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Thread: Biggest Loser 3/18 Recap: Bringing out the Big Gunn

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    Biggest Loser 3/18 Recap: Bringing out the Big Gunn

    So continuing on from last week's 2 hour loserfest, the moment of truth takes a full 7 days. Talk about suspense! Unless of course you saw this week's TV Guide, then you know who went home. But just in case, we start this week's show with an elimination.

    Dan gets to have 2 votes because he won the challenge. Both of his votes go to Maggie.
    Kelly votes for Brittany
    Mark votes for Maggie
    Ali votes for Maggie

    We don't need to see Jay or Roger's vote. Maggie leaves. We see her at home and she's 172, which is 12 additional pounds lost since leaving the ranch. Why we couldn't just do that last week, I'll never know. I'm guessing they didn't have enough filler for this week's show.

    We're then treated to Brittany whining about losing Bernie, then Maggie. However, she should really have that "DUH moment" and realize in order for her to still be there, they needed to go home. I think she's just happy when she whines.

    So the final 7 head to Macy's and Dan is thinking there's some sort of box carrying challenge. Everyone discusses the horror of shopping pre-weightloss. Ali and Brittany both tend to buy handbags and shoes, since they always fit.

    They learn they have to walk the catwalk for Prevention Magazine. They cross-promote another NBC-owned show and they invite Tim Gunn from Project Runway to help style the losers.

    Roger was psyched to pull a size 48 jacket off of the rack. Mark wants to start wearing more pinks and yellows - no more dark colors for him. Kelly looked like she was "on the road to dowdiness" according to Tim. I think she looked a little 1989 in her sheer-sleeved dress.

    So Tim decides on what outfits they will wear. He shows them all one by one.

    They start with Ali and Tim selects a really beautiful cream and black dress with spaghetti straps. She's nervous about bearing arms (there's a Larry the Cable Guy joke in there somewhere), but she thinks the dress is beautiful.

    We move on to Mark and his outfit includes a stylish jacket with a pink shirt and tie.

    Roger has a brown suit jacket with a pink shirt and tie. Roger is worried because it looks way too small.

    Dan's channeling his inner rocker, so he selects a funky jacket with a striped shirt with a splash of yellow.

    Jay gets a nice button down with a black leather jacket. Nice choice for the little brother.

    Brittany gets to celebrate her youth (and apparently her breasts) because Tim picks out a fuchsia gown with a plunging neckline. She was shocked, but loved it.

    Kelly isn't shown in this segment, so we're not sure if she made it to Dowdy or not.

    There's a nice added bonus - they each get to keep the outfit and all are given an additional $1000 gift card to Macy's. Boo-yah!

    We head to the hair salon and are greeted with another reality show castoff - Brandon from Blow Out who escaped from Jonathan Antin's tears is there to do everyone's hair. Just hope Brandon doesn't have to do Mark's hair!

    They start with Kelly and her God-awful roots. They discuss the major yawn factor of growing out Ali's hair. Dan doesn't want to cut his hair and he knows Bob doesn't want him to cut his hair, but Brandon suggests otherwise. So, off it came.

    We move along to the fashion show, where HostAli is our emcee. I'm not sure who's actually in attendance besides the crew, but she begins by announcing each person, what weight they started at and how much they have lost.

    Trainer TipStyle Tip with Tim Gunn!
    Most men wear clothes too big - next time, try a size smaller. Thanks, Tim. We never could have figured out if it's too big, we should go down a size.

    So on to the show. Mark comes out first and blows kisses. I ducked. I didn't want one. He looks great, but he still should have lost the beard. They make him walk the runway a second time and much to his surprise, his wife is there to greet him! So, you can all guess what happens next. Yup, tears. Buckets of them. Hey Mark - you JUST saw her a week ago. Relax. Brandon's off somewhere having Jonathan Antin flashbacks. Booohoooo....my wife's the best...boohoooo...yadda..yadda ..yadda

    Brittany then comes out in a hot fuchsia number with leopard heels and some major cleavage. Her mom is there and she's so happy to see her, but she's also unsure of the neckline!

    Jay comes out snapping and being all Bobby Darin-ish. He's got some cool jeans, a nice shirt and a leather jacket. I start humming Mack the Knife. He has no rhythm though. In typical brotherly solidarity, he bawls when he sees his wife.

    So we then get to see Kelly and she looks very un-dowdy. She's in a beautiful v-neck black dress and heels and her hair is blown out straight. She looks pretty and confident. She almost resembles Tara Reid with a rounder face (and I'm hoping less alcohol). Her mom was there to see her and Kelly's truly happy.

    Style tip with Tim Gunn - part deux!
    Most women benefit choosing apparel that extends to their outer shoulders and upper arms and also choosing a neckline emphasizing the clavicle and cleavage. Wider shoulders mitigates a wider hip, creating an optical illusion.. I'm taking Tim with me to Macy's next time.

    Roger graces the catwalk in a handsome navy suit. His wife greets him and he's so excited to see her. Her heart's all aflutter.

