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Thread: THURSDAY Show Recaps

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    THURSDAY Show Recaps

    July 12, 2012 Premiere

    HI JULIE!!!


    Four house guests from previous seasons will join the selected twelve to play a new game with new rules and a new prize.
    One of the new house guests will leave before their bag is unpacked.


    The house has been remodeled in a dizzying 80s theme with dizzying 80s colors.

    THE SEASON 14 HOUSE GUESTS (come on, you know we love to call them hamsters.)

    Invitations are on cards, not keys.

    Frank, BB’s biggest fan, has been getting in shape and reading books to get ready.

    Danielle is a nurse and an extremely girly southern girl from Alabama.

    Shane is a house flipper from VT and thinks the prize money would be a very nice help to his business.

    Jodi went from being a single woman to a wife and stepmother to five. She says she is physically ready for the challenges.

    Ian, an uber- fan and chemical engineering student at Tulane, thinks he has the smarts to win. He wonders why no key was included in the invitation.

    Wil from Louisville thinks his social game will help. He says he may look like your typical Southern Gay, but underneath he’s tough, talented and will kick booty.

    JoJo from Staten Island is a girl who just wants to have fun.

    Willie, brother of Survivor’s infamous Russell Hantz, gets some advice from him and humps a refrigerator.

    Kara, a model from LA, is single and hoping to meet a nice guy…maybe in the BB house.

    Joe, a professional chef, promises he can make even slop taste good.

    Jenn, from Brooklyn, has rocked out with an all-girl metal band and has the tats and piercings to prove it. She is also a proud Gay Woman.

    Ashley is a mobile spray tan technician who hides that she has a top 10 college degree. Her strategy is to fill the house with love and great energy.


    The first group to run in and squeal:

    Wil, Ashley, Jodi and Frank

    The second group:

    Ian, Shane, Jenn and Danielle

    The third group:

    Willie, Joe, Kara and JoJo


    Jodi asks short, nerdy looking with glasses, Ian if he is old enough to drink. He is.

    Danielle has decided to tell them she is a Kindergarten teacher, not a nurse, so as to appear naive.

    Joe thinks Wil, with his long straight hair, could be one of the prettiest chicks in the house.

    As soon as Willie starts to talk, Ian cocks an eyebrow as if to say…I think I know this dude.

    Ashley tells them she is a mobile spray tanner, then dead silence…Are you done?

    Ian tells them he is an engineer and if the hot tub breaks, he is the one to fix it.

    Ian also develops a quick crush on Kara thinking she might be the cutest girl on the planet earth.

    Shane is a carpenter, and yes, we saw in his intro that he rocks a tool belt.

    THE COACHES (compete for a $100,000 prize if their player wins the game)

    Introduced one by one as they enter the house to screams and hootin’ and hollerin’, they are Dan BB10, who got married and still coaches football; Janelle BB6 and Allstars who has married and given birth; Britney BB12 has married, and Mike (Boogie) half of Chill Town BB2 and Allstars who also has a new baby.

    Schmoozing tidbit: Dan cons to Willie being Russell’s brother and soon everyone is whispering about how he might be. Willie is a tad nervous because he doesn’t want that to come out and prejudice everyone against him.

    Julie reveals that no one received a key because as of that night there will be only eleven players, not twelve, and one of the coaches will be a man down. They have to earn their key in a competition.

    They adjourn to backyard for a school yard pick of teams.

    Britney: Shane, Willie, JoJo

    Boogie: Frank, Ian, Jenn

    Janelle: Wil, Ashley, Joe

    Dan: Kara, Danielle, Jodi


    Slumber Party. The coaches do not compete. The arena is set up with three beds that twist, turn and seesaw. The objective is to cross the beds, retrieve a large teddy bear, cross the beds back to the start and place the bear in a cubby with their name. The first team to bring back all three bears then cross again to ring the bell wins the game. The coach of the winning team chooses who will be the first HOH. The coach of the losing team chooses one player to exit the house.

