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Thread: Biggest Loser 1/15 Recap: Whited Out

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    Biggest Loser 1/15 Recap: Whited Out

    The elimination ceremony on last week’s episode of The Biggest Loser was a departure from previous weeks in that it was actually a bit of a surprise. Once-married couple Paul and Kelly seemed like a shoe-in to be kicked off, but it was actually still-marrieds Curtis and Mallory who were sent packing. That may or may not have been a wise decision, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    The morning after the Brown Team’s elimination, Bob and Jillian arrive to meet the remaining teams around the fire pit. They’re definitely both shocked to see Curtis and Mallory gone, although they are happy to see Paul and Kelly. Bob notes that the game is on. He thinks Curtis and Mallory could have gone all the way and the other teams knew it. Jillian is struggling with the fact that she has to care about all of the teams instead of just some of them. In the past, the other contestants were Bob’s responsibility (notice how she just ignored Kim’s very existence?). This season, Jill says, she’s emotionally invested in all of the teams.

    As everyone mulls over their feelings about the elimination, Jenn tells us that it’s obvious Paul still wants to be with Kelly? Does Kelly feel the same? Yeah, not so much. PinkAli feels it was important for Paul to stay there and continue to work. Bob tells the teams he knows they’re all there for the right reasons, but that soon, the competition will start playing a part in their decisions. Jackie tells us that the Black and Orange teams are already thinking about the game.

    Some Great Reward
    Remember last week when the Orange Team won the weigh-in and became the first Biggest Loser Team of the Week, complete with a fabulous prize? Remember how we never did find out what that fabulous prize actually was? Finally, Ali is here to tell Jackie and Dan what they’ve won…or at least tell them where they need to go to get it. Mark this date in your calendars people, because our previously un-besmirchable fashion plate of a host is wearing something hideous from the Caroline Rhea Collection (available soon in Wal-Marts across the country). I’m totally shocked and slightly giddy, since I thought I was going to miss out on mocking the host’s fashion choices once Caroline got the old heave ho. Anyway, Ali is resplendent in a long sleeved pink ringer tee with red collar under this weird denim vest-y thing with ruffles on it. Sorry for the lame description. You really had to be there.

    Ali breaks the news to Jackie and Dan, in order to get their fabulous reward, they have to hike to the top of a nearby hill – it’s that same one with the tree at the top….or do they all have trees at the top? At the top of the hill, they will be presented with 3 envelopes from which they’ll have to choose one. As they walk up the hill, Jackie and Dan discuss what might be in each of the 3 envelopes. Jackie thinks that, if one of the prizes will help them in the game, they should take it. She’s had two good weigh-ins in a row and is worried that this might be her week to put up some low numbers.

    Once they reach the top of the hill, Jackie and Dan find three tables with an envelope on each. One envelope says “Gameplay,” another “Luxury” and a third “Family.” Just one second here. Since when did “gameplay” become one word? Seriously. Consult your dictionary. Although they pretend to ponder their decision a little more, it’s clear that Jackie has already made up her mind. Dan urges her to choose the envelope she wants, thinking that he can blame her later if it’s a crappy reward. Jackie, of course, picks the game play envelope and they are rewarded with two votes at the next elimination. We’ll see if that turns out to be a good prize or not. They decide to open the other two envelopes to see what they might have one. The Family envelope would have given them a 24 hour visit from the family member of their choice, while the Luxury envelope would have brought massages for them and another team for a week. Jackie claims she’s happy with their decision. Ever the game players, they speculate about who’ll be up for elimination this week.

    Gum, the Great American Snack Food
    Back in the gym, Jackie and Dan reveal their prize to the other teams, who are clearly freaked out and jealous. Now they will all have to kiss some ass. Mark and Jay are sure that, if they fall below the Yellow Line, Jackie and Dan will vote them out. Bob tells us that Mark is a player who will do whatever he has to in order to stay there and win the game.

    You know, this whole double-teaming style workout stuff is brutal. If it’s not Jillian riding your butt, it’s Bob…well, that last part really isn’t a bad deal. After the workout, Bob and Jillian talk to the teams about the low numbers at the last weigh-in. While the body does what it wants to do, Bob still wants to do what he can to avoid another disappointing workout. To that end, this week’s workouts will be tough. Jill tells the players to look at the other teams and then do more than their competitors.

