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Thread: Biggest Loser 12/18 Finale Recap: Seeing Double, or Half

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    Biggest Loser 12/18 Finale Recap: Seeing Double, or Half

    What have YOU done today to make you feel proud? I sat through 2 hours of the Biggest Loser Finale! Our resident recapper, Critical will be back for our next installment. Until then, I hope I can make Critical proud!

    Eighteen people transformed themselves into healthy, thin people and now you're going to see their results.

    Fourteen eliminated contestants compete to win $100,000 from the biggestloserclub.com by losing the most weight of all of them. The Final Four compete for $250,000 and the title of The Biggest Loser.

    We review the beginning of their journey where the misfits and unchosen are distraught, until Jillian rides up on a motorcycle vowing to make them win. We're then reminded that Jillian is a Drill Sergeant, Kim tries to be and Bob is just, hot. Especially when he sweats. He actually is a very inspiring trainer, but I just can't get past the hotness.

    Allison looks great in her eggplant colored satin dress. She really was a great addition this year and is light years ahead of Caroline.

    The uber-sized Biggest Loser Scale is rolled out onto the stage to a harmony of boos. Our eliminated contestants are brought out one-by-one. Some of them are truly unrecognizable. I have to say, I do have a little soft spot for Jerry.

    Allison asks some questions of these contestants.
    • Amy is asked if she was happy with her decision to switch trainers midway through the competition. Amy said she really does have a "can do" attitude and really has Jillian to thank for it.
    • Jim is asked about doing the competition without his brother there with him. He said it was definitely a competition, not only with the 13 other eliminated contestants, but having to compete with his brother made it even more competitive.
    • Neil is asked about his unimaginable 17 pound weight gain. He admits it wasn't his proudest moment, but it was strategy.
    • Bryan is asked about being the last of the red team standing. He had a lot of support at home to further his success.
    We then take a ride down memory lane, as the Final Four head home.

    Isabeau is scared. Hollie is worried about distractions. Bill hopes his family realizes that he needed to do this. Julie missed kindergarten graduation. She wants to prove to her son that the time she was away wasn't wasted.

    Isabeau had a great welcome home. Her boyfriend was so overwhelmed seeing her. Isabeau is stoked to win.

    Julie is so excited, but nervous. Her husband is so thrilled she's home. Her son said seeing his mom was the best-day-EVER. Julie was overwhelmed and is speechless, but is glad to be home.

    Hollie has a roaring welcome. Her granny was super proud. She even had a cheer squad. Gooooo H-O-L-L-I-E!!!

    Bill arrives home and his wife and kids are so proud of him. His kids are crying with joy and they're so happy to see how good he looks. He heads to a warm reception of friends and family and he's excited to train with his brother.

    Back to the eliminated contestants. They weigh in the order they were voted off. (and I have no idea why there's so much space! Maybe it's all those lost pounds floating around......)

    Contestant StartingCurrentTotal% Lost
    Amber 295211-8428.47%
    Lezlye 255200-5521.57%
    Jerry 297187-11037.04%
    Patty 280216-6422.86%
    Jim 361175-18651.52%
    Phil 403258-14535.98%
    Jez 345195-15043.48%
    David 368228-14038.04%
    Ryan 374241-13335.56%
    Amy 297171-12642.42%
    Kae 225128-9743.11%
    Bryan 346224-12235.26%
    Nicole 279174-10537.63%
    Neil 421210-21150.12%

    Neil came the closest but Jim was declared the winner of the $100,000.

    So, since we have to fill this 2 hour show, we see how the Final 4 are managing at home.
    • Bill struggles with the foods he brings to clients. His midnight snacking is still rearing it's ugly head and is hard to deal with.
    • Isabeau tells us it never gets easier. She wonders if the stress and nightmares are really worth it.
    • Julie's day to day activities get her run down. She struggles daily but knows she wants it so bad. She knows the other 3 are working so hard.
    • Hollie needs to push herself out of her comfort zone in order to keep up. She's scared she won't keep it off and doesn't want to lose focus. She decides to move to L.A. to maintain her drive.
    We're shown a montage of how hard the Final 4 are working, how they're cooking (using those Jennie-O turkey sausages!) and how Bill hopes everyone else is eating fried chicken and ice cream sundaes. Isabeau is ready to win! Hollie's done all she can do to win! Julie's going to be the first female Biggest Loser! Bill is going to be the Biggest Loser or he'll die trying! Well, 75% of them are wrong.

    Finally we get to see the Final 4.

    First up is Julie. She comes out and I swear she's Jenny McCarthy. She looks great. She tells us she's going to speak to Congress about nutrition and living healthy.

    Hollie comes out next and really looks amazing. She beams with confidence. She said the hardest part was thinking about the statistics and how 90% of people gain their weight back. She wants to be in the 10%.

    Isabeau comes out and looks fantastic (I'm running out of adjectives). She decided to Pay-it-Forward and become a personal trainer. She said she kicks butts just like Jillian taught her.

    Bill comes out and is a shell of his old self. He looks amazing. He's proud to be over 40 and representing the oldies. He recently lost a friend and realized he really needed to do this.

    The final weigh-in begins.

    Contestant StartingCurrentTotal% Lost
    Isabeau 298185-11337.92%
    Hollie 255150-10541.18%
    Julie 218121-9744.50%
    Bill 334170-16449.10%

    Bill is crowned the Biggest Loser and wins $250,000. It's funny, because Neil actually lost more percentage-wise than Bill!

    The twins take all! Join us in January for The Biggest Loser: Couples! Yay, only 2 weeks until more Bob!

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    Re: Biggest Loser 12/18 Finale Recap: Seeing Double, or Half

    Thanks for the great recap again. This was a fun show to watch-Allison had a better hold on things than Carolyn seemed to. I think it's great that the brothers won it all.

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    Re: Biggest Loser 12/18 Finale Recap: Seeing Double, or Half

    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp;2729698;
    She really was a great addition this year and is light years ahead of Caroline.
    Amen to that. Bringing Allison in was the best thing they could have done.

    Excellent recap.

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    Re: Biggest Loser 12/18 Finale Recap: Seeing Double, or Half

    Quote Originally Posted by marybethp;2729698;
    I hope I can make Critical proud!
    Marybeth, you did just that! Fantastic recap of this marathon episode!
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    Re: Biggest Loser 12/18 Finale Recap: Seeing Double, or Half

    i saw the final 4 & bob, jillian & allison on larry king live last night. they look fantastic. LOVE BOB & jillian. allison was definitely a super choice. also, julie said she also won $ for coming in 2nd. although she didn't say how much...but larry didn't ask.

    it was a great season....hope the couples version is just as good.

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    Re: Biggest Loser 12/18 Finale Recap: Seeing Double, or Half

    Great recap, Mary beth!

    Cool tables!

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