    Britney’s Team wins and she chooses Willie as the first HOH.

    Dan’s Team loses and, after deliberations, he chooses to say good-bye to Jodi.

    Ian: I’ve been watching this show for a dang long time and I have never seen anything as close to cruel. If that’s only the first night, we’ve got a whole summer of things in store for us.

    Willie: This game is mine, now.

    Julie: Get ready for a summer where everybody can EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.
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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    Great summary! Thank you!!!

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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    7/19 BB 14: FIRST LIVE SHOW/EVICTION: The Froot Loop Explosion

    To paraphrase Forest Gump: Life is like a bowl of Froot Loops this week in the Big Brother house.

    But, before we get to all that, we must begin at the beginning. The recap of the week begins with the coaches’ entry into the house – SURPRISE! However, Julie tells us that while the coaches have moved into the game, the power belongs in the hands of their players. One key thing to remember is that HOH Willie made an alliance day two with Frank who he then, at the behest of his coach, put up on the block.

    It is day 13 and, as Julie says, the battle lines have been drawn.

    After the POV ceremony where house flipper and POV winner, Shane, refused to flip the house, Frank and Kara, the nominees need to fight for votes.

    Frank visits with Willie where he is assured he is still good to stay in the house.

    King Willie sits on his throne

    Willie warns him that the only thing to screw their deal would be for Frank to run around the house saying things. “If you turn on me I will vomit.”

    Frank, “You can trust me.”

    Willie needs to convince his alliance (Blonde Ambition) to keep Frank. He thinks he can work those people in any direction he wants to go in.

    The six plus their coaches gather to confab in the HOH room.

    Wil, “As a team game I would keep Kara. For an individual game, I think Frank would be a better option.”

    Britney points out that getting rid of Kara depletes Dan’s team and then you can get rid of Danielle and send Dan home.

    Britney, “Dan has magic powers. When he talks you hear an Angel chorus and everything sounds so good. Dan is playing Dan’s game.”

    They convince themselves that Dan/Kara would come after them, so Kara should go home.

    Willie: Looks like I got my way on this one.

    Janelle talks privately on the patio with Dan, because she wants to make sure she is in good with him once Kara leaves.

    With Britney trying to overhear from the pool table platform, Janelle says that these people are so stupid.

    Britney: I definitely believe that Janelle thinks the grass is greener over on Dan’s side right now.

    Because the coaches’ photos have key holes next to them the same as the players, Britney’s paranoia kicks in and she wonders if the coaches will be entering the game as players at some point.

    She tells her theory to Willie asking him not to say anything.

    She draws her theory from the number of people in the house. At the end of week 1 there will only be 10 players in the house…not enough to stretch to the end of the game. She also tells him that if that happens, Janelle and Dan will be playing together…shhhh…don’t tell anyone else.

    Willie: I’m not going to let anyone tell me how to think. I’m nobody’s pawn in this game.

    Basking in the sun, Britney tells the patio group that this is good; she just wants it to always be this harmonious.

    Willie (to those gathered) “I want to have a meeting with just those people who are playing the game for real.”

    Britney: I don’t know how I can stop this…I can see my entire game going down in flames.

    Janelle: I heard the word house meeting and I got up to follow them and Willie yelled at me, “NO coaches allowed!”

    Dan to Janelle and Britney, “If that was one of my players, I would have nicked it in the bud.”


    Willie starts it off by telling them he thinks they are being pitted against each other by their coaches. He thinks it is the dumbest thing in the world when they are there to win the half million dollars and they are allowing their coaches to make decisions for us.

    Willie, “We could change this game.”

    Janelle to Dan, “Where is Mike Boogie that is my question.”

    Dan, “Mike could be leading them for all we know.”

    An oblivious Mike is shown snoring away at a nap time.

    Willie spills Britney’s beans about the possibility of the coaches entering the game.

    While some worry, Joe tells Willie that he is guessing too fast about what may happen.

