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Thread: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

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    WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    Hey all - Here's the 7/18 RECAP

    Kara and Frank are the first official nominations of the season. Only, their coaches have a little something to say about that.

    Boogie’s not so happy because Willie told him they were good. He says, “Lying in the Big Brother house? It happens. Here’s what you don’t want to do…lie to me.”

    Too bad Boogie only looks like a grumpy, old man when he says this!

    Dan tells Kara he’s going to try to work some Dan magic and save his strongest player but she’s a little worried because, after all, everyone knows Dan…

    Boogie then strategizes with Frank and tells him to make good with Willie, only I don’t think it went quite the way Boogie thought it would go. Both say they wish they didn’t have the coaches because Willie knows Boogie’s coming after him and Frank doesn’t like how the coaches can influence other players. Frank says their best chance of getting further in the game is to work together. But will Willie go for it…

    Meanwhile… the “Blonde Ambition Alliance” (coined by Boogie) is happily celebrating how easily they got their teams to go along with their “witch hunt” against Dan & Boogie because the girls convinced them all that the guys were gunning for them.

    Only, “witch” kind of looks like it could fit Britany at this moment…

    Boogie gets back on his high horse and says he doesn’t want to leave before either of Team Blonde and he wants to do whatever he can to make that happen…

    One of the players who’s going to help him with that is Ian, the kid who’s been watching Boogie since he was 10. See, Ian’s got a super power – it’s called kicking yourself in the face.

    After all, who needs a bully when you can kick the crap out of yourself??

    Boogie watches Ian show off his special talent and asks America to kick HIM in the face.

    Veto competition time and after listening to Frank tell us which two players he doesn’t want to play (Danielle and Shane), guess what? We see Danielle and Shane get picked! I love how that happens sometimes.

    Willie picks Danielle
    Kara picks Shane
    Frank picks Wil (with one L)
    And Jojo in all her Brooklyn glory is chosen to host the competition.

    Kara & Frank each pull Shane aside separately and ask him to help them out but he’s noncommittal to both.

    Boogie sits down with Britany in the HOH room and after feeling her out, finally gets to the point and asks if Janelle’s people are off limits. She says they’re not and he says if the replacement nominee is Jen, his other player, then that will speak volumes and draw a line in the sand.

    Britany is obviously worried.

    She says his threatening her doesn’t worry her or faze her and then throws down by saying (in a PI) that she thought he was supposed to be a good player. She tells Boogie she can’t control what her player does and Willie’s going to do what’s best for him.

    Afterwards, Britany gives the low-down to Janelle and says her strategy is now to smear Boogie any time he does something shady or tries to threaten or intimidate her.

    As soon as Britany walks away, Boogie approaches Janelle about taking Dan out because the rest of the teams have 3 players and can vote his out. Not surprisingly, Janelle runs to Dan and tells him what just happened.

    Dan says one thing you never do is turn your back on a Renegade because you’re going to get stabbed. [Sigh, I miss the Renegades.]

    It's Day 6 and all the coaches are on to Boogie!

    Veto Comp time finally arrives and the players visit the Big Brother Laundromat to play “Loose Change”, a game where they have to find either a nickel, quarter, or dollar and then run back and throw the coin in the laundromat slot. First player to get $1.30 in exact change wins the POV!

    After lots of slipping and sliding, the comp comes down to Shane, Frank, and Willie with Shane ultimately winning.

    While her team is busy celebrating their victory, Britany “advises” Shane not to use the veto b/c then it would draw a line in the sand with Boogie and they don’t want to do that yet. Shane pushes back in a PI and says he needs to think about his own game.

    Ultimately, though, he decides NOT to use the power of veto…

    Look for Arielflies’ recap to see who was ultimately sent home after this first official eviction…
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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    Terrific first recap, CSW! I loved how you fit the photos to the text...HOORAY!
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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    Great job CSW!
    I hate when the cops throw me in the back of the squad car ....like they didn’t hear me call shotgun.
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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    Good Job!
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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    7/25/12 Recap

    Day 14 – Willie has been expelled…and the game continues on…

    After production tells the hamsters Willie was evicted, Frank, Janelle, and Boogie run up to the HOH room, where they celebrate the “2-for-1” deal they’ve been given this week.