    Dan rocks the catwalk looking a wee bit like the 7th Brady Kid Oliver. But, he looked great in his sportjacket and jeans. His dad is there to greet him.

    Ali walks out in the stunning cream dress and a short bob haircut. She looks amazing. Her sister is there to greet her and she's thrilled to show off her collarbone. (that would be Ali, not the sister).

    So we get to see the actual photoshoot. Everyone felt confident. Ali ends up in a small picture on the cover. On Newsstands Now! (Foreshadowing to a winner??) HostAli toasts them all and we move on.

    So, Bob doesn't want to see Dan's hair, but he ends up loving his shag look. But there hasn't been too much working out this week, so he wants to get them to the gym.
    Jillian has a plan for the week. She wants to balance electrolytes and adds additional sodium to Brittany's diet this week. This could possibly harm her this week, but ultimately jumpstart a bigger loss for next week.

    Dan shows Bob his new clothes and we have some product placement with One-a-Day vitamins for both men and women. Which reminds me - I should go take mine.

    So we head to the challenge and it's all about endurance. There's a treadmill suspended 10 feet above a pool. Stay on the longest, you win. Stop, and you drop. To throw a monkeywrench in the challenge, you have to walk at an incline, backwards, in the snow, with NO shoes on. Oh, wait. That's my mom's story about walking to school. Seriously, they will be on an incline and have to walk backwards. The winner gets a trip to Fitness Ridge Resort and Spa in St. George, Utah for 7 glorious days.

    The competitors are going strong but they increase speed and incline and it's burning their legs. At the 40 minute mark, they again increase speed and raise incline. Kelly immediately falls in, followed by Roger. Dan jumps in because his legs were on fire. At the 45 minute mark, Brittany is out and it's Ali versus Jay and Mark. Jay jumps in and it's Mark vs. Ali - the battle of the rejects. At the one hour mark, Ali falls in.

    Mark wins after one hour and 5 minutes and apologizes to Ali for competing so hard. Roger thinks Mark is too worried about what everyone else thinks. Mark tells Bob about winning and begins again apologizing for being competitive. Roger starts cursing at Mark telling him to stop apologizing and just compete. It's quite a shouting match. Bob just brings them to work out to shut them up. However, Mark can't focus and Bob's all over him to try to keep him on track.

    Meanwhile, Jillian is really working the girls out tough and it's excruciating.

    We head to weigh in.

    Ali started at 234/ last week 160/ this week 155 (-5) 3.13%
    Mark started at 285/ last week 188/ this week 185 (-3) 1.60%
    Dan started at 310/ last week 207/ this week 199 (-8) 3.86%
    Brittany started at 221/ last week 172/ this week 170 (-2) 1.16%
    Roger started at 363/ last week 251/ this week 242 (-9) 3.59%
    Jay started at 293/ last week 209/ this week 206 (-3) 1.44%
    Kelly started at 271/ last week 202/ this week 199 (-3) 1.49%

    Jay and Brittany fall below the yellow line. Dan was the biggest loser this week

    Kelly tells Roger and Dan she has to keep Brittany even though she voted for her last week (or this week, or whenever it was). She feels ganged up on. Ali wants a girl to win. She and Brittany want to work on Dan to see if he'll turn on Jay. Dan realizes that Brittany's not really a threat and Jay can still pull big numbers.

    We head to elimination

    Roger votes Brittany
    Dan votes Brittany
    Ali votes Brittany (liar liar, pants on fire)

    No need to see Kelly or Mark's vote.

    Brittany leaves the ranch and has lost a total of 62 pounds, which is 11 more than when she left the ranch. She decided to reward herself by skydiving.

    Next week: the girls ROCK and something changes the game FOREVER! Stay tuned....

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    Re: Biggest Loser 3/18 Recap: Bringing out the Big Gunn

    Mark comes out first and blows kisses. I ducked. I didn't want one.
    Great Recap. Thanks.
    If your not the lead dog the scenery never changes

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    Re: Biggest Loser 3/18 Recap: Bringing out the Big Gunn

    I haven't had a chance to watch this episode yet but I can't wait to see their makeovers after reading your recap marybethp
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Re: Biggest Loser 3/18 Recap: Bringing out the Big Gunn

    ive skipped episodes. wasnt ali eliminated with bette-sue? could you PM me with the answer cuz idk if im going to remember to check back, lol.

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    Re: Biggest Loser 3/18 Recap: Bringing out the Big Gunn

    Quote Originally Posted by fishandcrabs;2866871;
    ive skipped episodes. wasnt ali eliminated with bette-sue? could you PM me with the answer cuz idk if im going to remember to check back, lol.
    She was, but she came back...the 2 people sent home who'd lost the most got to come back. She and Mark came back.

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    Re: Biggest Loser 3/18 Recap: Bringing out the Big Gunn

    great recap Mare! now I am ready for tonight's 2 hr saga. LOL!

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