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Thread: 2/26 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Shady64;2813590;
    I know i'll be in the minority but that was a little over the top. He's not dying, he's getting the boot. These are the same guys that basically made fun of the idea of therapy?

    Only one person can win, the rest will get the boot eventually. How did they think that would happen?
    Thank you, all that crying was making me think that the black team must have dumped estrogen in the blue teams water. Boy I am glad that blue was so cocky after the challenge and they lost the weight in. I too found it a bit much when Roger went on and on about it being a real challenge. I guess all the other challenges that they LOST couldn't have been real. I am glad Dan was immune because otherwise it could have seen a split vote with Jay and Mark voting for Roger and Roger and Dan voting for one of the brothers, probably Mark. The brothers alliance had to be broken. Still if it had come to a tie I wonder who the black team would have sent home? Probably Roger as he is a big loser. I would have liked the teams to stay together for one or two more rounds just to totally devestate the blue team. With the teams being split next week I can see the Bernie, Brittany, Maggie alliance holding strong. Will Kelly stick with them? Will the blue boys stick together. Dan has great incentive not to. He would be better of trying to get rid of Jay and Roger. The remaining players would at this point be very evenly matched with Bernie, Kelly and Dan possibly being the final 3. Honestly I cannot see Brittany or Maggie in the final three.

    How much longer is this show anyway?
    No goat killers on my island.

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    That cry-fest was a bit much for me......... seriously guys.... enough already... and Mark asking the guys to look after Jay.... gimminies... he has been meaner to him than anyone else on the show.... its not like jay is 3 instead of 30...... that was just too much.
    Because I said so ....

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Ali Alert: She was wearing black during the weigh-in. Of course, she was wearing a brown sweater in the previews. Does that mean she has black slacks on next week? Or, has our conspiracy theory of what she is wearing being a tip-off for who wins the weigh-in run its course?

    As far as Mark goes...I think what we were witnessing was the meltdown of someone who demands a tremendous amount from himself (and why he comes off as rough around the edges). He has impossible standards for himself and losing only 1 pound and going home was causing such cognitive dissonance that he had a melt down.

    Part of those impossible standards were that he HAD to take care of his brother. If he left, then he not only failed as a competitor, but he failed as his brother's keeper.

    It felt over the top but it really was a breakdown of their whole operating framework. They really thought that they were immune from losing. And now, they are voting off the strongest competitor on the ranch.

    Of course, I could be simply foisting my own personal history onto Mark (from when I was like that and had to have my own meltdown in order to lighten up on myself )

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    It was definitely over the top! That's why I was in such disbelief while watching and still am. I don't get it! Yes, they're all about "pride" or whatever, but I've never seen a team carry on like that. What was it all about?!

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    I think the confessional of Marks' around the time of the winning Vegas trip happened after he got the boot. He had a good start on his beard. That was more than stubble of just a few days but he was clean shaven through rest of the episode. They also showed Rogers first confessional with a goatee (or full beard?) and he too was clean shaven the rest of the time. Not that it changes anything. It was just so obvious out of sequence with every thing else they showed.

    It's a wild guess on my part but if Roger doesn't grow a beard before he is up for elimination again, i'd think maybe he gets the boot next and they brought him back not long after for do over confessionals. Just a crazy guess

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Oh. my. god.
    This episode sponsored by the new entertainment channel "LIFETIME TELEVISION FOR MEN"

    On another note: Ding. Dong. The witch is dead.
    Yes, I said witch. Let's not limit the phrase to gender, shan't we?

    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum have finally been separated. Tweedle Dee's got a plump wife and daughter. I imagine him going all military on them... with his lack of patience and rough, intolerable personality, they'll think this show is the worst thing ever to happen to them.

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Now Mark can go home and teach his daughter some table manners. I am sure he was horrified as he watched last nights episode, having returned to normal life. The stress of competing, starving and working out takes its toll on everyone. It is their entire world and get totally caught up in the game.

    I like Dan and Roger so I continue to root for the blue team though they will disolve them soon. I just don't like anyone on Black and they won't be able to win either. It will be a race between Roger and Dan and I see Dan winning.

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    Wow . . .I guess "Boys DO Cry", after all.

    he wailing and gnashing of teeth was extreme! I never saw blubbering of that magnitude from three huge guys--one a linebacker and two brothers from Southie. And the weeping just didn't stop!

    I applaud those guys for letting their emotions out and to heck with the rolling cameras. They didn't try to put on a tough macho act. If we say, as a society, that we do a disservice to our men by teaching them that it's not manly to show emotion, then we should hail last night's blub-fest as a mark of progress. If they had a hard time regaining control of themselves, I attribute that to sheer mental and physical exhaustion of these 10 weeks piling up. And last night, the dam broke loose!

    Very unexpected from this bunch, but extremely good television! Despite what they said about including Dan in the love-fest, I don't really believe that it's completely 100% 'in', but it was nice that they included him in theory.

    It dawned on me last night that Roger is actually a handsome guy--his blue eyes are beautiful. I think that will be apparent when he finishes losing the weight.

    I don't like Mark very much, but I commend him on almost being at goal. He looked good. Or as he would probably say "smokin' hawt" (read with Bawston accent)

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    I have never been much of a Mark fan, but he HAS done a fantastic job! I also have to give him credit for bowing out and letting the other guys who needed it more stay at the ranch.

    On the blue team, I think that Dan will be the next to go. After Roger's promise to look out for Jay, I don't think those two will turn on each other.

    I'm not wild about the black team. Bernie is the only one left that I like. I hope Brittany is the next to go - I liked her at the beginning, but she has just been showing her bratty-ness the last few weeks. It's old.

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    Re: 2/26 Show Discussion Thread *Spoilers*

    I always thought Mark was a two-faced ass. Now I think they are all a bunch of sniveling, blubbering crybabies. I could understand it during the time prior to the vote when they were all hashing out who should go home, but the second round of bubbering at the table, after they had already worked it out, was really over the top. Time to put on your big boy pants, guys. Oh, and the drama about Mark being his brother's keeper and making Roger promise to take care of Jay... Please. Is Jay not a grown man? Good grief. I'm just happy that Mark is gone and Roger gets another week.

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