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Thread: Biggest Loser 11/20 Recap: A-Oh-Kae!

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    Biggest Loser 11/20 Recap: A-Oh-Kae!

    This week’s episode of The Biggest Loser begins with Alison, coming to us live, from the set of Access Hollywood. Later (much later, it seems), the eliminated player will be back for a live weigh-in. Until then, we’ll have to plow through about an hour and 50 minutes of the usual. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

    Once again, we begin this week right where we left off last week: the elimination room following Amy’s ouster from the game. If you remember, Alison teased the contestants about a surprise she had in store for all of them. Then they left us hanging for a week. The surprise won’t be coming for the contestants until tomorrow, but Ali has a little “surprise” for them now. She passes out large envelopes to each of them. Everyone is mortified to find 8 X 10 pictures of themselves taken when they first arrived at the Biggest Loser campus.

    Bryan is struck by how immobile he looked before. Bill says the picture is of a person who he didn’t like very much and who was clearly very unhappy. Nicole admits that she never thought she was that big and finds it hard to believe that the person in the picture is actually her. Nicole vows to keep the picture with her and never go back to that weight. Isabeau looks at her picture and thinks about how she never felt pretty at that weight: she’s feeling more like herself now. Alison promises that they will like what she has in store for them. She says goodnight to everyone, adding a “rest up” on her way out the door. Julie is immediately worried because the last time Ali told them to rest up, they ended up doing a triathlon.

    Bob is Always a Good Idea
    This is the part of the show when the trainers find out which member of their team did or didn’t get eliminated. Jillian isn’t mad at Isabeau when she learns that Isabeau voted to eliminate Amy: she just thinks the vote was a huge mistake. Isabeau tells Jill that she did vote for Bryan initially, but couldn’t stop crying about it and had to change her vote. She doesn’t want her team to retaliate against her, but she can’t do anything about it. Julie claims that Isabeau has now jeopardized the entire team. Really, even though Jillian claimed she isn’t mad, she really is. You just know she hates it when people don’t do exactly what she tells them to do. Jill reminds Isabeau that Bryan is the biggest threat.

    Over in the Red Room, Kim arrives to find out if her time on the ranch is up. Bryan, who’s decided to be sneaky, has left the envelope containing the photograph of himself on the bed for Kim to find. She opens it reluctantly, thinking it’s a goodbye letter from Bryan. She gazes and the picture and mopes over the thought that Bryan is gone. At that moment Bryan, the big joker, jumps out and surprises her. He practically tackles her on the bed and nearly crushes her. They roll around in a way that I’m sure his wife raised an eyebrow (or two) over. Kim is gleeful over keeping her mug on TV Bryan getting to stay another week. She tells him that he’s changed so much, and not just physically.

    Elsewhere, the Black Team peeps work out with Jillian. Mistress Jillian is still galled over the fact that Isabeau did not do exactly what she told her to do. Jillian tells us she is never wrong. Never. It’s clear that Isabeau is feeling the heat from the rest of her team. Julie, who didn’t seem to be any happier with Isabeau a second ago, tells her friend to stand up for herself. Isabeau gazes wistfully at the Blue Team people and says that, if Jillian doesn’t chill soon, she’ll just pull an Amy and go train with Bob. That’d be karma now, wouldn’t it?

    As they prepare for their big surprise day, Isabeau and Julie get in a little product placement. They “worry” about what they can eat while away from the campus and decide that Nabisco 100 Calorie Packs will be just perfect. You know, aside from Kim and her ranting, these little product pimping segments are my least favorite thing about this show. Isabeau tells Julie that she hopes the surprise is fun and involves no physical exercise at all. Ah, dare to dream….

    Haircuts and Makeup and Wardrobe, Oh My!
    Seems that Alison actually did have a good surprise in store for everyone. The whole gang arrives at the NBC Studios (yes, in beautiful downtown Burbank) and the set of Days of Our Lives. The girls, all of whom seem to be fans of the show, are particularly excited. Julie gives us her best soap opera glare and you know, it’s pretty good. They walk through the studio, pointing out the various sets they recognize and eventually meet Alison and her co-star, Brian Datillo (aka Lucas). She’s been spending so much time in their world, Ali thought they might like to spend a bit of time in her world. She introduces Brian, who gives them a semi-lecture about making time for fitness. Yeah, whatever Mister 5% body fat. The girls don’t seem to care: they’re all flipping out over the fact that it’s “Lucas.” Once he’s gotten a little face time, Brian runs away like fat is catching.

