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Thread: Biggest Loser's New Trainer

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    I am not a fan of Kim, it makes me miss season one so much more.

    I am so happy that Season 1 is coming on DVD it will be fun to re-watch all that. Of course I have no money right now... Ohdiets.com is giving about 20 away once they get them so I am hoping I will score one of those.

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    I'm not a fan of Kim either. Jillian had really grown on me, and she really kicked butt. I don't like this rah-rah Kim at all. Maybe she'll grow on me as the series progresses, but so far, no.
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    I agree with the others here...I miss Jillian but I haven't really given Kim a chance yet so I'll hold off on more opinionated thoughts until after a couple more episodes.......

    I have to admit tho that pic of her at the beginning of this thread in the black and white bathing suit....... ..........awesome killer body!!!! I want a body like that but without all the "stuff" she had to do to get it that way!!
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    At first I didn't like Kim, but her strategy obviously works.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    For me, the thing that made Jillian likeable, even when she was being a total task master, was the fact that she previously had a weight problem. This woman seems a little more gung-ho about fitness and building her body. I'll give her a chance, but at first glance, she looks like she could snap Bob over her knee like a twig

    Agreed, Critical! And now that I've given a two-week chance to Kim, I really miss Jill that much more! I loved her coaching style AND the competitive rapport she and Bob had.

    Who knows- Maybe Kim will grow on me as the season goes on...?

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    She showed a little tenderness last night... and for some reason, doing that made me not feel sooooooo bad about no Jillian this time out.

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    Kim just seems a bit fake. Jillian always seemed sincere when she bonded with people. Remember, Jill started out with a weigh problem herself. Kim talks about having "body issues" herself, but I don't think she thinks of that in the same terms as the Losers.

    And I always respected Jill for not toeing the corporate "Biggest Loser" line as tightly as Bob, who seems to be the front-man for every side project they do. Although neither Jill nor NBC are giving real details about why she left, my supposition is that she insisted on a real cut of the profits, and they probably insisted on her being easy to replace. Since she no doubt signed an iron-clad NDA, she can't talk.

    EDIT- actually I will revise one thing. I have just found an article about Kim once being 40 lbs. overweight, so apparently she--like Jillian (who was once 50 lbs overweight)--has that in common with the Losers. If Kim seems "faker" than Jill, it has to be something else.
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    I have tried and tried to like Kim but I just haven't taken a liken to her. She just doesn't click with me. It's hard to explain.

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