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Thread: 7/31 BB 16: Live/Eviction Show **West Coast Spoilers**

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    7/31 BB 16: Live/Eviction Show **West Coast Spoilers**


    This is the show discussion thread for those who do not want to read possible spoilers derived from the LIVE FEEDS.

    For those who wish to post about the show with the LIVE FEEDS in mind, there is a show thread in the LIVE FEED sub-forum.

    Tonight is the Live Show with eviction and, hopefully, some of the HOH competition(s).
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    Re: 7/31 BB 16: Live/Eviction Show **West Coast Spoilers**

    Note: This post contains no spoilers. I don't watch the Live Feeds. Anything I say is based on what I've seen on the show and my own speculation.


    It sure seems like there's a Team America curse. How odd is it that two contestants on a show lose their grandfather and they both happen to be part of Team America?? If I was Donny, I'd be real worried about my grandpa.

    I feel terrible for Amber. She did absolutely nothing wrong in the game and wouldn't have even come up on anyone's radar if Caleb hadn't had a sick fascination with her. He did absolutely nothing to help her game and she's right that he in fact sabotaged her whole game. I wish Caleb had left the game before Amber so she could have gotten a chance to really play.

    I hope when Caleb gets home and sees the show, he'll see how he appeared on the show and realize he was responsible for Amber's departure. Sadly, though, I don't think he'll ever see it that way. He sure has a screw loose.

    Amber was wrong about Donny running the house. It appears to me that Frankie and Cody are running the house. Or maybe just Frankie alone. He seems to have the most influence.

    Please, houseguests, stick to what Christine said and vote Caleb out next! I'm sick and tired of hearing about "Beast Mode Cowboy" week after week. He has to go!!
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