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Thread: Erik - Jennifer Season 3

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    Re: Erik - Jennifer Season 3

    Quote Originally Posted by bbnbama;3276678;
    Best of luck to you NFL1 on your surgery! Let us know how you do, ok?

    I think I just saw Erik on Larry King Live---he was interviewing a bunch of TBL people and I just caught the end of him...definitely gained a lot back...wish I had heard what he had to say...something about going on TV to get the incentive to get back to work on it. He also had the trainers and some more recent Losers.

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    Re: Erik - Jennifer Season 3

    He was on Oprah yesterday and has gained half of his weight back. He now weighs over 300 lbs. He is ashamed that he allowed this to happen and his wife is not pleased either. I am sure he is not alone. We see very few old contestents.

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