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Thread: Biggest Loser 3/5 Recap: Zipping to 100 Pounds

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    Biggest Loser 3/5 Recap: Zipping to 100 Pounds

    As we begin our 2 hour lovefest with the remaining losers, Jay is still blubbering about how great Mark is. Bob was stunned that they voted out Mark. He asks Jay how he's doing and Jay begins to cry all over again - he misses his brother - they pan over to the empty bed. Are you KIDDING me? For God's sake - the guy didn't die! He was so close to his goal weight he would have been a detriment to the team. Get over it already. Man up and move on! Meanwhile, the Black tem is fretting about Roger - thinking he could be the ultimate Biggest Loser. Jillian still worries that it's guys vs. girls plus Bernie.

    Alison comes into the kitchen for some Extra product placement. She tells them about the next temptation. There is a vending machine in the other room and although it's full of name brand items, they have fake wrappers on them so they don't have to pay royalties. You must make a selection, but it will randomly pick something for you. If it's junk food that falls, you must eat it. There are also packs of Extra gum with a dollar amount on the back which you can keep. If you select again after winning gum and junk food falls, you may forego the junk and eat a 5 calorie slice of gum. There is also a 1 pound pass. If you do get the pass, your turn is over. Kelly then reminds us viewers for the 433rd time that.....she's vulnerable!

    Roger goes first - he selects B3 for Blue team with 3 members. My God these boys are so juvenile. He gets gum off the bat and won $1000. He selects again and gets some chips. But since he has the gum, he begins chewing. He selects again and gets the 1 pound pass. It's his Vegas luck apparently. He returns to the room chomping like a cow so everyone knows he has gum. Moo. No mention of the 1 pound pass to anyone.

    Dan goes next, hoping that some of Roger's luck will rub off. He first selects some chips for 230 calories. He selects again and gets 440 calorie candy. He shoves it all in his mouth and keeps on going and gets those little cheesy cracker sandwiches with fake cheese in them for 210 calories, then a 220 calorie Kit Kat for a grand total of 1100 calories. He feels ill but in the Vegas tradition, keeps on gambling. He selects and gets a $1000 pack of gum, then $2000 more, $1000 more, $500 more and then a whopping $5000 for a grand total of $9500. He quits even though he didn't get the 1 pound pass. He returns with no mention of his prizes.

    Jay begins with a 1 pound pass. No money, no junk food. Do not pass Go.

    Kelly goes next and gets Twinkies for a 150 calories. She gloms it down even though she doesn't like them. She really wants that 1 pound pass. She then selects 230 calorie Reese's peanut butter cups (which I believe are so much better frozen). She's dying for the pass and goes again and gets 270 calorie cookies (Oreos, but they don't want us to know so she actually holds the cookie to block the oreo printed on the cookie). She is a glutton for punishment and gets a 220 calorie Kit Kat. She's burping and it's lovely. Thanks for that Kelly. She quits and doesn't get anything but a stomachache.

    Next is Bernie. He picks chips for 250 calories. Then he picks gum and between chewing you realize it's $2000 and he drops to do push-ups because he's so excited. He gets another pack of gum worth $500 to which he decides would buy a "Phat Gold Chain.....for my DOG". Ooooookay. He goes one more time and gets the 1 pound pass. He's in love with this machine and wants one at home. Too bad, he already spent his money on his dog.

    Brittany is up next and gets 440 calories of plain M&M's. It MUST be the King size bag! Then she selects the 1 pound pass.

    Last is Maggie - she gets the 1 pound pass too - she's hoping she's not the only one.

    Nobody shares who won or didn't win. Kelly immediately hits the gym - she's not sure who got the passes and knows how....say it with me.....vulnerable she is.

    Bernie goes to get his Biggest Loser of the Week prize. He climbs Mt. Loser and selects gameplay. "Give immunity to any player but yourself". He decides to keep this little gem to himself for awhile.

    The teams then head to the medical center to see the creepy Dr. Huizenga. He reminds them how bad off they were. He's thrilled to tell them they are on their way to being well. They get a battery of tests and we see a quick review of some of their progress.

    Bernie goes first and is show an Xray result of his fat and lungs. His lungs have expanded greatly and their capacity is so much better than before. His fat content has decreased dramatically. He has only "puppy love handles" now. With a gold chain.

    Kelly visits with the fertility doctor. She tells her that even a 10% body weight loss can increase the odds of conception. She's already lost 20% so there really is hope for her. That makes her so happy.

    Roger meets with the doctor regarding his sleep apnea. Apparently, Roger had a repeat sleep test 48 hours prior. The severity of his apnea and oxygen saturation is down by 50%. He's thrilled.

    Dr. H. still talks about the hurdle of maintenance. Out comes a doctor who is an obesity survivor who has inspired him. We then get the curtain being pulled back to reveal.....a really stupid commercial.

