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Thread: The Biggest Loser

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway
    I would hope that the teams would choose who leaves based upon something other than *you lost the least amount of weight.* Choose that person that cheated that week. Choose that person that cost you your physical challenge, but don't choose based upon who lost least.
    I think they will start to look at other things when dealing with who to vote off, its just everyone worked just as hard this week, and no one really messed up. It was a hard vote, and I probably would have voted for Dana myself.

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    happy bull
    Originally Posted by realitynut95
    The mean thing is while they are trying to lose the weight, the network is taunting them with food. Like when they wake up in the morning they come down the steps to find a mountain of cupcakes and candy.
    True, and that's exactly the reason I won't be watching this show. There's a line of decency and humanity that even reality TV shouldn't cross to humiliate and exploit people, and this is one of those lines. This is a new low in reality TV.
    Wow, you guys live in an intersting world, cause wherever I go, there are companies always taunting me to try their new fatty sandwiches, fries, shakes, cookies, and economy sized Spam. And when thats not happening... get this, Im watching TV to escape from all the taunting I get from the companies outside.... and the TV networks are doing it too!! Its like I cant catch a break!

    Ill give you that the show is tempting them with yummy foods of all shapes and colors, but then again, who isnt these days? I now grasp the understanding of why there are hermits in this world. Nevertheless, if taunting them with food is mean, then I guess all those fairy tales I read about in kindergarten arent true at all ... this is a mean world. But since no body here is going to leave it anytime soon, I guess we all better grit our teeth and bear with it.

    Is the show really indecent? Inhumane? You must be really sensitive then. I mean Ill grant you that tempting fat people with fatty foods when theyre trying to lose weight is a mean-spirited thing to do. But as I mentioned before, is there realistically a day when fat people arent tempted by companies/network ads taunting them to try their latest taste sensation thatll soon hit them south of the nation? I suppose if you gave up TV and socializing, then yes, it is realistically possible. But I think its a safe bet that people on this forum have given up neither. And as a consequence, they will be tempted/taunted/annoyed by future ads from these companies.

    Now Im no legal expert, nor have I ever been on a reality TV show, but if I were to go on one, I would be naive to think that the potential for me to get exploited does not exist. Same goes for humiliation. Ratings are ratings, whether they get comforted or covered in pie. So if these contestants here went into this not believing that they would be exploited for ratings, and indeed felt that they were being exploited, then whats stopping them from leaving? Certainly not the easy life and all the food they could eat.

    It is kind of interesting to think about that though... why would you put yourself on national TV where you could (and often would) be humiliated for exposing your weight to America?

    And based on the character bios, I would have to conclude that its because of the realization that its time for a change.

    SOmething isnt right with themselves... maybe theyre doing it for their loved ones... maybe theyre doing it to get fit for their mates... maybe theyre doing it because a loved one succumbed to obesity and theyre scared to death that itll happen to them as well. Or maybe they just realized Jillian is the best looking trainer there is on TV.

    Whatever their rationale, based on the performance they all gave in the first episode, there lies in them that burning desire to change, to endure the pain, the suffering, all the grief and hurt that theyre going to feel.

    Thats what I believe this show is about... not humiliation, not indecency, but the endurance of the human spirit

    And even if it takes NBC exploiting their condition in order for that change to happen, these people have made their choice, and I dont see any of them leaving anytime soon.

    Happy Bull (Red Team)
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    what an...odd show.

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    The winner gets $250,000?!

    I'd be sweating my butt off every minute of the day.
    I have learned that gifts don't always come wrapped and treasures aren't always buried.
    - Bob Perks

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    What is going to stop people from voting off the "competition" sooner or later. If they let that happen, it wouldn't truly be the biggest loser, but the biggest schemer that wins in the end. I hate this vote off thing.

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    Danger Bunny
    Quote Originally Posted by azsk8fan
    In order for this to be truly fair the show should be calculating based on percentage lost to base weight or something like that (I know what I'm trying to say but I don't know how to word it correctly).
    They should be measuring BFP (Body Fat Percentage) and basing the results on that. They should also be doing blood tests to make sure they aren't damaging their immune system or getting anemic and cardiovascular tests to make sure they aren't damaging their cardiovascular system (i.e. are staying in shape). They should be doing urine tests to make sure they are properly hydrated, etc.

