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Thread: 7/18 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

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    7/18 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Please keep all discussion in here until 1AM ET / 10PM PT.

    No live feed spoilers please! If you watch the live feeds and wish to discuss the show without avoiding spoilers, a discussion thread is also open in the Live Feeds forum

    Enjoy the show!

    Threads in this forum will reopen after the west coast airing of the show.
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    Re: 7/18 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Spencer earned some me points by giving a (very random) shout out to my rock star boyfriend, Dave Grohl.
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    That was a great message! And I've had a terrible day, so thank you.I love random acts of kindness.Really, realy appreciated.Scott- RIP SDL<3

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    I'm a fool to do your dirty work. Oh, yeah...

    I have a strong feeling that the reason why we are the MVP for the week is that the Producers expect us to nominate Aaryn. Since the Houseguests can't be counted on to do it themselves (frankly, it's good strategy to keep someone as hated as she is around) they want us to do it.

    I don't like being played by BB like that...
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    Re: 7/18 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    I don't mind being played this time .Even if we put her up, its not 100% she will go. I realized last night that I don't really care for this lot, except maybe for Judd, I am not pulling for anyone.
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