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Thread: Biggest Loser 4/8 Recap: The Final Four (hours)

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    Biggest Loser 4/8 Recap: The Final Four (hours)

    Well, here we are. The final four before the live finale. This recap is going to be just like the contestants: lighter than last week. There's a huge amount of rehashing and remembering their journey. And of course, filler and product placement.

    So, here we go. The 4 return from Oz without Jay *sniffle sniffle* They are greeted by HostAli who says welcome back - go change - we have an old friend who wants to say hello. Kelly whines that she just wants to get settled back in. So out comes Rocco DiSpirito who we find out spoke to a loved one of each contestant to find out their favorite food.
    • Roger's Mama makes 1700 calorie pepper steak over rice. He tastes a bite and is happy.
    • Kelly's Mama makes 1500 calorie chicken alfredo. She foregoes a bite.
    • Mark's wife said it's all about the mint chocolate chip ice cream that he ate from the container - all 810 calories in 3 scoops.
    • Ali's Mama (we know her as Bette-Sue) tells her Ali's all about the meat and potatoes - all 1500 calories of it.

    Rocco then takes them back to the Biggest Loser kitchen where they are taught how to make these dishes in a healthier way.

    ~~Rocco cooking tip~~ Make your pans super hot before cooking, that way you need less fat to prepare your food.

    Rocco lightens up the pepper steak using balsamic vinegar over brown rice. 385 calories.
    Kelly's chicken alfredo is lightened up by breading the chicken with egg whites and chick pea flour, and cooking evaporated skim milk. Total calories - 500.
    Ali's steak is flavored with tomatillos and cilantro, bringing her meal to 511 calories.
    Mark makes homemade mint ice cream with chocolate pieces using fat free yogurt, skim milk, gelatin and peppermint extract. All this for 270 calories.

    Let's all not forget that there are no trainers this week, since the writer's strike hurried this season along and Bob and Jillian should be torturing those Down Under only. Kelly's determined to succeed - she might actually enjoy running someday! Ali wonders if there's any gas left in her tank (and hell, at $3.49 a gallon, my guess is no). Roger keeps on working as hard as he can. Mark keeps focusing on WWBD. I'm hoping it's not yoga. That didn't work so well last week.

    We head to the beach for the 15th and final challenge. Each loser has to wear a fat suit which is weighted with the amount they have lost to date. They first have to run down the beach, then shed the fat suit, grab their name flag and run up to the top of a mountain. The first one to the top with their flag gets the Biggest Loser Meal Delivery Plan, which is specially prepared foods that fit into the Biggest Loser Diet from when you return home to finale night. Oh, and 10 grand. Not bad.

    So the challenge begins and they waddle down the beach. They shed their fat suits and start up the mountain. Mark wins followed by Roger, Ali, and Kelly. 1-2-3- Pride.

    ~~Bob's trainer tip~~ What's the best time to exercise? Any time, really, but Bob prefers morning to kick start his metabolism and get it off his to-do list.

    So the trainers then return. Roger tells Bob he wants to beat the 143 pound weight loss lost at the ranch record set by Neil in Season 4. He will need to lose 15 pounds to do so.

    Jillian then jumps in the picture with a Disco Sucks t-shirt telling the girls they need to give it all they have, even if the boys are setting up to drop some big numbers this week.

    Mark then has another emotional breakdown. Get this guy a couch. Bob basically tells him to shut the f&*$ up and grow a set. He didn't?? Oh. He did say he needed to refocus Mark to get him back on track. I guess the other part was in my active imagination.

    Now's the point in the show when each loser goes into a little room and watches a video montage of where they were and were they are now. It's full of "wow I was fat" and "I'll never be that fat again". Filler.

    We then head to the Last last-chance-workout. We're reminded about it being the "season of 1 pound" with Bernie going out by a pound and Jay buying a pound for $10,000. The trainers proceed to torture the losers. Jillian says it's so important that they get a physical beating. Nice.

    So we head to weigh in:

    Roger: started at 363/ last week 234/ this week 219 (-15*) 6.41%
    *he breaks the most weight lost on the ranch record by, say it with me, 1 pound
    Mark started at 285/ last week 181/ this week 169 (-12) 6.63%
    Ali started at 234/ last week 146/ this week 135 (-11) 7.53%
    Kelly started at 271/ last week 191/ this week 178 (-13) 6.81%

    Ali and Kelly lead the weigh in again with Roger and Mark falling below the yellow line. Roger already leans over and congratulates Mark. He assumes it's his time to go. The girls are psyched that they can decide who to take with them as the 3rd wheel.

    But, HostAli throws a wrench in the whole thing and tells them the elimination won't be decided by them. She says that America will decide which of the 2 below the yellow line will become the 3rd player on finale night.

    Roger feels like he got some wind back in his sail and Mark is upset because he thought for sure the girls would take him. They need to go to the confessional and plead their case to America. Roger is a bit of a comic saying he wants to compete in the final 3 and gives America a great big hug. Mark plays the emotion card (surprise, surprise) and shows pictures of his wife and kids so we know why he's doing this.

    So then we have MORE rehashing by showing each contestant a cardboard cutout of their fat selves on day 1. Another "oh my God I'm fat" moment.

    They then pack up, and leave the ranch. Never to return.

    Next week: The final 3 compete in the Live Finale to be the Biggest Loser and win $250,000. We'll find out in the first 5 minutes of the show who was voted by America to be #3. Stay tuned. Vote here: The Biggest Loser 5: TV Show, Series - America Votes! NBC Official Site

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    Re: Biggest Loser 4/8 Recap: The Final Four (hours)

    Great recap, marybethp!
    Before we begin, what are the parameters of the guessing game? How many guesses do I get? Is there a time limit?

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    Re: Biggest Loser 4/8 Recap: The Final Four (hours)

    Great Re-cap .. I kind of hope that Roger is voted in for the final three ... just because Mark won the last challenge and will be eating/dining by the Big Brother Chef's ....
    Wasting away another summer...

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