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Thread: Amy Zimmer - Season 4

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    Amy Zimmer - Season 4

    Amy Zimmer
    Age: 28
    Hometown: Rochester, New York

    Amy is ready to recognize what she sees. Amy is a go-getter who loves to enjoy life to the fullest. As a kindergarten teacher, she is forced to stay on her toes. She makes it a point to sing everyday and loves outdoors activities. She has made it a point to lose the weight in order to be a role model for her twin daughters and to her students at school. Her husband makes his living as a model and Amy always wants to impress him and knows that if she drops the weight, she will make the ultimate impression.

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    Re: Amy Zimmer - Season 4

    If she goes far enough I think we'll see a real beauty in her. I hope her personality will match. You never know with these people.

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    Re: Amy Zimmer - Season 4

    Wish I'd seen a little more sign of "I love you at any weight, babe" kind of support from her husband....

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    Re: Amy Zimmer - Season 4

    I'm pretty sure I've been seeing commercials with her supporting a gym in her area. She's kept off the weight. It looks like she's got a more curvy figure about her too. Anyone else seen the commercial? Wish I could remember for what gym and what area.

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    Re: Amy Zimmer - Season 4

    I live just outside of Rochester , I have seen her. She is with the RAC I believe (Rochester athletic center). Again I am not 100% on the gym, but I think I have seen that sign hanging in the mall.

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    Re: Amy Zimmer - Season 4

    are there any updates about her and kae are doing because they were my favorites
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