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Thread: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    8/22 Episode

    Oh the tangled webs we weave…when Frank and Boogie feel deceived…and they did, after being nominated.

    “Shane done lost his miiind,” Boogie says in the diary room, continuing that Shane has now become Target #1 by whoever stays (he or Frank).

    They commiserate and say Shane had to have been influenced by someone and they're determined to find out who that was, so they head to the HOH room. Shane tells Boogie it was Joe and Boogie laughs.

    “You’ve nominated Frank & I because of a glass cube with a question mark on it and Joe’s advice? WHAT??”

    They talk Shane into a corner and he throws Britney under the bus, saying she was the person who talked to him, agreeing with them that she must be using his HOH for her moves. Frank continues to zero in on Dan, asking if he said anything to Shane, and Shane says no. Boogie tells Shane that if he fixes things, they can still work together and then they leave.

    Shane pulls Britney upstairs, wanting to get to her before the guys do, and tells her what happened. Upset, she tells him she now has a huge target on her back because he threw her under the bus.

    She says, “I’ve thought for a long time that Shane didn’t have a whole lot of common sense but this just makes that really loud and clear” and says that now she has to go do damage control with Boogie & Frank.

    When she finds Boogie, he talks down to her, saying she used Shane to make a big move and should now just sit back and play the game. They go around and around with Britney trying to defend herself and Boogie and Frank going for her jugular.

    “A super incredibly believable source” is who Britney says told her. Frank is convinced it’s Dan. Boogie says it’s better now that we know.

    Britney confronts Shane, asking why he had to throw her under the bus instead of telling them it was his decision and he tells her he wanted to keep their alliance safe and he doesn’t want any more blood on his hands when he’s already a big target. He continues to defend his actions, saying he didn’t throw her under the bus.

    After she leaves, Ian walks into the room where Frank and Boogie are hanging out and they tell him they’re convinced Dan was the one who got into Shane’s ear, telling him he was going to be nominated. “A wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Boogie calls him.

    Ian goes into the DR room and proudly tells America he’s the wolf.

    Boogie continues on the warpath, confronting Dan and saying he had to be the one because Britney believed whoever it was. Dan says it wasn’t him. Boogie says he wants a meeting with everyone, so he and Dan head upstairs to the HOH room, where Frank, Britney, and Shane are already talking.

    Boogie asks who it was and Britney says she doesn’t want to break the confidence by giving the name. Frank turns to Dan and says it had to have been him. When Dan doesn’t answer, Frank & Boogie are convinced the silence says it all. When Dan tries to make a promise on his wife that he didn’t do it, they don’t believe him.


    Shane picks Jen
    Boogie picks Houseguest’s Choice and chooses Ian
    Frank picks Houseguest’s Choice and chooses Ashley
    Host – Danielle, the most monotone hostess in BB history!


    The players need to earn 3 candy cane points by guessing how many items are in the large display. They have the choice of staying or folding. If they fold, they won’t have a chance to earn a point but they can stay in the game. If they stay but are the furthest away, they will be eliminated.

    Boogie is out first, followed by Jen, Ian, Shane, and Ashley, leaving Frank as the winner.

    Once again, Boogie holds court, this time with Jen, Joe, and Ian and urgest them that when they talk to Shane, to try to persuade him to put Dan on the block because he’s the strongest player in the house. Then he goes to Britney to try the same sell and believes he needs to bring out the tears. By Britney’s reaction, you can tell she was completely sold.

    Seriously, Boogie, tears?

    Boogie makes a last-ditch effort and asks Shane to go to the HOH room because he figures the last person to get in Shane’s ear will be the person he listens to. He sells Dan down the river, detailing how he won the last time, and then tells Shane that obviously he’s tight with Frank and they could still work together with Shane to do some damage in the house if he fixes things.


    Not surprisingly, Frank decides to use the POV to save himself. Deciding to stick with his alliance (surprise!), Shane nominates Jen as his replacement.

    Stay tuned to see who will stay and who will go…
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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    8/29 RECAP

    Note - because there was a certain scene I thought was great and pure "Dan", I included a few pictures from it, to try capture how masterful he is at creating and manipulating situations. I apologize to those who aren't his fans.

    Previously…on Big Brother…

    Ian won a Power of Veto ball in a contest brought on by Frank’s opening Pandora’s Box.

