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Thread: Kelly Mac - Blue Team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thonolan
    I missed last night's show. Did she deserve to get voted out?
    Guess it's according to who you ask. In my opinion she should be one of the last ones standing. There are two who should have gone long before she did. If they had been left in teams, Andrea would have been next. The dead wood will probably float right on till the end.
    I don't feel as badly about it as I did though. Kelly's after picture looks great. She must have really kept up what she learned while there. Her beautiful face goes with her nice body now.

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    Kelly's "after" picture is totally HOT! Plus, I didn't think she deserved to be voted off - it looked to me like Ryan was manipulating Gary. Anyway, Kelly is a winner in my book!
    No one should have to dance backwards for all of their life.

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    i was actually glad that kelly got the boot. as the red team said, she was soooo passive/agressive in the things she said. she has a bit of a mean streak, it seems, and she is a VERY sore loser.

    granted, i AM glad she managed to lose a ton of weight on the show and after she was cut. she looks great! more power to her.

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