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Thread: Cancelling Biggest Loser??

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    Cancelling Biggest Loser??

    Has anyone else heard about this? My daughter said she read it somewhere but of course she can't remember where. She said that it was due to poor ratings.
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    I did some major intensive research (By googling "Biggest Loser" cancelled) and there was nothing listed in the top 30 results about it being cancelled, so my assumption would be that your daughter is mistaken...

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    Gosh I hope not. The Restaurant sucked but I love the Biggest Loser. It really gets down to emotions.

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    I thought it was doing relatively well in ratings? Anyway, without any official article, I'm not too worried about it. I certainly hope it's not being cancelled, since I've actually really enjoyed watching it so far.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Last night their commercial said America was obsessed with The Biggest Loser so it can't be true. ( that is, if everything you see in a commercial is true )

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    According to this account in the trades, they are cancelling Father of the Pride and supersizing Loser for the all important sweeps. It sounds like Loser may not be doing that badly after all.

    NBC Silences Father of the Pride
    DreamWorks' expensive animated sitcom sits out sweeps.

    November 02, 2004 - NBC is having to swallow a little Pride for the November sweeps. The network's expensive animated sitcom, Father of the Pride, has been pulled from the schedule for the duration of the ratings sweeps according to trade newspaper, Variety.

    NBC executives insist that Pride isn't cancelled but at an estimated $2 million per episode to produce and anemic ratings, continuing the series seems unlikely. The series received its best lead-in audience ever last week with the premiere of the new reality series, The Biggest Loser (insert favorite punchline here) but still only managed to put together a 2.8 rating with a 7 share, numbers that hardly get shows on UPN renewed. The network plans to air the six unaired episodes during December.

    The series, produced by the same studio behind the highly successful Shrek film franchise, was seen as an important step in DreamWorks Animation's move into other forms of entertainment. DreamWorks still stands to walk away from the experience with more to show from it than NBC; the network was on the hook for all of the production costs and the cost of backup scripts, which may explain why Pride could be getting shown the door early.

    Father of the Pride will be replaced by "super sized" episodes of The Biggest Loser. If Pride gets the axe, that will leave only three sitcoms on the NBC schedule, Will & Grace, Scrubs and the Friends spin-off, Joey.

    NBC has already pulled the plug on one new series so far, the ratings-challenged Hawaii and is taking a hard look at the Heather Locklear / Blair Underwood series LAX. The series is moving to Wednesdays but will only air twice in its new slot during sweeps. If it tanks the way it has been on Mondays, LAX could be joining Hawaii and Father of the Pride on the ratings scrapheap.

    -- KJB

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    I definitely saw commercials for it this morning on the Today Show, so it doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

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    I hope they will finish this series off, I hate something being cancelled in the middle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eny
    and supersizing Loser for the all important sweeps.
    Oh crap.

    And yeah that hey hey what everyone else said. I think it's doing great in the ratings. I don't think they're cancelling it.
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    I doubt they're cancelling it since they're soliciting applicants for the next season on the nbc.com official website!

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