    Frank nominated Dan and Danielle

    After Dan was nominated, he and Britney discuss scenarios where either she or Shane win the POV. They figure they could take either Dan or Danielle off and then Ian could use his POV to take the other off. Then if anyone else from the Quack Pack is nominated, they have the votes to keep them safe. What wasn’t discussed was that Dan refuses to throw the competition to anyone else, wanting to keep himself safe.

    Jenn decides (finally) to “make a move” and creates a partnership with Frank.


    Frank picked Shane
    Danielle picked Britney
    Dan picked the H.G. Choice ball and chooses Jenn


    The object of the game is to watch a drawing from the app “Draw Something” as it’s drawn and to try to guess it. Each word, though, is a clue to a punishment and if they answer correctly, they will have to accept the punishment in order to get the points. They are also not allowed to assist anyone at any point in the game or risk being eliminated from the comp.

    1st drawing – 2 points – Frank wins with “avocado”. To earn his points, he needs to become a human avocado by painting himself green (taking a green bath).

    2nd drawing – 5 points – Dan wins with “hunger”. He has to sample 2 of 4 items they have available. He chooses “Ick sticks” and “Veto sushi.”

    3rd drawing – 4 points – Jenn wins with “clock”. She has 90 seconds to take her clothes off and burn them.

    4th drawing – 6 points – Britney wins with “shackle”. She needs to be shackled to a HG of her choice. She chooses Danielle.

    5th drawing – 7 points – Frank wins with “shower”. He just needs to agree to take a chum shower every time the buzzer goes off.

    6th drawing – 3 points – Frank wins with “carrot”. He needs to wear a carrot costume for a week.

    7th drawing – 10 points – Frank wins with “bench”. He must “bench” himself from competing in the next HOH competition.

    8th drawing – 6 points - Danielle wins with “spots”. She must be splattered with paint from the other HGs for 2 minutes.

    9th drawing – 8 points – Dan wins with “trip”. He must take a 24 hour “trip” to the solitary dance party.

    By Dan answering correctly again, Britney realizes he's not going to throw the comp and she needs to play to keep herself safe.

    10th drawing – 11 points – Britney rings in but she doesn’t know the answer. Frank whispers “summer” to her and is eliminated.

    Extra drawing – 11 points – Britney rings in but, again, doesn’t know the answer and is eliminated. The drawing resumes and Jenn rings in with “ticket”. To win this, she needs to take a ticket to eat slop for the rest of the summer and she accepts.

    Jenn wins the POV. She approaches Frank and tells him she did it for him, so she’s guaranteeing that Dan will be going home.

    After a moment of breaking down in the storage room, Dan heads immediately to solitary confinement and vows he’ll spend the next 24 hours, devising a way to keep himself off the block and stay safe.

    When Dan’s 24 hours are over, he leaves the room and doesn’t look well. Britney and Ian bring him some things and he tells them he wants to talk to everyone when he feels better.

    Dan's "Big Brother Funeral"

    Dan arrives, dressed in black, and welcomes everyone to his Big Brother funeral. He goes around the circle and compliments everyone, telling them what he thinks of them, and bringing them to tears. He ends by telling Ian he reminds Dan of himself and then tells Frank while in solitary confinement, he found a passage in his Bible he’d like to speak to him about later. Finally, he addresses Danielle and tells her that, in the game, you have to find one person you can put all your trust in. He thought it was her but through his own fault, he realized he was wrong. He tells her she’ll never earn his trust back in the game, that she knows what she did and they don’t need to talk about it, andthat she’s dead to him in the game.

    He explains to everyone that that was the death of Dan the player and that he wants the rest of the experience to be fun for everyone and concludes his “funeral.”

    Shocked, Danielle breaks down, wondering what the heck he was talking about.

    While everyone’s comforting Danielle, they vow to vote Dan out after his going crazy in solitary confinement. Or did he...

    Dan visits Frank in the HOH room with his Bible but tells him he didn’t bring it to share a passage but, instead, to swear on. He’s decided to “blow up” the Quack Pack by giving Frank information. He tells Frank about the Quack Pack and how Ian was a part of it; how he was safe from every angle b/c of its members the previous week. He tells Frank how Britney came up with a plan this week to take Dan and Danielle off with both vetoes if they had won both. Dan reminds Frank he’s never voted against him and says no one would ever expect them to be working together.

