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Thread: Andy Herren - BB15

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    Re: Andy Herren - BB15

    Quote Originally Posted by cablejockey View Post
    They all are. Making excuses, saying it was the pressure of being in the house, things taken out of good old context(a liar's best friend), or we are home took it all wrong. You almost feel like gathering them in a studio, playing all the video, using a pointer to show them, and saying this is what came out of your mouths.
    I am sure they will all watch themselves at some time, they will see what we see, they just wont admit it
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    Re: Andy Herren - BB15

    She wasn't bullying him, but he may have been referring to the repeated times she called him a liar in front of everyone (with her trademark smile and giggle of course). (This was on the feeds, but the season's over so I wouldn't call it a spoiler at this point.) She was messing up his game, and he reacted by making sure she was tossed after Amanda.

    His game wasn't pretty, and he acted like a scaredy-cat at times, but with this cast, that was enough to make him a winner.
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