym with her shirt tucked under her bra and her belly hanging out. Jillian tries some psychobabble while chucking the medicine ball at her and Shellay finally breaks down. Jillian hit the inside of Shellay and pulls out the strength. It totally sounds like a script that she stole from the set of Dr. Phil.

    Amy and Phil have to say goodbye to their kids and there are tears all around. But Phil tries to reassure them that it's the best decision to be gone for 2 months if it means changing their lives for the better.

    It's challenge time! The contestants head to the Universal Studios Backlot and up the stairs overlooking a large tank of water with chains hanging down and handlebars. Amy the Child thinks it's a torture device and she's hyperventilating.

    We get a quick trainer tip from Jillian. So Jillian suggests during all 10 commercial breaks you hop up and do high-intensity jumping jacks and you can burn 300 calories. Not if you have TiVo Jill!

    So back to our challenge. Basically you have to stand in 5 feet of water in this large tank hanging on to a handlebar and standing on a bar. It becomes more difficult as they drain the water out of the tank. The person who holds on the longest, wins the challenge. The reward for this endurance challenge is a package from home and a 3 day VIP trip for your entire family to Universal Studios including airfare and lodging. Yippee!!

    So our challenge begins and while it appears to be easy at first, it becomes increasingly difficult as the water is slowly removed from the tank. Renee was the first one out at the 45 minute mark. Coleen was next as more water is removed. Heba is out at 55 minutes followed by Michelle. Ed twists around and falls at the 83 minute mark. At this point, they have to use only 1 arm to hang with. Shellay's out, Amy the Wife is out followed by Phil. Remaining hangers include Amy the Child, and the entire brown team of Vicky and Brady. Brady is out and the 2 ladies are left. They both want to win desperately. However, Amy the Child falls off and Vicky wins. She breaks down into tears and is happy to have a connection with her kids. However, Vicky was able to pick another person to get a carepackage and she chose Amy the Child because she hung in there with her for 107 minutes.

    Vicky and Brady open their carepackage. There was a little hands poem from her 1st grade son. They also had a recording of their daughter saying how much she loves them and misses them. She learned to swim under water while they were gone. Vicky believes that this will be a boost and keep them motivated. Shellay and Amy open their carepackage. Mr. Purple made pillowcases of his face with the words "Good Night. Sleep Tight. Don't let the Bed Bugs bite". What kind of ranch is this anyway? Bed bugs? ewww! The girls were a big ole pile of messy tears. There were pictures and letters and it's making them homesick, yet motivated to kick booty.

    We head to the gym for some filler working out with Jillian. She's upset that the girls didn't get their 'homework' in. They only did 45 of the 90 minutes Jillian wanted them to get done. She's so tired of them not being motivated. She uses the example of Ali and Brittany from last year. She feels like they don't care. She started screaming and was out of control. She basically told Amy the Child to leave the gym because they are so unmotivated and Amy must have hung out with Vicky for too long because she had a big ole smirk on her face. She said they want the results without the work.

    So that's it. We end with a Jillian tirade and on Wednesday night we have a crucial weigh in. This week one family member will leave again, based on which team falls below the yellow line. Stay tuned!

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    Re: 10/7 Biggest Loser Recap: Part One: Chains of Love

    As the Treadmill Turns
    Love it...great recap marybethp!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Re: 10/7 Biggest Loser Recap: Part One: Chains of Love

    marybethp, funny recap! Loved the ..."meanwhile back at the ranch"-I was waiting to read about Tonto and the Lone Ranger or Roy Rogers and Dale Evans!

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