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    In the last episode they finally blessed us with before and now photos of the current competitors. I was completely blown away. I have been watching the show faithfully, and unfortunately I really wasn't seeing the weight loss. I knew it said they were losing a ton, and then plateauing, and then losing again. But, I really didn't see them. Then Holy COW... Photos to remind you of what these people looked like when the show first started. Half of them look like they had swallowed the person they are now. I was awe struck and honestly almost teary at how much weight they are really losing. Their bodies have transformed into something amazing so far. Although I didn't see a huge difference in Mo, but I'm sure by the end we will. I guess I'm just wondering if I'm the only person who gets a little inspired by this show. I really am proud of them, and as long as they don't keep getting these mysterious injuries so they can't work out, I think the show will prevail. I saw an ad about someone saying it might be cancelled, never heard anything about that.. but I hope they don't cancel it before it ends.

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    It is amazing when you see the "before" and "after" shots.

    Even seeing the contestants that are still in the game in split screen with how they looked originally was an eye-opener.

    I feel somewhat attached even to the people I'm not really all that fond of.
    They've all done so well and I really hope that each of them was able to continue toward their goals once the show was over.

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