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Thread: 10/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJane
    Actually, they don't have to say *no* all the time. What they have to learn to do is learn to control themselves. Take one brownie and go back to your desk. Don't buy crap in the grocery store so it's sitting around your house. Save your urge to bake for Christmastime, and then don't overdo it.

    You're right, it's NOT rocket science. My kindergartener knows that it's healthier to eat a banana than a chocolate-chip cookie, for heaven's sake. Exercise should be a no-brainer as well.
    Amen to that, AJane.

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    After watching the first show, I must say that I like this show!!!!

    Here are my initial thoughts on the show.

    I like Team Blue better than Team Red. Overall, I like the players in team blue better, but the blue team also had more unity than the red team did. Red might of won the battle, but there are lots of divisions within that team!

    Jillian (the trainer for the red team) is one mean chick, but at least she is effective. Overall, though I like Bob the best of the two trainers.

    My favorite so far has to be Maurice. He is going to be proud of himself when he loses all of that blubber!!!

    Can't wait for next Tuesday!!! Same fat time, same fat channel!!!
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    I like the blue team trainer better because I feel he is trying to change the people's attitudes. The problem is in their heads, and he is trying to get there, and at the same time he is clearly pushing them forward. With red team, they are lead in a forceful way, and once nobody is watching I am guessing they are more likely to slip. For the duration of the show they (reds) have their watchdog, but what will they do after that?
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    Just finished watching the show, and found it pretty interesting. I'm not surprised Dana was voted off, because out of all of them she has the least number of pounds to lose, and thus wouldn't really be a help to the team overall. She looked really good in her update, and glad her life is going well with a new boyfriend, and additional loss of 15 lbs.

    My favorites are Matt, Maurice, and Aaron...and should be interesting to see what happens in future episodes with all of the team members. I thought Jillian was a tougher trainer and her approach was more effective than Bob's. The weigh in is a little over the top but it makes them strive to their their best.

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    I hope they replay this episode sometime this week. I only caught the last 10mins or so. Looks interesting, but I missed the most important part...meeting the contestants.

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    [ Same fat time, same fat channel!!! [/QUOTE]

    I enjoy the escapism of reality television. Beats the heck out of worrying about your REAL life!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambikins
    How many people who've gone to Hazelton or some other clinic to dry out have relapsed the second that they're released.

    Both my ex and his brother were alcoholics (ex died from alcoholism); his brother was actually kicked out of Hazelton because he'd drink while he was there!

    i work in a treatment program for alcoholics and drug addicted men and women ... and i can vouch for this .... it happens more often than people realize.

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    Does anyone else think that Jillian is actually Jill from "Married by America"? They totally look the same!

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    I agree about Jillian being a good trainer in the context of the show. Some of these people haven't worked out probably ever. They need someone to kick their butts into shape and not let them make excuses or slack. I liked that when they were running and picking up the dumbells, she ran with the ones that were having trouble instead of standing there yelling at them.

    I can't imagine PAYING Jillian to be my trainer and I wonder about the people who DO. She seemed a little too happy about the fact that she loves to make people throw up! Does she work in a gym as a trainer or is she out on her own? I kept imagining her at the "S&M GYM" and Mistress Jillian - leather whip and thigh high boots and all!

    I thought Bob did a good job easing his team into the workouts. It seemed to me that, at the end, he was pushing his people just as much as Jillian, but he did it in a different way.

    I'm definitely pulling for the blue team, but I fear for the red team if they lose. Wonder what Mistress Jillian will do to them if they lose!

    Also.... I heart Bob
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    Quote Originally Posted by barefootdyke
    i work in a treatment program for alcoholics and drug addicted men and women ... and i can vouch for this .... it happens more often than people realize.
    Yeap, a relative, who will rename nameless, of mine went to rehab in Ohio under the VA (Veterans Administration) and he did more drinking and drugs at rehab after a group session than he ever did at home. He got kicked out and came home worse than he went. If fact he had to go to rehab 3 times before it finally stuck and it was because he wanted to. Thank God he's been clean for over 16 yrs now.

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