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Thread: 9/16/12 Sunday Big Brother Recap: A Waddle Down Memory Lane

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    9/16/12 Sunday Big Brother Recap: A Waddle Down Memory Lane

    It's the last Sunday episode of Big Brother! When Thursday night's show ended, the blindside of all blindsides happened as we saw Shane walk out the door. I don't think Danielle's mouth could have opened any wider! Will Danielle forgive Dan? Can Dan possibly stab any more people in the back? Let's find out!

    *Ian walks around completely dumbfounded about what happened with Shane. He is quacking to himself. He makes me chuckle. Actually, he “quacks” me up. Zing!

    *Dan feeds Danielle some garbage about how she is going to win in the end, blah blah. She says she isn't mad at him, she is just hurt. She needs GULLIBLE stamped across her forehead.

    *Dan, Danielle, and Ian are treated to a celebration brunch. (Insert awkward/staged Quack Pack waddle down this season's memory lane here)

    *We get some “never before seen” footage of Britney beating up a teddy bear. Riveting.

    *Part 1 of the final HoH is an endurance competition. The winner of this part will automatically advance to Part 3. Each person has to hang onto their own fishing line while getting dunked into a pond and slammed into a wall.

    Tune in for the season finale on Wednesday! We will find out who will be crowned the winner of this season, as well as America's Favorite! May the best jackass duck win!
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    Re: 9/16/12 Sunday Big Brother Recap: A Waddle Down Memory Lane

    I haven't watched it yet but I'm getting the feeling that reading your recap was far far better than the real show.
    I don't like the Stroll Down Memory Lane in Survivor, so I'm sure I won't like this.

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