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Thread: Biggest Loser Couples 4/15 Live Finale Recap: The Season of One Pound

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    Biggest Loser Couples 4/15 Live Finale Recap: The Season of One Pound

    Welcome to the Biggest Loser: Couples Live Finale recap! We've had a season of tears and 2 hour shows. I'm not sure which was more brutal. We begin with a review of the 2 remaining men, Roger and Mark, one of whom will be chosen as the third finalist. Then we see the 2 female finalists, Kelly and Ali. We see their stories and where they are now and how they got to the finals. We then also get to see each of the 20 contestants and where they started. Who will be The Biggest Loser? You have another hour and 54 minutes.

    We first see Roger in person who has lost more weight on campus than anyone in the history of the Biggest Loser. He comes bursting through his fat self and looks fan-freakin-tastic. He's got a hip pair of jeans and a funky shirt. No big ole football jersey for him. The Mark comes busting through his fat self, surprisingly not crying, and he's all suited up looking really thin, some may say too thin, but this is $250,000!

    With less than 100,000 votes separating them, Roger has been voted by America to become the third finalist. Can I digress a moment to say that I love HostAli so much more than the dreaded Caroline Rhea. She looks beautiful and she seems to really like and care about these people - not to mention has a personality. So anywho, HostAli asks Mark how he feels about the twists and turns, but he isn't fazed by them because he says without 'em, he wouldn't have even had the chance to come back. Nice good sport answer Mark! No sour grapes for him.

    We now get to see the rest of the eliminated couples live and in person.
    • First up is Jenny looking thinner and confident, but definitely not at her goal weight. Her dad Lynn also looks thinner, but not thin.
    • Amanda and Neill are next. Amanda really is smokin hot and Neill is still a putz. He's a thinner putz, but still a putz nonetheless.
    • Bette-Sue comes out alone since Ali is a finalist. She's just adorable and does look like she's lost some weight, but has on a horrible belly-accentuating outfit. I think she liked it because it was pink.
    • Mallory and Curtis come busting out next. They both look amazing - healthy, confident and appear to be at a goal weight.
    • Maggie and Jenn are next. They both still are on the heavy side, but definitely smaller than what they were at the beginning. They both look confident and happy, but I'm thinking better fitting dresses may have suited them better.
    • Jackie and Dan are next. Jackie looks beautiful - classy and really healthy. Dan looks good in hipper clothes than he used to wear and really trim.
    • Trent comes out alone since Roger's in the finals. He's still big, but so much smaller than at the beginning. He's just a teddy bear I want to squeeze.
    • Bernie and Brittany are next. I forgot how big Bernie really was - he looks amazing and so confident. Brittany is a pretty girl and looks smokin, but not that different from when she left the campus.
    • Jay and Mark are next - Jay looking dapper and so healthy and Mark, as I said, looks really thin.
    • Paul couldn't make the trip to Hollywood from Florida due to an "illness". We'll never know anything about Paul, but it sure has me wondering.

    So HostAli begins asking some questions. She tells Mark he's nothing but a crybaby (I told you I liked her). He said going home made him realize that he did need to focus on the weight, not the gameplay in order to succeed, so he came back working strong. Bernie says that everyone comes on the show to lose weight and he's so happy that everyone has. Bette-Sue is as nervous as Ali. Curtis reminds us that the initial reason for him to come on the show was so he could lose weight to qualify for health insurance. He needs to be 238 in order to do so.

    We then see the 3 finalists returning home. Bette-Sue tells us Ali's success is worth all of the humiliation she went through. Ali's so thankful for her loving family and friends. Kelly's boyfriend Don is just blown away - he barely recognizes her. She's thrilled to be home. Roger's ready to keep it going at home. His mom was loving the new Roger - she looks so proud. Let's hope she foregoes his favorite pepper steak. We don't get to see Mark's homecoming, but if I were to predict it would include lots of tears, hugging and more tears.

    So we begin the painstakingly long weigh in process for all of the eliminated contestants. Bob is a strange ascot-looking thing and Jillian come on stage and it's a major hugfest. Jillian really does clean up nice and Bob is droolworthy, sans faux ascot.

    As a reminder, it's about percentage of body weight lost, not pounds lost. Winner gets $100,000.

    Here we go - in order of elimination

    Jenny started at 267/ currently 213/ lost (-54)/ 20.22%
    Lynn started at 409/ currently 329/ lost (-80)/ 19.56%
    Mallory started at 217/ currently 152/ lost (-65)/ 29.95%
    Curtis started at 381/ currently 231/ lost (-150)/ 39.37%

    Curtis can get health insurance and is currently in the lead for the $100K

    Amanda started at 204/ currently 140/ lost (-64)/ 31.37%
    Neill started at 317/ currently 229/ lost (-88)/ 27.76%
    Bette-Sue started at 261/ currently 186/ lost (-75)/ 28.74%
    Jenn started at 254/ currently 190/ lost (-64)/ 25.20%
    Maggie started at 239/ currently 169/ lost (-70)/ 29.29%
    Jackie started at 246/ currently 157/ lost (-89)/ 36.18%
    Dan started at 310/ currently 174/ lost (-136)/ 43.86%

