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Thread: Some observations about the show....

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    Re: Some observations about the show....

    I don't know...if they were that "anal" about healthy eating, I don't think they'd be promoting those 100-calorie snack packages. I mean, they're a great thing (I can't do without them) but they're just empty calories.

    Trainers (they're not body builders) like Jillian, Bob and Kim are obviously in superior physical condition. I'd love to have Jillian's body, but they make an exceptional effort with their diet and physical fitness routines - plus, it's their jobs. If they're going to be successful trainers, which they are, they have to look better than everyone else. Their bodies are their livelihood. So they're not nuts, it's just the business they happen to be in.

    I'm also not crazy about the way they're judged, mainly because it's going to be damn near impossible for a woman to ever win. Men and women gain and lose weight differently for so many reasons - hormones, lifestyle, child-bearing - that it doesn't seem right to measure them by the same standard. Of course, that only concerns the prize money - the women are still losing the weight, so they're succeeding regardless.
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    Re: Some observations about the show....

    An all male team will win. That is a given.

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