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Thread: When does the new season start?

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    Re: When does the new season start?

    Quote Originally Posted by MomAt40Pls;3195935;
    I guess I don't really understand why you have to wait for the bios to be posted on NBC's website. It seems likely at this point that they won't be posting the bios until the season premier has aired. There's usually a place to discuss the show as it's actually on. So do we just come down here to do that? What if they don't post the bios for several week? Will you still wait?

    BTW, the first hour sneak peek was fabulous! Would love to discuss with anyone else who's watched it.


    The bio's are needed to begin threads for each family, that is where the text and photos come from. They are up now. Hard to tell anything at this point other than they are all fat and there is no blue team but a brown and gray. Why have two dull colors and leave out blue?

    We can discuss anything about the show here, now. A moderator will begin a spoiler thread shortly before the program starts tonight.

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