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    1: Meet the Houseguests -

    2: First Nominations-

    3: Gerry Wins Veto- Recap: Introduction of the POV

    4: Gerry Saves Marcellas-

    5: Lori Evicted-

    6: Josh and Tonya nominated- Recap: Nomination episode (Josh vs. Tonya)

    7: Dani wins POV-

    8: Tonya evicted, Roddy wins HOH-

    9: Amy & Marcellas nominated- Recap: Nomination episode (Marc vs Amy *Round 1*)

    10: Eric wins POV-

    11: Amy evicted, Gerry HOH-

    12: Lisa and Eric nominated- Recap: Nomination episode (Eric vs. Lisa)

    13: Chiara wins POV-

    14: Eric evicted, Chiara HOH-

    15: Josh and Roddy nominated-

    16: Lisa wins POV-

    17: Josh out; Amy returns- Recap: Introduction of a FORMER houseguest

    18: Amy HOH-

    19. Chiara and Roddy nominated-

    20. Chiara evicted, Jason HOH-

    21. Amy and Gerry nominated-

    22. Jason wins POV-

    23. Gerry evicted, Marcellas wins HOH-

    24. Amy and Roddy nominated-

    25. Amy wins POV-

    26. Roddy evicted, Jason wins HOH-

    27. Marc & Amy nominated, Marc wins POV, Marcellas evicted, Dani wins HOH-

    28. And then there were 4...Amy and Lisa nominated - Episode Recap: Saturday, Sept. 14 th

    29. Amy and Jason get out of the house -

    30. Amy evicted (again) -

    31. Taking care of business, Jason gets evicted

    32. BB3 Season Finale!
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