    Willie’s been evicted and they will still have an Eviction this week…

    Boogie throws out the pawn idea – nominate someone from his or Janelle's crew to go up against Danielle and then backdoor Shane or JoJo but, surprisingly, no one seems to be receptive to that idea. [Perhaps visions of Dustin dances in their heads?]

    Team Brittany is worried because they stayed loyal to Willie and voted against Frank last week, as did Danielle, and they know he’s gunning for them.

    Before Noms, JoJo pulls Frank aside and pleads her case to him. She tries to explain how Willie influenced her but Frank’s having none of it, reminding her that they’d spoken after the blowup and she could’ve voted for Frank to stay. “I gave you the chance, JoJo.”

    Nomination time comes and Shane & JoJo are nominated for eviction. [And the ghost of Willie haunts on…]

    Team Brittany feels all alone. Brittany advises them to reintegrate themselves and to keep quiet until POV. Meanwhile…Boogie advises Frank that instead of isolating Shane and Jojo, he nurtures the relationship with them.

    Time for choosing POV players and -

    Frank picks Ian
    Shane picks Ashley
    Jojo picks Wil
    Joe will be the host

    Moving away from gameplay for a second…enter Ashley and what she’s looking for in a man. The criteria are too long to list but I think you can guess from Shane’s reaction what the rest of the house was thinking

    POV Time - Welcome to the BB Cantina

    Dressed as tortilla chips, the players need to find items from inside the “bowls” of cheese, beans, guacamole, or salsa to create their own menu that matches the master BB menu on the other side.

    Like the previous week, there was lots of slipping and sliding and the eventual finish order was - Shane, Ian, Jojo, Frank, Wil, and then Ashley, who took her sweet time to double-check her results (or it could've just been that she was wicked slow).

    Joe goes through the results, starting his way from the bottom to the top.

    All but Ashley had all 16 answers correct (she had 13), which means Shane won his second POV!

    Frank was obviously thrilled!

    After his win, Shane goes to the HOH room and powwows with Boogie & Frank. He apologizes for ruining their play, but Boogie says, “Don’t be so sure the obvious, you know, is the plan.” (Maybe Boogie should've told Frank that - see picture above.) Then he tells Shane that neither of them are unhappy with the result. Shane tells them he wants to work with Frank. He says they could make final two, that he's only worried about individual play, and that he doesn't care which coach wins. Frank and Boogie seem happy with this idea and tell Shane not to tell anyone and he doesn’t, even when Brittany asks him directly.

    Privately in the Diary Room, Boogie says he wants to treat Shane like a wounded bear whose paw was stuck in a trap. You nurse it back to health and then you have a very loyal pet.

    In the Have Not Room, Dan wants to light a fire under Danielle, so he says he can’t help her – that by doing so, it’ll seem fake, so he wants her to fight on his own. In the Diary Room, he says that he needs to be careful and subtle in how he handles her but he’s hoping it’ll light a fire under her. Instead, she loses it and begins to fall apart.

    Shane comes up with the idea of backdooring Wil as the replacement nominee and, naturally, Jojo’s on board. The next morning, while the rest of the house sleeps, he broaches the subject while he & Frank are the only two on the couches. He tells Frank he’d be safe next week if either he, Jojo, or Danielle win HOH next week.

    In the Diary Room, Frank says he has Shane’s idea on his mind but he’s not sure if that’s the best for him.

    Veto meeting -

    Deciding to use the POV, Shane takes himself off the block. Frank puts Danielle up in his place. In a PI, he says he knows eventually he’s going to have to go against Janelle’s players but for right now, it’s too early and he doesn’t want to rock the boat, so after Shane takes himself off the block, he nominates Danielle

    Closing remarks –

    Danielle can’t believe she’s been nominated. She feels mad, frustrated, abandoned and so alone. She’s surprised she needs to fight so early in the game.

    Jojo says she’s a fighter and is going to fight for it because she deserves it more than Danielle and she definitely wants it more than Danielle.

    Dan says he’s got a secret plan he hasn’t played yet, that he’s going to throw a Hail Mary, a last second play, to save himself and Danielle, even if it means throwing Jojo/Brit under the bus.

