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Thread: how tall??

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    how tall??

    I'm wondering how tall the women are. I weigh 185, but I sure don't look like any of the women on the show who are close to that weight. I'm 5'9" tall... but see that the women are starting to be around my weight has got me a little worried. I don't think I look bad... and at the doctors office, they weighed me, starting the scale below 150. I told the nurse that she wasn't even close, and she said "Well, it doesn't show".

    I think that the "soccer mom" contestant looks perfect. She might need to lose about 20 more pounds, but she looks great as she is now.

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    You can find their height on the official NBC website. Just click on their bio's.

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    5'9 is well above average for a women height-wise and the weight the women are just reaching now wouldn't be too bad for someone that height. Unfortunately, I dont think any of them are that tall. One of the things that struck me about this season is all the contestants were pretty obese. Last years cast had some people that just needed to lose 30 or 40 pounds. This years cast were all big there were no Gary's and I forget the names of the smaller blonde and hispanic girls.
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    I looked up the current ones and some recent boots on the NBC site.
    Pete 6'5"
    Seth 6'1"
    Jeff 6'1"
    Mark 5'11"
    Matt 5'10"

    Jen 5'7"
    Suzanne 5'6"
    Andrea 5'5"
    Suzy 5'4"
    Shannon 5'3"

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