    In a while, Ali tells everyone, they will meet eight new stars when they look in the mirror. Today they are getting the star treatment in the form of an ultimate makeover. She introduces Liz Vaccariello, the editor of Prevention Magazine. After the makeover, they will all be a part of a photo shoot for the magazine and one of them will be chosen for the cover.

    Everyone gets settled in for hair and makeup, all while eating Nabisco 100 Calories packs, natch. As the girls get pampered, Ali appears with more cast members from Days of Our Lives that I don’t recognize. In wardrobe, Bill is excited to find that he’s now able to wear a suit off the rack.

    A Little Surprise
    Bryan began the competition with a 52 inch waist and is now wearing a 42 inch waist. Bryan is the first person to check himself out in the three-way mirror. He looks stylin’ in jeans, a peach-y colored shirt and cream jacket. Bryan is clearly pretty impressed with himself and preens for the mirror. Little does he know that his wife, Kenisha, is standing on the other side of the center mirror. Suddenly, the mirror is pulled aside and Bryan’s wife steps out. He shouts out “Hell no!” and then swings her around. Bryan tells us this is his best moment since arriving on the campus. Kenisha is amazed at how much Bryan has changed.

    Next up is Julie in a black cocktail dress, great makeup and new haircut. She gets another reunion with her husband, Mike, whom she saw a day or two ago. They hug and kiss – she removes his glasses first – like they haven’t seen each other in months. Mike admits he was actually nervous to see Julie. She looks amazing, he says. Julie calls this a perfect day.

    Bill is reunited with his eliminated twin, Jim. Jim still looks bigger than Bill – he started out almost 40 pounds heavier – but he’s lost 93 pounds to Bill’s 100 pounds.

    Isabeau is looking adorable in a short floral wrap dress and heels, a new haircut and makeup. She hasn’t felt this good in a long time. Her boyfriend John is there to see her and, when the mirror is pulled aside and Isabeau sees him, she begins to cry all her makeup off. John tells Isabeau she looks like a star. Isabeau reveals that one of the things that makes John so special is that he see the person, not the pounds.

    Hollie in black halter-y cocktail dress says it’s still hard to look at herself in the mirror: she’s not at her goal weight yet. Hollie is then reunited with her friend Antoinetta. Yes, the one she saw two days ago.

    Neil’s girlfriend, Stephanie is here as well. She says she can’t imagine what Neil could look like. As he looks at himself in the mirror in a dark suit, Neil says this is the first day he’s really seen the changes in himself. When his girlfriend appears and sees Neil, she’s obviously shocked at how he looks. I’m sure no one expected him to lose more than 100 pounds in three months. Stephanie, who is teeny tiny, says she’s never seen Neil this thin. She calls him in inspiration and is confident that he’ll be an inspiration to other people. I wonder if she changed her tune after seeing the water-loading episode.

    Nicole admires herself and her floral sundress in the mirror. She looks adorable. The mirror is pulled aside to reveal Nicole’s mother, Diane. Diane says Nicole looks tremendous. They stand side-by-side and Diane praises her daughter: look what all her hard work did.

    Finally, it’s Kae’s turn. She looks beautiful in a sleeveless, patterned, purple wrap dress. She’s now wearing a size 12. Her husband, Joseph waits behind the mirror and admits that he started tearing up as soon as he heard Kae’s voice. They both cry when reunited and there goes her makeup. Kae calls this the best day of her life. Seeing Joseph and his reaction to her was even better than her wedding day. Joseph calls Kae the most amazing person he’s ever met (say it with me now “Awwwwww’) and says he’s a lucky man.

    Sashay Shante
    With the emotional reunions out of the way, it’s time for the photo shoot. They will be doing the shoot on the set of Days of Our Lives and Liz from Prevention Magazine, as well as the players’ loved ones, will be watching. They all take their turns in front of the camera. Nicole channels her inner Tyra *hee* and Julie mugs for the camera (hubby Mike looks on and says “I love her”). They all finish with a group shot. It’s a day for them to be together and not to compete. In the end, the cover girl was Kae. We see a shot of the Prevention Magazine cover, but Kae isn’t wearing that cute purple dress: she’s in jeans and a little red top.

    Once the photo shoot is over, everyone sits down for a meal in Brady’s Bar on the Days set. Bill tells Jim his only strategy is to work hard enough that he can stay above the Yellow Line. Neil’s girlfriend remarks that Neil must be going crazy without salt: he was a salt fanatic. He then reveals that he doesn’t have high blood pressure any more. Hmmm…could be the no salt thing, don’t you think? Neil says seeing Stephanie has reminded him of why he’s there.