    Bob has a chat with the Purple and Pink teams because they’ve been meeting their calorie requirements and he doesn’t want them to go over. He also meets with them because he has to do some product pimping. They talk about their various snacking sins (Jenn could put away two bags of cheese puffs in, like, 30 seconds) and he advises them to be smart about snacks. His solution? Chew Wrigley’s Extra Gum. I know that whenever I’m craving brownies, a little stick of sugarless gum totally hits the spot.

    Caring and Sharing
    Everyone is back in the gym for more punishment. Bette-Sue is really hitting it and totally exhausted trying to keep up with the rest of the players. Bob watches her and says his job is about tapping into the players’ competitiveness, because a bad week could send them home. Then he sends Bette-Sue on a mile walk…..carrying 20 pound weights. She whines, but she goes.

    In the gym, Jillian monitors Neill. Amanda tells us that the others just think he’s lazy because he’s had a tough time adjusting…..yeah, and also because he’s lazy. Neill claims he’s feeling much more comfortable with the workouts. So comfortable, in fact, that he’s relaxin’ on the treadmill. Much to Jillian’s annoyance, Neill just won’t let go of the sides of the treadmill, even when she yells at him. Bob decides that, if Neill needs to hold onto something, he can hold onto some hand weights.

    Outside, Bette-Sue finishes her walk and collapses on the lawn, panting. She says that the 20 pound weights were about equal to the amount of weight she’s lost so far. It didn’t feel good to carry that weight around again.

    Meanwhile, Jillian and PinkAli have a little heart-to-heart about her relationship with her mother. It seems Bette-Sue was quite the playah when her daughter was growing up and Ali still has some issues about it. Jill assures Ali that they’ll work on that mother-daughter relationship.

    Oh, Balls!
    For a change, this week’s challenge is taking place in the daylight. As usual though, they’re out in the middle of freaking nowhere. Plus, there’s a mud pit. Alison welcomes everyone, saying that strategy and game play are (sadly, I think) a big part of this game. They’ve already probably formed alliances with other teams. This challenge will test those alliances. For this challenge, one member of each team will run through the mud / water pit, grab a medicine ball and race back to place that ball in another team’s rack. There are eight spaces on each rack and once a team’s rack if full, they’re out of the challenge. The last team “standing” wins the challenge, as well as immunity, at the next weigh-in.

    Mark and Jay know they’ll be eliminated early, so they decide to align with the Black and Pink teams. Their first target will be the Blue Team. The other teams decide to go after the Black Team, followed by the Grey Team. The blow-by-blow on these challenges is really dull, almost as dull as actually watching it. In short, Jackie gets pretty vocal about who she wants to eliminate first and the Black Team gives her grief about it. The first team to be eliminated is Amanda and Neill. I’m sure no one wants Neill to have immunity. Bernie approaches the Black Team’s rack holding the ball that can eliminate them. Jay, resigned to his fate, tells Bernie to go ahead and do it. With that, the Black Team is eliminated. This is the first challenge of the season that they haven’t won. Mark immediately flips out, yelling at his brother for telling Bernie to eliminate them. Jay tries to explain that Bernie was going to do it anyway, but Mark isn’t hearing him. The other teams look on, shocked at Mark’s reaction. In the end, the Grey Team wins the challenge and immunity.

    Back at dorms, the White Team talks about how other teams don’t seem to like them very much.
    Neill says he thinks the other teams don’t know if he’s serious about the process and claims they just don’t understand his sense of humor. After the challenge, the Orange Team goes straight to gym. They have the gym all to themselves because everyone else went back to the dorms to discuss the challenge. Jackie tells us that they’re going to be discussing the challenge too, but they’ll be doing it while working out. This is probably why they keep winning the weigh-ins.

    Temper, Temper
    Mark’s behavior at the challenge has everyone wondering about his temper. He tells Jay that he will go apologize to everyone, but he really doesn’t care what the others think. Plus, he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Brittany tells us that a lot of people are intimidated by the Black Team and Mark’s little blow-up didn’t change their feelings. She also thinks Mark is just a sore loser.

