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Thing is, I have been supremely unimpressed with Brittany. She spends more time whining and making excuses than working out. So sorry that the blue team has been bullies (and I don't doubt that at least some have), but she has been hard to tolerate. Jillian even has had issues with her work ethic at times. I really liked her at first, but she just never truly stepped up and showed that she was willing to make it work for her. Does she look better? Certainly. However, I think that she had the potential to do more.
I SO agree! I cant stand britney, I think she complains and whines and makes excuses, and she is hateful toward everyone else..she has consistantly lost 2lbs barely here and there, and instead of voting of someone who loses so little weight, they vote of people who lose consistantly, but had a bad week.