    Brit says she’s already lost one player this week and she doesn’t want another of her players to go this week, so Danielle’s got to go.

    Check out Arielflies’ recap to see who was sent home and who wins HOH...
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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    Great Recap - love the Low/High photos of Shane.
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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    NOMINEES – Ashley & Joe

    When we last left, Ashley & Joe had just been put on the block. Joe’s not happy. In true, “Joe” form, he’s yells at the camera in the PI room and says he’s not happy. [Every time he’s in the DR, he reminds me of those commercials that are 100 decibels louder than the TV show you’re watching. ]

    Janelle gets her team together and tells them to calm down and continue to kiss ass. She then visits Brit in the HOH room and says her she’s not upset, she’s not angry, that she understands that’s how the game goes but she wonders if Shane knows what he’s doing and she doesn’t want him to be taken in by Boogie.

    Brit sees right through it and, in the Diary Room, says that’s why Janelle’s so good at the game but she’s going to keep what Janelle said in her back pocket.

    Janelle heads back downstairs and continues to rally her troops, suggesting they go to the HOH room and let Shane know they’re not upset but Wil & Joe aren’t biting, especially if they’re not guaranteed Shane’s going to go along with them. Janelle tells the newbies it’s part of the game and something they must do if they want to stay in the house. She tells Joe he needs to tell Shane he wants to team up with him.

    So, Joe listens to Coach and goes to the HOH room and tells Shane he wants to work with him. Shane tells him he wishes Joe had said that two weeks ago, before he (Shane) started winning everything. Joe tells him he’s mad, he won’t lie so then Shane wonders in a PI whether Joe’s trying to get on his good side or his bad side.


    Shane picks Danielle
    Ashley picks HG choice and chooses Wil
    Joe picks Frank
    Jen is going to be the host

    The Veto Comp is BB’s Circus -

    The object of this comp is that each clown (player) must throw two balls up two separate ramps and keep moving back and forth between them to keep the balls from hitting the ground. When a ball hits the ground, they’re out of the competition.

    First out is Wil, then Joe, Frank, Danielle, and Ashley, so Shane wins his 3rd POV.

    Joe is upset because he doesn’t want to have to bow down to Shane some more.
    Frank is happy because he’s working with Shane and knows he’s safe.

    Janelle says her team is devastated about not winning POV but she’s not worried because it just means that she needs to go to work as their Coach.

    In the HOH room, Shane says he can’t wait to hear what offer Joe brings to the table.

    Brit says she just wants to celebrate Shane’s POV win and grumbles because here comes all of Team Janelle except Joe, who she speculates is probably downstairs, hitting a wall.

    Janelle says in a PI she’s going to do whatever she can to throw Boogie under the bus if it means keeping her team safe. While she’s talking to Brit & Shane, she offers her wedding band and/or her Chanel earrings for three weeks to show she can be trusted. Brit & Shane don’t accept but Shane says that told him they could trust her.

    Janelle heads downstairs and talks to Joe, telling him that even though it goes against everything he is, he needs to give it his best shot by telling Shane he wants to work with him and to back-door Frank

    Once again, Joe listens to Coach’s advice and goes to the HOH room, where he tells Shane he’s hanging off a cliff and going home if Shane doesn’t save him but if Shane does, he’ll gain the most loyal ally by Shane giving him a chance. Joe says he knows Janelle will be taking Wil to the end and that he’ll work with Shane 100% outside of his team.

    In the DR, Shane says he wants to trust Joe but he knows he’s a manipulator.

    Joe says in PI that if Shane saves him, he’d take him all the way to the end.


    Dan finally gets the sushi party he won. He takes the three other coaches because he doesn’t want any game talk going on while he’s gone, takes Shane because it never hurts to suck up to the HOH, and then Danielle.

    Shane and Danielle show their inner country bumpkins when Shane tells everyone where the forks are and Danielle has a hard time pronouncing tempura and remembering what edamame is.

    Meanwhile…it’s Wil’s birthday and he wants to celebrate – hard – with dancing, laughing, and lots of drinking.

    Realizing their “party” is being out partied, the sushi group decides to bring their desserts into the house and crash Wil’s party. A lame game of Spin the Bottle ensues where Ian tries to kiss Ashley and Shane briefly kisses Danielle.