    Wil, “I don’t know about y’all, but I’m taking a 24 hour break from game talk. I’m tired of it for a second."

    Willie rolls his eyes.


    Frank: I did feel better about my chances before the town hall meeting than after. I’m second guessing the way Willie is playing his game.

    Willie assures him that nothing has changed; that they have to stay legit with each other.

    Britney enters the HOH, joining Frank and Willie, and Willie sarcastically tells her about Wil wanting to take a break from game play.

    Frank: First Willie is putting everyone off with his paranoid town hall meeting, now he’s putting me off by mocking Wil. I was really rubbed the wrong way.

    Frank confabs with Joe and Jenn wondering what they thought about the meeting. Joe tells him that Willie wants to split the vote so no one can tell who voted who and how.

    The scene flashes back to the Blond Ambition meeting to show Willie arguing that this kind of vote will make the other side think they are not as together as they think they are.

    Joe, “That’s how sneaky he is.”

    Frank: I don’t think I can trust him, and I don’t think he is someone I can work with.

    With his new disdain for Willie in high gear, he tells Joe and Jenn that Willie mocked Wil’s statement about wanting a 24 hour break from the game.

    Joe: Upon hearing the news that he was upstairs mocking Wil, I was not happy with that at all; that’s not part of the game.


    Joe tracks down Wil in the storage room telling him that Willie mocked him, made fun of him.

    Wil: I do not tolerate one frickin’ ounce of anybody making fun of anybody. Willie mocking me is going to come back and bite him in the** and I’m going to make d**n sure it does.

    When Wil states his position to Britney with Frank standing nearby, she defends Willie thinking he is a good guy.

    Britney to Willie, “I say this because I love you…you’re screwed. You have the whole house down there talking about you.”

    Willie shrugs in disbelief and Britney thinks this is Frank’s way of going around the house to get votes. Britney blows it even further out of proportion by telling Willie that Frank is turning the whole house against him.

    Willie: This is news, because I had his back. It’s pissin’ me off big time because I don’t know what his agenda is…

    Willie finds Frank outside and in front of witnesses confronts him.

    Willie, “I’ve been trying to save your a** all week and you sling my name in the dirt?"

    Frank, “Don’t raise your voice.”

    The argument escalates beyond dirt to whether Willie will chop Frank’s head off next week, then. Willie and his cigarette pace in front of Frank angrily saying that they were going to work week to week and he was doing everything for him. By this time most of the house is in the yard and very attentive. How could they not be with the raised volume?

    Frank, “Day number two you said I was not going on the block and I’m on the block that is all I’ve got to say.”

    Willie, “I told you a thousand times to just be quiet this week - you’re okay.”

    Britney, what have you unleashed?

    Frank, “You’re not going to let the coaches play your game, this is my game. You wanted Janelle’s players to go after me so you would look good when I went after them next week…truth or not?”

    Willie, “This is evil. I hope you go home this week. I hope everyone changes their votes.”

    Willie gets more wound up calling himself a grown a** man and if he wants to sit down out here and eat some Froot Loops or whatever cause that’s what he wants to do. “You and me are knocked out.” The Wilie tantrum ratchets up when he yells to the yard that whoever wants to vote for Kara, do it. Frank yells to the yard, “Whoever wants to vote for me, do it; or vote for Kara, whatever you want.”

    Boogie (Frank’s coach in case we’ve forgotten) jumps in wondering who died and left Willie boss.

    Boogie walks away throwing his hands in the air telling Willie to eat his Froot Loops…he doesn’t care. He also gives a shout out to the crowd, asking if they are going to let Willie bully them.

    The shouting match flowed more dynamically on the screen than it does on paper. The end point being, Willie and Frank are on the outs.


