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Thread: 7/26 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 7/26 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    right and not everyone who needs tatt removal is sleezy . . . . i have one i would love to geet rid of and i am not at all sleezy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Emerald Fox View Post
    He makes way more money than if he practiced "life or death" medicine. Not everyone who studies medicine is in the field to save a life. Some want to make good money, and being a general practitioner doesn't make all that much. His brain is not being wasted. He's providing a service that people want, and he's contributing to the economy and supporting his fiancée and son by doing so.

    Tattoo removal might not be a useful job to you, but to the people who deeply regret their decision to get a tattoo find it pretty darn important. Sure, it might not life-saving in the conventional sense. But to a woman who has her ex-boyfriend's name on her chest, and is sick of seeing a daily reminder of two mistakes, it just might make a world of difference. ("One man's trash is another man's treasure" or something like that)

    Besides, Will does a lot more than just removing tattoos. Check out his Wikipedia page. Pretty impressive work.

    (By the way, PWS - I'm not trying to jump on you here, so sorry if this post comes off in that kind of tone. Just defending my favorite BB player and his line of work. Also, did you used to do recaps here back in the day? If not, I must just remembering reading your posts here for many years... )

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    Re: 7/26 Show Discussion **West Coast Spoilers**

    Sorry, no offense meant to tattoo wearers---these days I know those who don't have one are rarer than those who do (that they may need Dr. Will for some day). Back in the day when I grew up they were more of a 'statement". I was just hoping he'd go into saving lives....clearly not his calling.

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