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Thread: 9/20 Show discussion**Spoilers**

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    Jen looks great!........Let's see who'll be Heather's next punching bag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    OMG>.... Jen has lost another 58lbs since she left the ranch! She's looking fabulous!!!! (66lbs total)
    That's what I thought. Way to go, Jen.. it's even harder to lose away from the coaches and controlled environment. I'm proud for her.
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    It seems that the program was just the jump start that she needed. She looks great.

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    I didn't get to see the first hour yet. I came in at the last weigh in. I so wanted to root for Heather, but her little freak out changed that. I will give her one more chance next week, she is the hometown girl and I really want to root for her.

    I am really liking the blue team, though. Maybe it is just because I love Bob.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh View Post
    I'm for the blue team. My Tennessee guy is in that one.
    As is Melinda, the Alabama girl!!!

    I know I haven't given the new girl enough time but boy I really do miss Jillian! I'm a Bob-lover thru and thru but I really did like Jillian's kickass attitude!!!
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    I didn't care for Jillian so this girl is fine with me. She sure looked cute in that outfit.

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    My FORT-time today is severely compromised, so I just wanted to send a few quick thoughts out based on reading the thread... I did watch Biggest Loser while flipping every so often to see what was on DWTS... I was tivoing ANTM in the other room, and STILL HAVEN'T WATCHED IT YET! I was surprised to have made it through TBS for 2 hours without succumbing to sleep.

    I've been losing weight since February or so and have only lost about 15 of my goal of about 70... gotta kick it into high gear now, I've just been "playing" around... My swimming and water aerobics classes started last week (an hour and a half in the pool, for a funny story of exhaustion see the "Just How Stupid Are You?" thread) and with the new season of TBS kicking up, it's a great time to put the pressure on myself.

    Congrats to all you FORT Biggest Losers! Wow!!!! What a great inspiration you all are! Do we have any good weight-loss/diet support threads?

    As Bob and Kim (? dang, forgot her name) picked their teams I was thinking that they probably were prepped with the background of each person (age/health limitations/home life/motivational concerns) and then they got to see them work out a bit, see their stamina, and got to see their bodies and judge who could feasibly lose a lot of weight and work out strategy for good teams. I hope that's the way they did it. Who knows though, as good as this show is at not falling into horrible reality-show traps, you never know.

    My understanding from the little info provided by Caroline was that the 36 people returning home were going to be weighed/BMI-measured at some point (don't know when) and the man and woman with the biggest loss would come back to the ranch. I'm not sure how that affects the team members eliminated from the ranch, do they take part in that now? I think they are being deliberately vague here, testing out new concepts, departing from the formula that's worked pretty well for them in the past. I want to know what's going on!

    The blue team did okay with their pick of who to switch: They were right in who they sent (8 lbs lost) but their pick of who to take on was a little off, had they picked Ken(?) they would have won.

    So far my favorites are on different teams. I love Bob, and I like the new girl so far. I'm going with a 'no team loyalty' stance as usual for now, until the teams get winnowed down and we see some more examples of the personalities/team dynamics. I did think the red team displayed more teamwork during their challenge and I loved Nelson. My favorites so far are Nelson, The girl from Indiana, Melinda and Marty. I liked Jen quite a bit, and was disappointed she got sent home, after Heather showed her drama queen/villainess side. Oh well, Jen looks fabulous, and losing 66 pounds at home with only one week of the benefits the ranch offers is awesome.

    I think they said there is a 2-minute video recap to watch on the website after each show.

    That's it for now, gotta go again, back to the grindstone.
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    When one person said they were voting for the drama queen not the beauty queen I thought they were voting for Heather....did we see Jen being a drama queen AT ALL? And one little pause for a break? Well, guess the cameras aren't on ALL the time...it isn't BB.

    ETA...by my math Jen still weighs in the high 180's---and yes, she does look great, so she must be quite tall, no? I wish they would give people's heights.

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    I agree that Jen looks great - you can find her stats on the Biggest Loser Website, PWS. Seems to me Jen's in the 5'5"-5'7" range.

    Personally, I think Kai is adorable - love the funky hairdos!
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    GO BLUE! I gotta root for the hometown New Yorker who owns a deli.

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