    Frank tells him he thinks he could work Jenn and get her to use the POV to save Dan if it means getting Britney the mastermind out. Dan tells him that he plans to pull Danielle aside to explain why he did what he did and that he thinks they’re both going to be safe.

    Frank says by taking Dan off and replacing him with Britney, Ian would be alone and Shane would be alone. If Frank, Dan, Danielle, and Jenn all worked together, then Joe would be alone as well.

    Amazingly, Dan the man has pulled it off once again and makes a final two deal with Frank and they shake on it.

    Later, Dan approaches Danielle to work some damage control. He tells her he swore he wouldn’t do it to her again (making her think she was alone like he did when she was first nominated) but he did and it might’ve saved them both.

    Her initial reaction to being told the truth

    He tells her he thinks he made an alliance for them with Frank & Jenn. He tells her that it would be she & Britney on the block.

    Frank tells Jenn everything Dan told him about Ian. He tells her how Dan wanted to swear on everything to prove it was true. But she’s nervous, afraid that Dan can’t be trusted. Frank assures her Dan won’t go after her, esp. if she uses the POV to take him down.


    Because Ian won the POV ball from Pandora’s Box, he gets to go first but chooses not to use the veto.

    Jenn tells the group she’s decided to use the POV on Dan.

    When naming his replacement nominee, Frank addresses Ian and references how he got Mike out and then Frank’s only remaining ally and since Ian won the POV ball and can’t be nominated, Frank’s going to do the next best thing and return the favor by going after Ian’s closest ally, Britney. Stunned, she walked to the chair and “popped a squat.”

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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    Perfect. Pop a squat is now in BB lore, as is Dan's Funeral. You captured with words and pictures that whole amazing experience. Thank you!
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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    Thanks so much. What a great episode!!

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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    When we left the last show…

    Ian nominated Jenn and Frank.

    Joe heads to the HoH room to double-check with Ian that he’s not going to be backdoored. Ian assures him he’s not the target and Frank is.

    Frank talks to Dan in the storage room and worries that Dan’s key was the last to come out during the nomination ceremony, speculating that Dan could be the replacement. Frank says maybe nominations should stay the same so Dan doesn’t go up. (My comment - say what?!?)

    Frank then talks to Jenn and tells her he’s convinced if Dan wins the POV, they can talk him into using it on one of them to save them since Jenn saved him the previous week. He thinks maybe Jenn should be saved. He waffles on whether he should throw the comp to Dan but is nervous about not winning it. He ultimately decides he needs to try to win it for himself.

    VETO –


    Ian picked Dan
    Frank picked Danielle
    Jenn picked Joe

    COMPETITION – OTEV, the absent-minded alien has landed in the BB cornfield.

    After hearing a riddle, they need to find the correct answer on an ear of corn, run back, and present it to OTEV. The last person up the ramp is eliminated.

    First out is Danielle, then Ian, Joe, and Jenn.

    Dan and Frank go head to head for the last question and Dan gets up the ramp first, winning the POV.

    Jenn hopes he’ll use it on her while Frank hopes Dan will keep his word to him.

    Dan heads to the HOH room to make sure Ian is in with him to the final 2. To the camera, he explains he has a final 2 deal with Frank, Ian, and Danielle. He reminds everyone of how he’d stayed loyal to only Memphis during his first season and thinks he needed to change up his strategy this time around. He emphasizes once again that his only loyalty in the house this time around is to his wife and his family.

    Dan and Frank chat and Frank agrees that Dan can’t take him off or it’ll expose their alliance. If he takes Jenn down, though, it’ll look like he’s paying her back for the previous week and no one will question it.

    Dan talks to Ian and suggests Jenn come down and Joe goes up as a replacement. After thinking about it, Ian says he’ll pretend he’s mad but he’s okay with it. Dan has made Ian think it’s his idea that Jenn comes off the block when it’s actually Dan playing puppet master.

    Dan tells Jenn what he’s planning because he wants Jenn to fully appreciate what he’s doing so she puts her trust in him until the end.


    Dan takes Jenn off the block and Ian replaces her with Joe.

