Brady: The Husband

Team: Bob's Team
Age: 36
Occupation:: Pharmacist
Hometown: Houma, LA

"Kids learn from their parents and this is why I am here."

Brady married Vicky when he was eighteen years old. He received a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and then put Vicky through anesthesia school. Part Native American, Brady’s Chitimacha heritage is something he takes great pride in and he donates his time to a local indigent pharmacy to help those less fortunate. There is nothing more important to him than his family. His two children are energetic, bubbly and bright but their four-year-old daughter is very overweight (67lbs) and it is all-consuming. He and Vicky would love nothing more than to teach their little girl how to eat right and exercise.

This competitive couple will be unstoppable! Their Southern roots have given them a big appetite for life and spicy food. They are united by a unique unbreakable bond. Surviving seventeen years of marriage and struggling through school while working has proven that they can beat the odds and still come out on top. This team has it all; Brady acts as the counselor and Vicky is a true competitor. Together they will win the hearts of America, but beware of the voodoo they will put on you if you try to get in their way! These two will not be afraid to stir up the pot if it means winning the game.

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