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Thread: Mark - Sabrina Season 3

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    Mark - Sabrina Season 3

    Age: 42

    No children

    Favorite Foods: Homemade pasta alfredo with sauce kneaded into the pasta dough and extra sauce on top, top off the pasta alfredo with a massive chicken breast stuffed with cashews and garlic, baked and swathed in a honey almond glaze

    Mark is an outgoing motorcycle cop who was a lean 190 lbs when he joined the force. After being hit by a car while on duty and going through a lengthy recovery, Mark gained 65 pounds. Mark is soon to be married and is determined to get in shape and start a new life with his fiancé, and to live to see his future children grow-up. Mark wants to get back the physique that allowed him to do all the things he loves, like hiking and exploring the natural beauty of Montana. He wants his success to inspire others to go for their dreams too, even if they seem impossible.

    Age: 25

    Favorite Foods: Hot fudge shake, Baby Back Ribs from Fiorella's Jack Stack BBQ in Kansas City, Twice baked potato, All extra large portions please!

    Marty does everything to the extreme. When he was a high school football player, he was the best. When he was the class clown in college, he was the funniest and, he even got his license plate to read "I'm Fat!" Now when Marty sits down for a meal, he will eat and eat and eat. He truly enjoys his job as a teacher. He revels in being a good role model and inspiring today's youth. His teammates might think that he's just a nice guy, but Marty's competitive streak and can-do personality will make him the one to beat. Marty wants to show his kids in the classroom that if he can lose the weight, anyone can!

    Age: 31

    Three kids

    Favorite Foods: Nachos with everything on it, chimichangas, meat-lover thick-crust pizza, spaghetti loaded up with toppings and sauce

    Matthew is a sweet, outgoing, youth pastor and father of three who put on 100 pounds in the five years since his marriage. Horrible eating habits and a more sedentary lifestyle got him to the point where he is too heavy to be able to use a treadmill and has developed sleep apnea, which requires that he sleep with an oxygen mask. With the recent birth of his third child, Matthew has vowed to make a change and get fit enough to go hiking, canoeing and camping again, and get rid of his sleep apnea. He wants to be able to put on a t-shirt signed and given to him by the teens from the first church he was a full time youth pastor at. It has always bothered him that he couldn't fit into this special gift. Matthew is committed to being a healthy spiritual and physical example for the youth of America. He is one tough competitor you want on your team!

    Age: 32

    No children

    Favorite Foods: Mom's home fries, watermelon, homemade mac and cheese, lasagna

    Melinda is witty, funny, and just plain sweet! But, don't be fooled, Melinda is a fierce competitor who takes the bull by the horns when she needs to. Melinda is very entertaining and full of funny one-liners. You'll never know what she's going to say next. Winning the game will enable her to take her husband on a honeymoon. Melinda will be one tough competitor to watch out for. Although she fears running, she is ready to conquer her fears and may just surprise everyone along the way! She will definitely keep America smiling all the way through.

    New Mexico
    Age: 35

    Two kids (both 16)

    Favorite Foods: Steak and baked potato, homemade soft tacos, taquitos, chili rellenos, and bread: hot buttered bread, rolls, sliced, she loves it all.

    Mitzi is a hardworking Home Economics teacher from Artesia, New Mexico. The wife and mother of two dedicates herself to her children both in and out of the classroom. Consequently, Mitzi is always around food. It's hard for her to resist the dishes she serves up in her class and finds herself eating extra meals daily. As a cooking teacher, people are always asking her for dessert recipes. She would love to be the one that everyone goes to for healthy nutritional recipes. Mitzi wants to be a source of inspiration to her kids by losing the weight and leading the healthy lifestyle she teaches. (She also hopes to someday fit in size 8 jeans and tuck her shirt in, which she has never done!)