    Instead it's time for Bob's trainer tip. Here's my tip. More Bob. Less Dr. Huizenga.
    Bob informs us that step ups on a 15 inch platform are a great exercise and adding dumbbells make them even more efficient. At least that's what I think he said. I was busy staring.

    So back to the show when Dr. Jeff from season 2 comes out from behind the curtain. He reminds us that he truly is an Obesity Survivor (sounds like a bad reality show) and that the Biggest Loser really saved his life. He tells them they will face some tough issues ahead, but they are learning the tools to deal with the hurdles. Roger realizes turkey chili is the way to go at tailgate parties and hopes to write a book about healthy tailgating!

    After the non-morgue visit to the hospital, the team heads to a challenge. They are all full of fear as they walk up a mountain and see a huge canyon.

    They need to fly across a 500 foot canyon on a zipline. They have 5 minutes to get across pulling off up to 14 little flags as possible. I just wouldn't want to be the guy at the bottom of the canyon picking up all those flags!

    The prize they get is to become Fighter Pilots for the day. I think another 1 pound pass would be great, but they all want to fly in fighter jets. They decide that Maggie sits this one out to make the teams even.

    Off they go. Bernie and Roger are up first and although they coast a little bit, they have to pull their way across and grabbing flags. Toward the end, there's an incline making it difficult. Bernie got 14 flags and Roger got 13.

    Next is Kelly vs. Jay. Kelly is petrified and fears public urination. Jay is scared as well and Dan remembers back to Vegas when Jay wouldn't ride the Stratosphere. But, they begin and Jay pulls way ahead of Kelly. Blue gets all 14 flags and Kelly gets 10.

    Last is Dan vs. Brittany. Britt is way out in front at first, but Dan catches up. Brittany gets 13 while Dan gets all 14.

    The Blue team wins once again and get to be fighter pilots. We just don't get to see it. They 1-2-3-PRIDE, but this time they include Ali.

    Jillian appears for a trainer tip. Pulling weight is great for your core, back and biceps. If you have any extra weight plates around the house, tie 'em up and pull 'em.

    Last chance workout time! Bob thinks Mark leaving was bad for the team, but the BEST thing for Jay. He's really pushing the Blue team because he can just taste a win. Dan got extremely emotional knowing how much he has changed his life.

    Bernie hasn't yet told the team about his prize. They discuss giving it to Jay so that if they win the weigh in, either Roger or Dan, their biggest threats, will have to go. They are that confident that the Black team will win.

    At the weigh in, they review the winners of the 1 pound pass - only Dan and Kelly were the ones not to get one. Ali also tells everyone about Bernie's immunity.

    However, Ali says it won't change anything nearly as much as... a commercial!

    When we return, we see the last full minute of the show a la Groundhog Day. Then Ali tells us that the teams are no longer. They are now to be weighed as individuals. Bob was shocked, Jay and the Blue team are psyched and Kelly thinks it's her chance. The dreaded yellow line is back. The bottom 2 are up against each other for elimination.

    Brittany is given immunity by Bernie because he feels they will always be a team. Idiot.

    Weigh in begins

    Brittany started at 220/ last week 179/ this week 172 (-5 for a 47 pound total) 3.35%

    She doesn't count because of the immunity, so the board is reset and the real weigh in begins

    Kelly started at 271/ last week 212/ this week 206 (-6 for a 65 pound total) 2.83%
    Jay started at 293/ last week 221/ this week 214 (-7 for a 79 pound total) with his pass is 3.62%
    Roger started at 363/ last week 268/ this week 259 (-9 for a 104 pound total) with his pass 3.73%
    Maggie started at 239/ last week 190/ this week 184 (-6 for a 55 pound total) with her pass 3.68%
    Dan started at 310/ last week 219/ this week 211 (-8 for a 99 pound total) 3.65%
    Bernie started at 283/ last week 201/ this week 195 (-6 for an 88 pound total) with his pass 3.48%

    Bernie and Kelly fall below the yellow line. If Bernie didn't give Brittany the immunity, it would have been Brittany and Kelly under the yellow line.

    Blue realizes that they control the voting because they will have their 3 votes versus the 2 Black votes of Maggie & Brittany

    Brittany votes Kelly
    Maggie votes Kelly
    Jay votes Bernie
    Dan votes Bernie
    Roger votes Bernie

    Bernie goes home 88 pounds lighter (it may have been 89 if he took off that stupid headband). He has lost 20 more pounds for a total of 108 pounds and hopes to be the biggest loser at home.
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    Re: Biggest Loser 3/5 Recap: Zipping to 100 Pounds

    Great recap, MaryBeth!

    . Kelly immediately hits the gym - she's not sure who got the passes and knows how....say it with me.....vulnerable she is.
    You would think that the producers would have found something, anything else to ask her about so that we don't have to listen to the vulnerability thing over and over and over again!

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