Kudos to all our losers! Everyone did a fantastic job! I'm just thinking back to the first season, and how the finalists were still a bit heavy by finale time--not at their goals! (and how some of the eliminated players never lost another ounce once home.) And even the lowest weight-loss this year, 55 pounds, was equivilent to the final numbers of some female contestants in previous years. Everyone was motivated to make positive changes and it showed.

It disturbs me when I read about all the starvation/dehydration going on just before the weigh-in. I know full well how a glass of water can add 2 pounds to the scale--I myself have pulled those tricks prior to a Weight Watchers weigh-in . . . but with $250,000 on the line, I would like to see a more detailed, scientific analysis of their final outcomes. As we have seen, the scale is not that highly sophisticated an instrument--it's very easy to trick. They need to measure body-fat percentages with calipers/body mass displacement . .. whatever they use in scientfic studies . . .to determine the actual winner. Since the numbers on the scale are easily manipulated by drinking/withholding water, using them only to calculate the loss percentages is insufficient. Speaking for the women, menstrual cycles have a big impact on what the scale shows . . .I can be up or down by as much as 6 pounds depending on the time of the month, without altering my eating at all.

A weigh-in is very theatrical and is the easiest number for the general public to grasp, but it doesn't tell the whole story.