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Thread: 9/9 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 9/9 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff View Post
    I agree that the extent to which he's been deceiving others is overkill for this season -- the others just aren't that smart, and he probably didn't need to play quite as hard to keep himself alive. Then again, he had three other vet players to contend with, not just the naive newbies, so he probably felt like it was kill or be killed every day in the early weeks of the reset. Dan was my favorite BB winner of all time, because he wasn't a jerk to people in the house in his season, and the jury realized that they couldn't hate him even though he was personally responsible for most of their evictions. The shine of that Dan is off this new Dan, so I'm not liking his gameplay as much this time either. But I don't think it extends to his real life as much as you do. How can any of us know that, unless we know him personally? His wife certainly seems to be thrilled with how he's doing, in her tweets and interviews and blog posts...
    If someone is kind, considerate and thoughtful by nature, they couldn't do what Dan did when he saved himself with his master plan. Telling Danielle that she was dead to him in the game, when she thought he would be leaving the next day... and breaking an oath he took on the bible, seemed so effortless for him. Dan's wife might approve of what Dan's doing and saying to win money, but I don't.

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    Dan was always my second favorite, right behind Dr. Will, but this season he has become my favourite player every. For me anything, that is not against the rules, is fair game. If you are not doing everything you can to stay in the game then, in my eyes, you don't have a valid argument to win. People have been trying to eliminate Dan since week one and that he managed to survive as a coach and a player is admirable.

    I don't think he has anything to apologize for. If Dani is in some way offended or hurt by Dan she had plenty of chances to get him out. The same goes for all the players this season. I don't think Dan should be looked down on for outplaying others in a way that is totally legal.

    If Dan was being rude, horrible, making personal remarks that were unbecoming - then I would have a problem and I wouldn't like him as much. It still wouldn't be against the rules though.
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    Re: 9/9 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Love that there are some people that are not affected by the Dan Mist. Very relieved. I left the boards because I didn't want to upset the Dan love.

    The bible thing really bothered me. I'm not religious but hate when a person's stated religion is their badge of virtue.

    Back to the show. When Boogie, Britney and Frank left in such a short duration, I knew we were in for some tough viewing. I stopped watching the feeds last week. Dan's a "player" no question, but he's not good viewing.

    Dani and Shane on their "date"...yuck. The Mannequin tries so hard to be interesting but he's not. The gymnists figured it out in minutes...lol. Dani...oh dear...time to put the chips down. Beautiful face but her cloths are starting to stretch.

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