    Age: 35

    Two kids (9, 11)

    Favorite Foods: Steak-n-cheese subs, rice and beans with any and all kinds of meat, all Italian foods

    This 6'5" police officer is one of a kind. Formidable and tough but with a heart of gold, Nelson Potter is a pillar in his town. As a MVP for the Champion Softball league for Law Enforcement, Nelson knows a little more than most about competition and exceeding expectations. More concerned for others, Nelson is afraid that one day a routine foot pursuit will end badly when he can't keep up with his partner. Nelson is now a single dad who wants to get in shape for his three daughters, his partner and himself. Whether in the gym, or during a challenge, Nelson could be one to push his team all the way to victory!

    Age: 34

    No children

    Favorite Foods: Brown sugar walnut cookies from Mrs. Goodman's Bakery on High St., Donato's chicken veggie medley pizza with hot dipping sauce, Starbuck's Caramel Macchiato with whipped cream, hash brown casserole from the Cracker Barrel

    Nikki is a beautiful teacher and reading consultant. She put herself through school earning a Bachelors and Masters degree, and at the age of 34 is proud of who she is and what she has accomplished. Nikki said she went from a size 8 to a 14 in college and has not been able to lose the weight since. In one year she had a series of setbacks, her father died, her fiancé broke it off with her and she was very unhappy with her work. Last summer, Nikki couldn't ride the Millennium Force roller coaster at Cedar Point and that's when she knew it was time to change her life. She is now more than ever determined to lose the weight and become an athlete. She dreams of running a four-mile trail in 40 minutes, skiing in the mountains of Colorado and improving her tennis game. With her drive, Nikki is determined to be an inspiration to people all across America.

    Age: 25

    Two kids (11 months, 1 year)

    Favorite Foods: Spaghetti, Taco Bell Mexican Pizza, chicken chow mein, veggie fried rice and pork egg rolls

    This Indiana country girl can steal your heart without every realizing it. Pam talks a-mile-a-minute but has a charm and personality that can steal the show. But, don't cross her because she'll let you know! Pam grew up in a simple country home where a trip to the local fast food joint was considered a family outing and she doesn't want to pass on the fast food addiction to her children. Although a true competitor in every sense of the word, Pam knows how to turn on the southern charm. She was named Miss Congeniality two years in a row in her county. This devoted wife and mother is ready to show America what she is made of!

    New Jersey
    Age: 34

    No children

    Favorite Foods: Lobster, chicken (white meat, breast preferred) marsala, piccatta, grilled, parmesan…any way you slice it!, Baked rigatoni (no ricotta, just mozzarella)

    Poppi is a diamond in the rough. A hilarious, witty, engaging but struggling standup comic, she says her weight is "the fear of success wrapped around me." Every day for the last six years, Poppi has worn only black clothes to try to hide her size. Her main reason for wanting to lose the weight is, in her own words, "she couldn't breathe". In the last few years Poppi's father was diagnosed with leukemia. He is currently in remission, and Poppi performs at the leukemia benefit each year. Her goal is to get healthy enough to run a fundraising marathon in his honor.

    Age: 29

    Working in the hotel business keeps Sabrina on her toes, but also means she spends a lot of time entertaining clients at restaurants. Sabrina is determined, however, to get fit enough to wear a string bikini, run a marathon and skydive. It surprises her when others sometimes diminish her weight loss efforts by saying that she is not "that" fat and looks good as she is. Sabrina hopes she can shed light on the fact that any amount of extra weight that puts someone in the category of "obese" according to height and weight charts, is weight that has to be shed in order to live up to one's life potential. This vivacious New Orleans beauty is ready to gain her confidence and sex appeal back: "There's no better feeling than walking in a room with no insecurities and a sexy grin." Sabrina is ready to shock her teammates by her inexorable drive to succeed.

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    Rooting for Melinda from Alabama....YOU GO GIRL!!!!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    I was very disappointed that Nelson got voted out last night.

    I dislike the red team females immensely.
    I know it's a game etc.etc. but they all come off as so unpleasant imo.

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    i like it

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    You like what, melbort?
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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