Adam: The Husband

Team: Bob's Team
Age: 39
Occupation:: Contracts Manager
Hometown: Cleveland, OH

"I don't like what I see and that's why I am here."

Despite his towering presence and bodyguard physique, Adam is a friendly and affectionate guy who people look up to for guidance and leadership. However, Adam has struggled to take the lead in regards to a weight-loss plan. Adam has a twin brother and as a child, Adam was dubbed the “heavy twin.” Although Adam enjoys exercising—his basement is full of weights, resistance bands, and even a treadmill—a schedule full of frequent business travel usually gets him off track. He has been blessed and cursed with a wife who loves to cook. Adam has never been pushed to lose weight because he is always given a clean bill of health. As he approaches his 40th birthday, he knows that he needs to make a change as a measure of prevention. Being married and having children have also given Adam a new perspective on his health. Together with Stacey, he will show just what competitive spirit means.

Power punches come in twos—this husband and wife know how to get the job done. They work together, commute together, and raise a family together. As former athletes, this focused pair is going to be tough to beat!

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