    Mark tells his brother that he doesn’t want to apologize, but he will because he feels the need to mend some fences. Jackie tells us Mark won’t admit he’s playing a game. Mark tells the others he and Jay yell at each other all the time and that it’s nobody else’s business. Soon enough, the other teams get into it over how they all behaved at the challenge. Bette-Sue goes after Jackie, who yells back. Really, it goes around and around and you know, I’m just not going to recount it all.

    Back in the gym Jillian brings down the punishment and Neill is her primary target. Once again, Neill just won’t let go of the sides of the treadmill. Jill threatens him: the next time he touches the side of the treadmill, everyone else will extend their workout by 5 minutes. With ten seconds to go (and Jillian counting them down loudly), Neill puts his hands down. Everyone begins plotting to kill Neill, including me. PinkAli is concerned about her mother, who starts to cry as she works out. Jill asks Bette-Sue if she’s going to die and Bette-Sue replies that she is. Jill is encouraged by this: it would be her first casualty. She tells Bette-Sue to stop crying.

    Everyone is sweating away while Neill just isn’t. Mark vows to tape Neill’s hands to his head if they’re forced to do another 5 minute sprint. I’d fully support that.

    After Bette-Sue doesn’t die, she and Jillian talk about Jill’s conversation with Ali earlier. Jill tells Bette-Sue that Ali feels attacked by her mother, but assures her it’s never too late to make a change. Jillian goes to get Ali, so she and Bette-Sue can talk. Ali says Bette-Sue is defensive when she tries to talk to her. Bette-Sue acknowledges that she made a lot of mistakes, but doesn’t ever want Ali to feel like she’s alone. Ali says she feels silly because she still needs her parents’ approval: it makes her feel like a child. They end up hugging it out and we have our little kumbaya moment of the week.

    A Numbers Game
    It’s time for another weigh-in and I just don’t have any witty banter to lead into the numbers. Let’s just get to it, shall we?

    Roger: was 340 lbs / is 331 lbs (-9 lbs)
    Trent: was 401 lbs / is 388 lbs (-13 lbs)
    Total: -22 lbs / 2.97% of body weight

    Jackie: was 223 lbs / is 216 lbs (-7 lbs)
    Dan: was 277 lbs / is 265 lbs (-12 lbs)
    Total: -19 lbs / 3.80% of body weight

    Jenn: was 240 lbs / is 236 lbs (-4 lbs)
    Maggie: was 227 lbs / is 221 lbs (-6 lbs)
    Total: -10 lbs / 2.14% of body weight

    Mark: was 261 lbs / is 249 lbs (-12 lbs)
    Jay: was 275 lbs / is 268 lbs (-7 lbs)
    Total: -19 lbs / 3.54% of body weight

    Bette-Sue: was 239 lbs / is 231 lbs (-8 lbs)
    Ali: was 212 lbs / is 206 lbs (-6 lbs)
    Total: -14 lbs / 3.10% of body weight

    Brittany: was 210 lbs / is 203 lbs (-7 lbs)
    Bernie: was 261 lbs / is 248 lbs (-13 lbs)
    Total: -20 lbs / 4.25% of body weight

    Amanda: was 190 lbs / is 185 lbs (-5 lbs)
    Neill: was 298 lbs / is 292 lbs (-6 lbs)
    Total: -11 lbs / 2.25% of body weight

    Paul: was 283 lbs / is 269 lbs (-14 lbs)
    Kelly: was 257 lbs / is 248 lbs (-9 lbs)
    Total: -23 lbs / 4.26% of body weight
    They beat out Brittany and Bernie to win the weigh-in and are named the Biggest Loser Team of the Week. It’s quite a turnaround from last week’s showing.

