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Thread: Helen Kim - BB15

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    Re: Helen Kim - BB15

    Quote Originally Posted by beerbelly View Post
    I'm always called pushy! But maybe because I'm a New Yorker?
    Gina Marie, is that you?
    Will you accept my Frankie & Lost in Space Debbie hair violin playing Mirror-ball dancing Indian giver rose from an always a bridesmaid egotistical Big Brother repeat loser who got beat by a pan-banging meatball ?

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    Re: Helen Kim - BB15

    Lol! I am *so* not Gina Marie! I don't even consider Staten Island 'New York'.
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    For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.
    - Virginia Woolf

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    Re: Helen Kim - BB15

    Back to Helen--so far I like her, but I would think all the screeching kids would work her last nerve after a while. Hoping she finds people to bond with---with her job I would think the conversation level of most of this bunch will drive her nuts over a month. Hopefully, Andy, say, will be able to talk politics, etc.

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