    Going simply on mass is the worst possible measure they could use. Even just measuring their size would be better.

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    Danger Bunny,
    I posted this on the show discussion thread and nobody responded. What you are saying is so true, too.

    "Two very important things they measured at the beginning were left out of the results after week one. Inches and percent body fat. There may be some who lost inches & body fat, but it may not show that much on the scale.
    On Celebrity Weight Loss Challenge on Disc. Health, they measured all 3 at every official weigh in. They used a combination factor to decide who won each time. At one weigh in, one of the contestants only lost a couple of pounds, but lost inches and a few percentages of body fat. She was putting on muscle and losing fat.

    Also, I wonder how they are going to gage the total weight loss when the teams are now uneven ( after Dana going home ). Are they going to take an average per person? (The total loss divided by the number of people on the team)"

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    Danger Bunny
    Quote Originally Posted by Nemeses
    Second, the above is true... BUT those trips to the grocery store aren't filmed on national TV to entertain an audience, and the grocery stores aren't offering to award you with money or anything else if you'll avoid the high-fat type items they offer inside, and don't purposely put those items in your face while at the same time saying "don't be tempted". When you go into the grocery store, if you want to avoid the Bakery section, for instance, you have the option to do that.
    Are you kidding me? I was just at the store so this is from memory and I wasn't looking for this I was going there to buy some (whole wheat) hamburger buns for my veggy-burgers.

    I come in the door and to my right is the flower dept. and ahead of me is the produce section. I go to my right around the ready-to-eat counter (Chinese food, fried chicken, etc.) and pass between it and a huge display of All Hallows Eve candy. Down past the drug counter and the medications and straight into the cookie isle. Deek around the cookies and into the bakery department with the donuts, cakes etc. to the buns. Pick up my buns (two for one, woo hoo!) and head to the checkout counter. I pass various foods (sweet cereals, pudding, etc.) on the end-of-the-isle stands -- all on sale -- and make it to the tills. Where I wait in line and get to spend my time looking at gum, chocolate bars, pop, etc. The only way I can avoid "junk food" in this (or any) grocery store is not go into it.

    This is a TV show about a challenge to lose weight in order to win a large cash prize. This isn't a Life Channel documentary about people trying to lose weight. Of course they are going to tempt them, it's a game show!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danger Bunny
    This is a TV show about a challenge to lose weight in order to win a large cash prize. This isn't a Life Channel documentary about people trying to lose weight. Of course they are going to tempt them, it's a game show!
    It sounded like the cash prize was an added bonus that the contestants didn't know about when they signed up. Added incentive.
    Also, having a degree in psychology, I can understand the idea of tempting the contestants from the start with their favorite bad foods. As a method of behavior modification, there is a technique called "systematic desensitization". In this case, they could be trying to desensitize the contestants to the foods, removing the temptation aspect from them. Of course, in the earliest stages of the competition, the foods are still tempting to them.

    Then again, I could be wrong and it may just be an evil plot by the producers. But I doubt it in this case.

    The thing I don't like, though, is the corny th obvious and cruel plays on words. e.g., "big loser" ... "it's time to cut the fat" ... "which one of you is weighing down the rest of your team?" ... after people tried their hardest to do something very difficult for themselves. That is called "negative reinforcement". I would expect this sort of thing to cause such dejection and humiliation for the outcast that they would resort to eating as they have done for years as their form of comfort and solace -- which is how they got into the shape they are! I hope the show has a good follow-up/after-care program to assist the contestants in maintaining their regimen.

    BTW, DangerBunny ... nice avatar. Where'd you find it?

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    Danger Bunny
    Quote Originally Posted by getreal
    BTW, DangerBunny ... nice avatar. Where'd you find it?
    Found it! What makes you think I didn't draw it (aside from my complete and utter lack of any artistic talent)?

    I got it from an on-line Joe Schmo memory game. There are a bunch of cards with pictures of the contestants on the one side and you turn them over two at a time trying to make a match...

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