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Thread: 10/25 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I cannot believe the number the Blue Team posted. That is unreal!!

    I was really worried about Ken being sent home. I thought he would be like Nelson and lose his drive. Silly Me!! He is amazing!!! I cannot stand the women. I'm rooting for either Wylie or Brian.

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    Yeah, hopefully Wiley's ankle heals quickly so he can post some big numbers and get immunity. If he doesn't, the girls will have him for dinner next week (or.... I wonder what kind of effect on voting the new people will have next week.)

    I like all of the guys on the blue team... and Wiley.
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    So soon we don't just have red vs blue we have women vs. men....

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    I don't like that Kai girl from the Red team. She is just mean. I was happy that the blue team finally won something and lost the most weight. Also, who dresses Carolina? She always look matronly and boring. Only one time have I seen her looking good and that's when she wore that black pant suit at the finally.

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    Oh I agree about Caroline's wardrobe. Some of the junk she wears is so outdated that it may be back in style for all I know. I just know that I couldn't stand it the first time around and haven't changed my mind this time.

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    I was sad Ken left, but he looks fabulous! Happy for his wife too.

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