    Dan has taken the lead from Curtis

    Trent started at 436/ currently 301/ lost (-135)/ 30.96%
    Bernie started at 283/ currently 153/ lost (-130)/ 45.94%

    Bernie has taken the lead from Dan

    Brittany started at 221/ currently 164/ lost (-57)/ 25.79%
    Jay started at 293/ currently 190/ lost (-103) 35.15%
    Mark started at 285/ currently 156/ lost (-129) 45.30%

    Bernie wins the $100,000, beating Mark by the theme of this season....ONE POUND

    We now see more footage of Ali being scared to death and has been self-sabotaging with frozen yogurt. Kelly has a herniated disk which she fears what it could mean to her weightloss. Roger has totally plateaued at home and is scared.

    Bob reminds everyone that weight ebbs and flows and you have to take it one day at a time and love Jesus or something like that. Jillian wants all women out there to make "impossible" your favorite word.

    We see the 3 finalists training, pushing their noses to the grindstone and giving it all they have at home. They all want this. Ali reminds us for the 422nd time that she wants to be the first female biggest loser.

    So Roger comes out first - he's been training daily just in case America loves him.
    Kelly comes out - beaming - in a black dress. She's extremely emotional, but she's put it up to a higher power.
    Ali comes out and she's TINY! She's beaming with pride and confidence. She looks toned. She's convinced she's the winner.

    So after the 53rd commercial break, the finalists change into their spandex and we weigh in.

    Ali had the highest percentage of weight lost on campus of the finalists. (I don't agree, since she was home for awhile, but I don't produce the show). She gets to determine the weighing order. She selects Roger, then Kelly, then herself. Here we go.

    Roger started at 363/ currently 199/ lost (-164)/ 45.18%
    Kelly started at 271/ currently 162/ lost (-109)/ 40.22%
    Ali started at 234/ currently 122/ lost (-112)/ 47.86%

    Ali did it. She DID become the first female Biggest Loser. Congratulations to all of the contestants for such a fantastic job becoming healthy. I'm hoping next season we go back to 1 hour shows, for the good of the people. Thanks for watching and thanks for reading my recaps. I hope you enjoyed them! See you next season with more snark and less tears.

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    Re: Biggest Loser Couples 4/15 Live Finale Recap: The Season of One Pound

    Great recap!, but you really should have stopped for a commercial break inbetween. LOL
    If your not the lead dog the scenery never changes

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    Re: Biggest Loser Couples 4/15 Live Finale Recap: The Season of One Pound

    Great recap, MPB and all season! thank you.
    A good book should leave you... slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it. ~William Styron, interview, Writers at Work, 1958

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    Re: Biggest Loser Couples 4/15 Live Finale Recap: The Season of One Pound

    I cried when Ali won and I knew it was obvious when she has lost 99 pounds when camp ended & she only need to lose atleast 105 lbs.
    Tyra: Lets hear it for the 6 baddest chick in this competition. Now it's time to get on that private plane.. but guess what? you guys aren't top models yet. My judges are already stars, and they travel FIRST CLASS, PRIVATE. See you later, have fun on your commercial flight. (Tyra & Judges leave for the plane) See you (long pause) in Rome ladies (Final 6 models cheer) Chao Bella.

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    Re: Biggest Loser Couples 4/15 Live Finale Recap: The Season of One Pound

    Quote Originally Posted by edrianisawesome;2924662;
    I cried when Ali won and I knew it was obvious when she has lost 99 pounds when camp ended & she only need to lose atleast 105 lbs.
    Me, too!

    Thanks Marybeth for all of your great recaps!

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    Re: Biggest Loser Couples 4/15 Live Finale Recap: The Season of One Pound

    Great recap Marybeth! I so agree with you on Neil-still a putz. LOL!

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    Re: Biggest Loser Couples 4/15 Live Finale Recap: The Season of One Pound

    Great recap, as usual! And nice to see all the % in one place... so if we look at them all, Ali had the biggest % of all, but Bernie was 2nd and Mark was 3rd. Given how worried everyone was about which guy they should vote to stay to help a woman win, clearly the women's fans were voting for the wrong guy!

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    Re: Biggest Loser Couples 4/15 Live Finale Recap: The Season of One Pound

    Great recap, Marybethp!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: Biggest Loser Couples 4/15 Live Finale Recap: The Season of One Pound

    I read elsewhere (the BL website I believe) that Paul WAS/IS truly ill. He had to have a colostomy and several surgeries. OUCH! I hope he can bounce back - I've always had a soft spot for him.
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    Re: Biggest Loser Couples 4/15 Live Finale Recap: The Season of One Pound

    This was my first Biggest Loser final but I was amazed how they packed the most important part. who would win of the 3 in just a few minutes.
    I wanted to see more of Ali, hear what she had to say after she knew she had won.
    I was rooting for Mark and her so I am very pleased with the outcome. My God she looks beautiful!
    Thanks for the recap.

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