    Stay tuned to see who’s evicted during this upcoming DOUBLE EVICTION episode…
    "We must overcome the notion that we must be regular...it robs you of the chance to be extraordinary and leads you to the mediocre." - Uta Hagen

    “I don’t want my pain erased! As wretched as it is, I need my pain… It makes me who I am. It makes me Grumpy.” - Grumpy, Once Upon a Time

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    Re: WEDNESDAY Show Recaps

    When we left…

    HOH Ian had nominated Shane and Jenn

    Typically, there would be some time between nominations, the POV, and the eviction. But, unknown to the hamsters, Julie Chen is lurking outside, waiting to announce a fast-forward week where the POV and eviction will take place sooner than expected. Surprising the houseguests on their TV, she announces they’re about to cut off some dead weight and cull the group from 5 to 4…

    But, first, we the viewers get to see what transpired after the nominations…

    Dan made an attempt to cover his bases, I mean comfort Jenn, who wanted nothing to do with him and brushed him off. He tried again later and, while he talked to her, Jenn repeatedly congratulated him on his ability to get himself out of sticky situations while he assured her Shane was the target. Dan believed the longer Jenn continued to be upset, the more it would make Shane feel safer and that might give him a chance to sway Danielle.

    So then we segue to Danielle while she was talking to Jenn at some point and wondering if Shane had been playing her all along and just using her to get ahead…


    For this comp, the houseguests had 20 seconds to fly back and forth between a puzzle that needed to be assembled on a magnetized board and their buzzer, which they had to hit to give themselves an additional 20 seconds. If they failed to hit the buzzer before time ran out, the board would demagnetize and the puzzle pieces would fall off and they’d need to start over. If the pieces became demagnetized, they also had hit the buzzer within 10 seconds or they’d be eliminated.

    Back and forth the HGs flew and Ian was the first eliminated from the game. Obviously not privy to Dan’s little scheme to get Shane out of the game, he then started helping Shane with what pieces needed to go where.

    Not that Shane needed his help, though, because he was almost done and, soon after, won himself another POV!

    [Dan’s quest now became making sure he wasn’t put on the block as a replacement nominee, so he continued to work Ian.]

    Because he won the POV, Shane received an additional prize of leaving the BB house with an additional houseguest (was there any question he wouldn’t take Danielle?) to attend a Tour of Champions show that featured the women’s gold medal gymnastics squad, which was kind of funny because Danielle and Shane obviously had no idea who they were or what they did since they’d been in seclusion all summer.

    The Keebler elves, I mean gymnastics girls, arrived carrying Corn Flakes boxes (seriously?!?) and it looked like one of those “I’m being forced to do this” situations, where neither group knew what to say to the other. Stilted conversation ensued, made interesting only when the girls asked Danielle and Shane whether they were boyfriend/girlfriend. After stumbling over their answer, they asked the girls if they watched the show. A couple of them replied yes, so Danielle asked who their favorite was and McKayla answered Shane. McKayla then explained her ‘not impressed’ claim to fame, so the group posed for a few ‘not impressed’ pictures (which wasn’t too impressive). The girls left and Danielle and Shane watched the show and then headed back to the house with some light flirting in the limo.

    When they returned, Danielle confessed she was confused and unsure who to work with – does she go with her head and choose Dan or does she go with her heart and choose Shane. Oh, decision, decision…


    Not surprisingly, Shane used the veto and took himself off the block. Ian replaced him with Danielle.


    With both Dan and Danielle voting against her, Jenn is evicted from the house.

    She exits the house and speaks to Julie, who suddenly breaks free from her Chenbot prison, and offers Jenn a PB&J she had hidden behind her back since Jenn had been eating slop all summer. What Julie didn’t think through was Jenn actually taking a bite and not being able to answer any questions until the sandwich fell from the roof of her mouth. [I hope this doesn’t mean we won’t see ‘real Julie’ anymore!] Julie laughed and told Jenn she didn't have to answer her.

    The remaining Quack Pack members celebrate their making it to the Final Four , which is all the more amusing since Dan has tried to take out two of those four unbeknownst to them.

    HOH COMP – True or False game based on pictures that were hung in the house during the day.

    After a tie with Dan, Danielle pulls out the win by answering how many seconds there were for the duration of the Time Flies Competition.

    Tune in to see what happens tonight and what part of her body Danielle ultimately chose to go with – her or her
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    "We must overcome the notion that we must be regular...it robs you of the chance to be extraordinary and leads you to the mediocre." - Uta Hagen

    “I don’t want my pain erased! As wretched as it is, I need my pain… It makes me who I am. It makes me Grumpy.” - Grumpy, Once Upon a Time

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