    Later, Brit’s outside folding towels with Ian and asks him if Shane would be safe next week but all he’d say was unless there was an “unforeseeable circumstance” instead of a straight out no.

    Worried, she tells Shane, who realizes he shouldn’t be trusting Boogie, and now wonders if he’d really be safe.

    He and Brit wonder whether they should backdoor Frank and they decide to use the talk with Ian as a reason to put him up.

    Soon after, Frank pulls Shane aside, saying he wants to keep the lines of communication open and Shane tells him about Ian’s talk with Brit. Frank tries to talk Shane down by saying Ian’s young and he & Boogie haven’t talked to him but Brit decides she wants to break up the talk between Shane & Frank so that puts a kibosh on their talk.

    In a PI, Shane says he’s got a big decision and that he wants to make sure his HOH was successful.


    Shane takes Ashley off the block and replaces her with Frank.

    Frank says after their talk, it wasn’t a surprise but Boogie’s floored.

    Afterwards, Janelle happily says she wanted to jump up and down and laugh, that Boogie thinks he’s the person pulling all the strings but that there’s a new puppet master in the house and it’s her.

    Boogie is “super annoyed” that they’re taking a shot at him and says it never ends well for the other side when that happens.

    So the question becomes who will be evicted from the BB House and we'll find out the results of America’s vote – will the coaches enter as players or keep coaching?
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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    8/8 RECAP

    When we left –

    NOMINEES = Frank & Wil.

    After the Nomination Ceremony, Danielle and Wil head to the HOH room, where Danielle cries to him that he’s only a pawn, that he’s the only person she can trust, and that her real target was Frank. Wil takes a moment to cry back and tells her that he feels like no one likes him in the house and that he’s all alone, so they cry a few tears and give a few hugs to each other.

    Meanwhile… Frank & Boogie sit in the nomination chairs, where Frank bemoans the fact that he’s been nominated 3 of the 4 times and has been in all competitions but only won 1. Boogie is convinced Dan’s going to back door him and he’s not happy. They agree they hate everybody.

    Janelle runs upstairs to use the HOH bathroom and talks game with Dan, who’s already up there. She tells him how Boogie & Frank are talking about the game and how Boogie has said he’s willing to save Frank if he wins POV. She suggests the coaches should play together b/c they’re going to be targets but Dan says she needs to spearhead it with Boogie b/c he’s upset with Dan.

    Janelle proposes bringing him up to the HOH room but then Dan decides he’s going to talk to him, so he takes Boogie into the storage room. He says he hopes Boogie is playing up the being mad at him, to which Boogie tells him no, that he’s really mad b/c he knows there’s going to be a back door attempt against him. Then he calls Dan out on knowing Frank was going home the night before the vote and that he didn’t tell them. Dan says he should’ve told him and then asks Boogie if there’s any way he’ll work with the coaches. Boogie tells him he doesn’t want to work with people who’ve lied to him before, that Frank has been open and honest with him, etc., etc.

    Next through the revolving HOH door is Ian, who says he feels like he has no one. Brit asks him what the divisions are and he says he doesn’t even know. Brit asks him if he’d ever vote against Boogie and he said he knows it’s going to come to that. Dan then asks if he’s really ready to leave Team Boogie. Ian eventually solidifies his alliance with Shane, Danielle, Brit, and Dan and they call themselves the “Quack Pack”. Dan says Ian reminds him of his younger self.

    Veto Comp players are decided -

    Danielle picks Shane
    Frank picks Jen
    Wil picks Ian
    Host - Dan

    While everyone’s supposedly sleeping, Frank asks Janelle in the bathroom if she still thinks he wants all the coaches out. She says she doesn’t know, that she hasn’t talked to him, so they sit down and talk…

    At that moment, Brit comes downstairs and, as she walks into the kitchen, she sees the two of them talking. Eye-rolling ensues in the Diary Room as she says that it’s classic Janelle – saying she wants Frank out of the house one minute and then talking game with him the next.

    She heads back to the HOH room, where she tells Dan & Danielle about the two whispering and Danielle says it boils her blood and raises her blood pressure. Dan can’t understand the paranoia between Brit & Danielle about Janelle and realizes his plan of the coaches to work together is in peril.