    Both the White and Purple Teams are up for elimination. Amanda is hoping for a second chance, but I think the only way she’d be getting a second chance is if she got a new partner and dumped Neill out on his butt (which is probably what he’d prefer anyway). Back at the dorms, Jenn and Maggie talk about how much they want to stay. Jenn says they need to stay positive. Amanda tells us that she thinks the other teams might send them home because she and Neill miss their son. If anyone has less of a grasp on the situation, I don’t know who that would be. She and Neill come down to the kitchen to talk to the other teams. She tells everyone that they really do want to stay and then compares her team to Curtis and Mallory. I’m sure Curtis and Mallory are yelling at their TVs right now. Neill sort of mumbles his agreement half-heartedly. Seriously, could someone check Neill’s blood chemistry? I think he’s just this side of a coma. Roger tells us that they were all expecting Neill to step up and tell them that he really wants to stay, but that didn’t happen.

    Aaaaand, BUH bye
    It’s time for the elimination ceremony and, really, there’s not much suspense here. Amanda cries, telling Ali and that she and Neill really don’t want to go home, so they told the other teams how much they want to stay. No one says a word and Ali’s expression makes it clear she can’t believe how clueless Amanda is either. Jenn tells everyone that she and Maggie need to stay: they pushed themselves really hard this week and plan to keep doing the same if they get to stay.

    The only person in suspense here is probably Amanda, but let’s review the votes anyway.

    Black Team: Jay says he knows some of them worked hard to be there, but it was clear that the Purple Team worked harder. They vote for the White Team.
    Blue Team: What solidified their vote was speech given tonight. The person who spoke for her team made it clear that the team was only giving 75% instead of 100% Bernie tells Neill that there were many times in the gym when he could have pushed himself harder, but he didn’t. They vote for the White Team.
    Grey Team: They want to reward hard work and only one of the teams has worked hard. That’s three votes for the White Team.
    Orange Team: Both Jackie and Dan have a vote. Jackie says this competition is about motivation, determination, and some other “-ations.” That’s another vote for the White Team. There’s no need for Dan to vote: Amanda and Neill are out. I’m sure Jackie and Dan are wishing they’d picked the massages now.

    Amanda whines about how no one believed in them and their ability. Honey, no one believed in Neill and his ability. You, they liked. Amanda claims she’s proud of Neill and says he doesn’t know how strong he really is. I’m sure this is true because to find out how strong he is, he’d actually have to exert some energy. Neill also hates that people see him as a slacker, but is happy that Amanda foolishly believes in him. He then claims to be offended that the others thought he didn’t work hard and boasts that he worked as hard or harder than the others. Delusional, party of one? Your table is ready. Amanda says that the lack of faith from the other teams will simply make her and Neill work harder because they now have something to prove.

    In follow-up, we see lots of video of Amanda and Neill playing with their son and working out. Both claim to be working hard, but Neil looks exactly the same to me. Amanda has lost 24 pounds since going home, bringing her total weight loss to 43 pounds. Neill has lost 23 pounds at home, for a total of 48 pounds.

    Before Ali sends the teams back to the dorms, she tells them the game is about to change. They will have to make an important decision that will affect the rest of the game. She then asks them one question: If they could vote off one more team tonight, who would it be?

    Next Week: It’s all vs. one when a shocking twist pits six teams against one.
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    Re: Biggest Loser 1/15 Recap: Whited Out

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical;2756795;
    (notice how she just ignored Kim’s very existence?)
    I try to ignore Kim's existence as well.

    Excellent recap, Critical.
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    Re: Biggest Loser 1/15 Recap: Whited Out

    OK. I'm sure this wasn't the point, but when I read this line:
    Chew Wrigley’s Extra Gum. I know that whenever I’m craving brownies, a little stick of sugarless gum totally hits the spot.
    I remembered that I had some brownies that I hadn't eaten, and I promptly remedied that problem.

    Thanks for the great recap.

    Edited to add:

    I think I also had some Extra gum in my purse, but for some reason, I didn't even think about that.
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    Re: Biggest Loser 1/15 Recap: Whited Out

    Great recap, Critical! I liked at the elimination table that Neill said his wife would cry on cue better than him and the other contestants (orange and black) twisted their heads to do a double take. That made my week!!

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    Re: Biggest Loser 1/15 Recap: Whited Out

    I know that whenever I’m craving brownies, a little stick of sugarless gum totally hits the spot.
    I even bought some of that gum, I'll let you know if it works. I'd really rather have brownies.

    Great recap, Critical.

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