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Thread: 1/04 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I liked this episode a lot

    I actually thought the whole 'giving them rings' thing was kinda nice. I enjoyed that entire portion of the show. Both Jillian and Bob seemed so genuinely proud of their students, it was touching to me. They could have "edited" Jillian to be the constant mega bitch, and Bob to be the looney easy going free spirit, but both of them where shown to be complete human beings with their strengths and weaknesses, and with senses of humor and intelligence.

    The same goes for the contestants. Other than Lisa, the final 4 or 5 contestants have been flawed, but generally likeable people most of us can relate to. I give a lot of credit to the producers for this. There have been some squabbles and a little back stabbing, but you get the sense that these people do like and/or respect each other, in that everyone is in the same situation.

    That being said, I think Gary is just the greatest. I like him immensely. He reminds me of Boston Brian from Average Joe II. I guess its the accent. But he just seems like such a nice guy and its so evident he's put his heart and soul into his transformation. I hope he wins.

    P.S. And as for the strategy part and voting out Mo, I guess it depends on what the final rule are. Do the candidates get 3 months or so to keep working out, come back, and whoever's lost the most weight wins? If so, I can understand why Mo was voted out. If he worked hard, he could have lost lots more weight. Gary is pretty much at his goal. Kelly would probably like to lose another 20 lbs. Ryan could maybe lose another 30. I thought the "biggest loser" was going to be based on pounds lost, not percentage. Does anyone know for sure?

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    This is just my opinion, but I think all of the contestants have emotional problems as well as physical ones that made them the way they were in the first place. Like any emotional problem, not every person responds to the same treatment the same way. For many of these folks, the way the show and the trainers worked did the whole trick (Dre and Gary stand out as prime examples of that), but maybe it just didn't for Mo.

    I agree that Kelly should have stayed last night, and that Mo should have left a lot sooner (because I think it was obvious to everyone involved that the solution provided by the show wasn't enough for him). However, I think it's wrong to condemn him as lazy or anything else. I just think that he needs either something more or something a little bit different.

    Look at the way he responded to running to the gate and back. For the first time ever, it seemed as if he thought he could do it. That tells me a few things: he wasn't getting the encouragement/education he needed to make him believe that earlier; he had it inside him to understand that he could do whatever it takes.
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    Not to sound cold-hearted, but I think it goes without saying that anyone who eats their way up to over 400 pounds definitely has some issues. There's contestants like Aaron and Dana who just needed a kick in the arse to get moving, and then there's the contestants that were/are morbidly obese, like Mo and Ryan. People who suffer from obesity are probably no different than those who suffer from anorexia or bulimia - their problems are more than what they see in the mirror and on the scale.

    Lazy or not, Mo and the others have been given the gift of being taught the absolute best way to pursue a healthy lifestyle. No surgery, no fad diets, just rigorous exercise and proper eating. There's no better way to do it. I checked Mo's after pic on the show's link and he is looking happier and healthier like all the other eliminated contestants.

    I don't remember how the teams were split initially, but it seems to me that the contestants got the trainer that best suited their individual personalities. Mo seemed to need Bob's touchy-feely style, and Jillian's crack-the-whip training got amazing results from Ryan.

    Honestly, any of the contestants deserved a win here. Without exception, they all stuck to the program and have all lost weight - some are even at or almost-at their goal weight. Having said that, Ryan, Gary, and Kelly are a great final three, and proof that nice guys (and girls) sometimes do finish first.
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    I really enjoyed last night's show....but was stunned and a little sad that Mo was voted off .......he was my fave. I thought the guys all had an alliance and Kelly would be the one out. I think they thought that in the coming weeks and months Mo might really step it up and lose a massive amount of weight and win this thing. They must have been threatened by him.....I'm pretty sure Gary or Kelly will definitley be the next ones gone.....I'm guessing Ryan might win this.

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    Ryan's definitely the biggest loser so far, weightwise or percentagewise. But as to being a "nice guy"--sorry, not. He seems a little more sensitive now than in the early days, but he's done a better job on his weight than on his ability to empathize with and understand other people. Like Lisa, he may think he's changed, but the internal change isn't obvious (yet...hoping it will be).

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    I agree. I'm not crazy about Ryan, but he has done so extraordinarily well at this whole process that he does deserve to win. And even though I did like Mo, he just wasn't putting in as much effort as the rest of them, so he deserved to be cut. Although the voting really did surprise me, it wasn't strategic at all.

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    I'm going against the grain to say that I hope Ryan wins. Maybe because I "get" his sense of humor or maybe I can appreciate if nothing else that he's accomplished in the time period allotted more than any other contestant on this show.

    Kelly is a very close second for me only because Drea is already out. Even though started out cheering for Moe, I had to give up on him in the end. Mostly because he gave up on himself. It's hard to find what motivates Moe. Bob even said that he needs to be picked up immediately after a defeat or it's like starting at square one with him all over again.

    On a side note: I think all the contestants, with the exception of Lizzeth) look absolutely amazing. I hope they are all present at the finale and stand next to their before pics.

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    I'm not sure if the guys voted out Mo because of strategy (thinking that he could possibly catch up with them by losing a whole bunch at home) or because they thought Kelly deserved to stay. Regardless, I think the remaining three all have worked incredibly hard, and any one of them is totally deserving in my book. Not to sound unbearably corny, but they are all winners already for making this dramatic change to improve their lives. I know they have inspired many people. This show is awesome.
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