    The players roll the ball into the boxes and the person with the lowest number is eliminated. Once they’re out of the game, they can choose a box of popcorn from the popcorn stand and get whatever “prize” is in it. They have the choice of either keeping their prize or take someone else’s.

    **Shane is out first and takes the POV.
    **Wil’s out and gets a “Veto Ticket, guaranteeing himself a spot to play in next week’s veto comp, but he trades it for the POV.
    **Jen goes out next and gets a Maui vacation. She decides not to trade it.
    **Ian’s out next and claims “It’s a Dog’s Life”. He gets to sleep in the BB Dog House and has to stay in his pen. He can only leave the pen if someone takes him out on the leash. He decides to keep it, saying he already won 3K and doesn’t want to be greedy.
    **Frank’s out next and gets 5K. He decides to take the POV from Wil.

    Danielle wins and gets the BB Spirit-tard and exchanges her “prize” with Frank for the POV.

    Boogie with his “brawn” and his “brain” with their respective "prizes"

    After the POV concludes, Frank & Boogie head off by themselves and hatch the idea of putting Janelle up… Boogie approaches Danielle about using the opportunity to backdoor Janelle, knowing they have the votes.

    Danielle says her biggest fear is that he’ll turn on her when she’s out of power. He asks where he’s going to turn, that they def have the votes to take Janelle out, and she decides with all the power, she could def make the move this week.

    Boogie then approaches Dan in the HOH room and brings up taking Janelle out. Janelle knocks on the door, looking for Brit, and then goes away, only to return a short while later with her. Unhappy at being interrupted, Boogie tells them he & Dan were talking but Janelle says they want to talk too.

    Brit says she thought there was once an idea about the 4 of them working together but Boogie says how can they work together when they want his guy out. He says if they want to work, then to vote out Janelle’s guy (Wil). She says, no, get Wil out next week, but Boogie says he doesn’t trust her and that he doesn’t want to send his #1 guy home.

    Brit says she appreciates that answer. Dan agrees.

    Dan says take Frank off the table, is there anything that can be done to build that relationship?

    Boogie mentions Joe – he asks her about putting Joe up. Janelle doesn’t answer.

    Dan picks up that Janelle didn’t say anything, so he realizes she’s lying.

    Boogie says no one (Janelle) is willing to sacrifice any of their players.

    Brit says she doesn’t want any more anti-coach sentiment to brew, so she and Janelle leave. Dan realizes the four of them working won’t happen.

    Boogie says there’s no better way for he & Dan to end up Final 2 than to send Janelle home now.

    Dan then tells Danielle and the rest of group about what went down and how Boogie called out Janelle. Danielle asks for everyone's opinions and Ian says he thinks it’s much safer to get out Janelle since she’s more likely to nominate one of them next week. They take a vote and decide to put her up.

    Later, the “Silent Six” is born – Shane, Danielle, Brit, Frank, Boogie, and Dan. (Not sure how this affects the Quack Pack since Ian’s not there.)


    Danielle decides to use the veto to take Wil off and then replaces him with Janelle. Janelle's just a little surprised.

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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    8/15 Recap

    When we left the house…

    NOMINEES = Wil and Joe

    After nominations, Frank & Boogie discuss why they think they should bring Joe in the fold and why they want Wil out. Frank then pulls Joe aside in the storage room and tells him he might not be the target this week but that he has to keep it on the down-low.

    Playing his part, Boogie pulls Wil aside and proceeds with “one of my favorite pastimes in the Big Brother house is to tell people they’re 100%, completely safe and just do the opposite.” He tells Wil that someone had to sit next to Joe and that him if he (Wil) gets Houseguest Choice for the POV, that he’d help him. Wil, in true Wil form, catches on and in an aside says he’s playing along with Boogie but there’s no way he’d choose him to play in the POV Comp for him.

    Shane & Brit talk and he says he’s not interested in having a showmance with Danielle, that she has stronger feelings for him than he does for her, and that it’s an awkward situation. Then he voices his worry that he could be backdoored this week…

    Brief interlude from game play - Frank finally gets to take his unitard off so he strips down and takes a leap in the pool.

    Wil & Ashley talk and she apologizes for not being able to help him b/c of her back issues. They’re hoping he can win POV.