    Isabeau and her boyfriend talk and he says he knew she would be there for the long haul. John gushes about how great she looks. Isabeau says he’s sacrificed so much for her to be there and that has inspired her.

    Soon enough, Alison announces that the party is over and it’s time to get back to the real world…or the fake world where people can work out 10 hours a day and don’t have to go to work. Everyone says goodbye to their loved ones over emotionally manipulative music but I refuse to give in and cry.

    Can I just complain and say that this is almost the halfway point of this episode and pretty much the first we’ve seen of Bob is right now in a little Biggest Loser tip before the commercial break? What’s up with that?

    Climb! Climb for Your Lives!
    Here comes another challenge that I will try, and fail, to describe. Everyone is back to normal with no makeup or fancy clothing. Ali says she’s glad they all had a good time with their loved ones, but today they have to get back to work. At the weigh-ins they have to stay above the Yellow Line. This week’s challenge will require them to stay above a yellow line as well. Ali directs everyone’s attention to a sort of crane thingy with ropes attached to it. Each of them will be harnessed to a rope and they will have to climb up the rope to a point above a yellow line several feet above the ground. As the challenge progresses, the ropes will be lowered. In order to stay above the yellow line, they will have to keep climbing. The last person to stay above the yellow line will win the challenge. The winner this week will receive a $5,000 shopping spree, courtesy of Prevention magazine.

    Nicole really wants that prize. She vows to climb her little heart out to win. The challenge begins and everyone starts climbing…and the ropes start moving. In short order, Hollie, Isabeau and Julie are out, followed by Nicole and Bryan. Neil tries to keep fighting, but he falls below the yellow line as well. Once again, the race is between Bill and Kae. Everyone cheers for Kae. Neil tells us that Bill has won challenges and even a car: Kae still hasn’t won anything. The cheers get louder as Bill falls below the yellow line and Kae finally wins a challenge. Kae says this will be her best week ever, as long as she can stay above the Yellow Line. *sigh* Can you see where this is headed?

    Enough With the Whining, Already!
    As Kim and Bryan go through their last chance work out, Kim is still whining about not wanting to be eliminated….oh and she doesn’t want Bryan to get sent home either. She lectures Bryan about stress eating and then pimps Wrigley’s Extra Gum as an alternative to snacking.

    Hey, there’s BOB! He’s training Nicole, Kae and Neil in a last chance workout that’s all about keeping them above the Yellow Line. Because they lost a day to the makeovers, Bob is packing a week into this workout. At one point, he even had Neil drag him around the gym on his back. I think Jillian is rubbing off on him.

    The weigh-in is looming and Jillian says she’s never been more nervous about a weigh-in. In spite of her disappointment in Isabeau’s judgment, she’ll still train her. Well, that’s really big of you Jill, especially considering that training her is your job.

    The Mighty….Falling
    As she heads in to the weigh-in, Isabeau worries: she knows she has a target on her back after having voted off Amy. Alison notes that, while they’re all playing as individuals, they’re still wearing team colors. Bryan, as the last Red Teamer left acknowledges the fact that the odds are on him to go home if he falls below the Yellow Line. To maximize the suspense, they will make us wait until the end of the weigh-in to see if Bryan’s in trouble this week.

    Neil: 303 (8 lbs / 118 lbs total) 2.57%
    Isabeau: 234 (7 lbs / 64 lbs total) 2.90%
    Bill: 228 (6 lbs / 106 lbs total) 2.56%
    Hollie: 204 (8 lbs / 51 lbs total) 3.77%
    Nicole: 218 (4 lbs / 61 lbs total) 1.80%
    Julie: 176 (4 lbs / 42 lbs total) 2.22%
    Kae: 156 (3 lbs / 69 lbs total) 1.89%
    Bryan: 276 (6 lbs / 76 lbs total) 2.17%
    That puts both Kae and Nicole below the Yellow Line and up for elimination. Do we even need a vote? Kae is toast. Either way, Bob will be sad, which mean I will be sad.

    When Bob arrives to learn the news – that both people below the Yellow Line are from his team – he’s clearly crushed. He didn’t expect both Nicole and Kae to be in danger this week. Neil tells Bob that he knows the Black Team will be voting for Kae. He comments that even Jillian is smiling. Neil vows to never give Jillian a reason to smirk like that again and promises Bob he’ll do everything he can to make sure Jill remains grumpy.

