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Thread: 10/11 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Yeah Melinda, I am so glad she has kept it up!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    Boo I cannot stand the red team, and just do NOT want to see them succeed.
    Me either. I just don't like them AT ALL

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    You know what gets me the most? I'll tell you the fact that FIFTY people really wanted to be on this show (well, tons more but 50 people were picked) and they ended up with THIS bunch of whiners on the red team. I still love Ken, but the rest of them just whine and complain. Shut UP. You're not here to wallow in loss, you're here to LOSE WEIGHT. Kai is absolutely SO obnoxious. I wonder if she'll watch this later and see how rude she is and how demanding. Guess what Kai ... this show isn't just about YOU. Ugh.

    I was sorry to see the Blue team lose but Melinda is succeeding at home and that's great for her

    Does anyone know when the other people who are losing weight at home get to come back to the ranch and when the viewers see it??

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    I so wanted to root for Pam on this year's show since she's from Indiana and all, but man... that team... they just drive me crazy. I have to say, she bothers me the least -- Kai, the most, followed closely by Wylie and Heather. I was glad, however, to see Pam so deteremined to win that challenge. Way to go, Pam. That was awesome.

    It's sort of a catch-22 in my eyes... I hate to see the Blue team lose, but their elimination rounds are so pleasant. That's the worst part about this show. They should just make the person on the losing team who lost the least be sent home. This should be an uplifting/inspiring reality show and they ruin it by turning it into a bicker-fest. Well, the red team, at least.
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    I am so tired of seeing Heather whine on there... i'm sad that i have the same name as her, lol.

    Kai doesn't really bother me that much, she's actually my favorite of the red team, but that's not saying much. Actually Nelson was better... anyway, i'm getting annoyed by Heather complaining and cursing so much.

    Red team just needs to get over themselves.
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