    Wil then talks to Danielle and gives a little background about himself, saying he got his first development deal when he was 13, first record deal when he was 16, and went on tour with different artists from 16-20. He tells her that grade school through his freshman year he went to an all boys’ catholic school and it was his own personal hell. He told her he hadn’t even gone through puberty and people were already telling him he was gay. That year of high school, he ate lunch in a bathroom stall all but 5 days and there were many times he’d open up his locker, only to find that someone had poured coke down his books. To his credit, he says he never once thought for a second about ending it but he questioned how he’d get himself out of that bad situation and that’s what pushed him into the music. [Poor guy actually had to deal with the bullying we see on Glee. ] Danielle says she feels touched that he opened up to her and she feels bad he’s on the block.


    Frank pulls Jen
    Joe pulls Houseguest Choice – picks Ashley since he knows he’s alone in the house and that she can’t do anything b/c of her back
    Wil pulls Boogie
    Ian will host

    Because he ended up with the Veto Ticket from last week, Shane will also play in the comp.

    Zingbot 3000 arrives!

    and makes the following “zings” –

    **Ashley – your smile lights up the room. Too bad it’s the only thing about you that’s bright.
    **Shane – my 5-year-old nice called. She wants her pink tank top back.
    **Britany – I have a half-million dollars to donate. Please tell me more about the charity you gave yours to. I think it was called The Brigade.
    **Joe – how does it feel to be the old man of the house. Oh, sorry Boogie, I didn’t see you there.
    **Ian – for a chemical engineering student, it’s amazing how little chemistry you have with the ladies
    **Jen – you have a lot in common with a gossip magazine. You’re both covered in bad ink.
    **Frank – little Orphan Annie would preesh if you would stop stealing her hairdo.
    **Danielle – I hear Shane’s going to give you a special gift after the season – a restraining order.

    Love Brit's reaction almost as much as Danielle's!


    The hamsters need to bring Baby Zingbot to life. Baby Zingbot is in the Zingcubator but needs Zingtonium. They need to build a pipeline that goes through all the holes and then use a magnet to bring an orb of Zingtonium through the tube into a hole that leads to the Zingcubator.

    After putting pieces together, pieces falling apart, and putting them back together, Frank wins the POV.

    Shane & Dan are both nervous they could be backdoored.

    Dan & Brit talk and she says they’re one week removed from the agreement and they’re worried Frank & Boogie are going to use the veto, which shows they can’t trust them. Dan agrees but says they’d have to get the votes. She tells him they do and lists Ian, Jen, Wil, Ashley, Boogie. They agree they need to work on Ian to make sure he’s with them.

    At the pool, Wil, Ashley, and Jen are discussing the same thing, saying Frank could make a big move by putting up either Shane or Dan and it’d be a waste if he didn’t. Wil decides to talk to Frank and tell him he’d have the votes behind him to back him up, so he and Ashley go up to the HOH room.

    Frank said the only thing he’s worried about is making the big move and not having the votes. Wil assures him he would. Frank says their talk gives him more confidence he wouldn’t make a swing and a miss and that their idea about taking Dan out is something he’s been thinking about for the last few days.

    When Wil leaves, Brit sends Ian upstairs to make sure things are “all clear” for the Quack Pack. Ian tries to feel him out and Frank tells him they have the opportunity to take out Dan. Ian says it could open a big can of worms. Frank makes sure Ian would vote the way Frank wants and Ian says yes. Ian advises not to rock the boat so early.

    Ian then runs back to Brit and Danielle and says Dan could be in trouble but that they have to play cool and not go into panic mode.

    Frank & Boogie revisit the Dan “situation” and Boogie says he thinks it’s too early, that he’s working with them and is a good worker. Frank says he keeps thinking about Dan telling them he was working with them when he wasn’t and that weighs on him. Boogie says they don’t have any enemies at this point and putting Dan up would immediately break up their alliance. If they don’t put him up, it’d solidify the alliance. Boogie says it would be Game Over if they go after Dan…


    We see Frank go back and forth on whether to keep the nominations the same or do something big and change them but, ultimately, he chooses to keep them the same.

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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    Nicely done, csw! Thank you for the Danielle reaction cap.
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