    The Least Shocking Elimination. Ever.
    Tonight’s elimination really does feel like a formality, so let’s get to it.

    Bill says this elimination presented a difficult decision because both Kae and Nicole are good competitors. Bill voted for a person who, by doing her thing, has made him better. With much respect, Bill votes for Kae.
    Bryan says that they’re definitely at the point when these decisions are even more difficult. He thinks both Kae and Nicole are fierce competitors that have chance at winning the whole competition. Bryan thought about who would do better at home and decided to vote for Kae.
    Neil says this is an impossible decision for him. Both Kae and Nicole have been with him since day one and both inspired him to work harder. Neil wants to win the game and get as far as he can, but he only wants to be the best if he can beat the best. To that end, he votes for Nicole. Neil then challenges them all to come get him if they’re intent on eliminating the biggest threats.
    Isabeau says she’s voting for a person that inspires her. Unfortunately, this is also a person against whom she’ll have less of a chance of winning. She votes for Kae.
    Julie first addresses Neil’s comments by saying that, sometimes, the biggest people are not the biggest threats. She then goes on to say that it’s possible for someone to inspire you and encourage you and motivate you in game and yet and still keep you from making it to the end. She’s voting for a person who has set the standard for every woman who will play this game. With greatest of respect, Julie casts her vote for Kae.

    Wah. Kae is eliminated. Ali talks about what an inspiration Kae has been. Kae says she’s grateful to know all of them. The show has been the chance of a lifetime for her, and while she was hoping to make it to the end, she’s glad that the players who are still in the game will continue on. Kae urges them all to work hard, to be themselves and to remember why they are there; to change their lives and better themselves. Since coming to the Biggest Loser Campus, Kae has lost 30% of her body weight – the highest of any female to play the game. She has embodied the spirit of this game, but she has to go. Alison actually chokes up a bit as she tells Kae that she isn’t the biggest loser. There are hugs all around – especially from Neil – and then Kae makes her exit.

    Kae is definitely sad to leave: she wanted this to be a complete journey. She looks back at the girl from episode one who was running in the desert and knows that she’s much stronger and more confident now. She came here to change her life and she’s done that. Kae then vows to run a half marathon and reach her goal weight by the finale.

    Twenty four hours later, Kae arrives home to her husband and the rest of her family. Her mother is both shocked and proud and her brother can’t believe how skinny she is. Kae says everyone is surprised at how she looks: even her husband who just saw her.

    Bob! Live!
    Now we’re back live with Ali on the set of Access Hollywood and it’s time to see what Kae looks like now. When Kae joins Alison on stage, she’s hardly recognizable from the person we saw on the first episode. She is absolutely adorable and TINY…or should that be tiny? Kae says she feels like a completely different person: she’s healthier and more confident. She admits she isn’t quite to her goal weight yet, but is still happy with herself. Ali then brings out a big surprise for Kae: BOB! *jumps up and down on the couch* Kae and Bob hug and smother their mics. Bob can’t believe how great Kae looks and beams over her success. Bob tells Kae she’s an inspiration for anyone who’s been on the show: she’s what the show is about, he says.

    So how much weight has Kae lost? It’s time to find out. Let me just say that this whole thing is much less exciting than the finale episode because there’s no studio audience. Kae hops onto the scale for Bob and Ali. Kae began the show weighing 225 pounds. She now weighs 137 pounds. That’s a total loss of 88 pounds: Kae has lost more than 39% of her body weight. She and the other eliminated players will be back for the final weigh-in in only four weeks!

    Next Week: It’s something that’s never happened in the history of The Biggest Loser – an entire team could be eliminated. Then, it’s trainer vs. trainer leading up to the closest weigh-in. Ever.
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    Re: Biggest Loser 11/20 Recap: A-Oh-Kae!

    Excellent recap, Critical.

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    Re: Biggest Loser 11/20 Recap: A-Oh-Kae!

    Great recap Critical...and I agree, we need more Bob!!!
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    Re: Biggest Loser 11/20 Recap: A-Oh-Kae!

    Thanks for the great recap, Critical. I'm sad to see Kae go, she was my favorite from the beginning.

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    Re: Biggest Loser 11/20 Recap: A-Oh-Kae!

    Great recap, Critical!

    'Fess up, didn't you get even a little teary-eyed with Kae's elimination? I'm not looking forward to Bob's reaction when he finds out his most perfect team member is gone. I'm sure I'll be my eyes out.

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