    On the couches: JoJo says that it’s a little weird, and that she didn’t think there would be so much tension because it’s only week two, you know. Ian hasn’t been bored once, he’s been having a great time. Others are asked to give one word to describe the last thirteen days. One word from Willie to describe his reign…extreme…pressure. Boogie says that playing the game as a coach is harder than playing as a player. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

    Frank’s last plea ends with a statement against bullying and tells them if they are voting to keep him, please listen to their coaches.

    Kara throws in a small wrench with her final words when she tells them that someone has made a deal with the person they are trying to save.


    Danielle (Dan’s Team) – Frank
    Shane (Britney’s Team) – Frank
    Joe (Janelle’s Team) – Kara
    Ian (Boogie’s Team) – Kara
    JoJo (Britney’s Team) – Frank
    Jenn (Boogie’s Team) – Kara
    Wil (Janelle’s Team) – Kara
    Ashley (Janelle’s Team) – Kara

    With a vote of 5-3, Kara walks out after hugging everyone. Her photo goes gray and she sits with Julie expressing her thoughts in that she thinks they were afraid of Dan (her coach) and made different alliances. She thinks Dan is smart and a great player. The good-bye messages are sweet and to the point, because there is a NEW HOH to crown.


    Big Brother Break In

    A cat burglar has invaded the house and news of his nefarious deeds are broadcast throughout the night by BB TV. Their task is to remember, through sleep deprivation, what actions the cat burglar took while in the house.

    The hamsters, with the exception of current HOH, Willie, are lined up in walled off cubes with the spinner reading guilty or not guilty. Everyone gets the first answer and then it begins to winnow down.

    Shane is first out followed by everyone except for Wil and Frank who are left to battle it out. It goes through three questions before FRANK emerges victorious.

    Willie disdainfully drops the HOH key in Frank’s hands and slinks off into the bushes.


    A chat first - Boogie is so happy to moving upstairs with his HOH to Chill Town North. Janelle says they packed three weeks of game play into one week.

    The coach that wins this week’s coaches’ competition can choose to keep one of their players safe, or they can choose to trade one of their players for another coach’s player. Everyone is eligible to be traded except the Head of Household.

    This wraps up the first live show of the season. Catch your breath because this season can only get more intense.
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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    Thanks, Ariel. I had fallen asleep and missed the fight. I woke up for the eviction and I was confused. I can't stand Boogie and his BooYahs!
    That was a great message! And I've had a terrible day, so thank you.I love random acts of kindness.Really, realy appreciated.Scott- RIP SDL<3

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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    Great recap, Ariel! IDKW but our taping cut off so I didn't realize about the coach's twist. Can you imagine if Dan won and traded Danielle for Frank or Shane - now that would be gooood!!
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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    7/26 BB 14 LIVE Eviction Show

    The week in Review: Willie mad. Willie very mad. Willie gone. This forces HOH Frank to put Shane and JoJo on the block. Shane focused. JoJo scary. Shane wins the POV and is replaced on the block with Danielle. Danielle teary. In other news, Britney’s paranoia that the coaches will enter the game has spread throughout the house. Whether she is paranoid or not becomes the teaser of the show.

    After we are caught up, Danielle vows to fight and Frank confirms that Boogie’s team and Janelle’s team (six players in all) are working together, so his only choice for clean hands is to put up one from Britney’s team (JoJo) and Dan’s team (Danielle).

    JoJo’s main argument is that if Danielle goes, Dan goes and people have wanted that from the first day.

    Dan apologizes to Danielle for backing away from her before the nomination. His coaching instinct was to light a fire under her, but it had the opposite effect of making her feel isolated. She forgives him and he is back by her side to fight.

    Oh, boy a showmance rears its head in the Have Not room. Ian walks in on JoJo and Shane beginning their flirtation from separate pallets; though they tease one may join the other. Poor third party witness covers his head as the talk gets sexy.

    Ian: Here I am in this uncomfortable room trying to get some shuteye, and Shane is trying to board the Staten Island Ferry.

    In the bright light of day, Ian conveys the happenings in the Have Not room to Danielle. Oops…Danielle thought she was Shane’s only flirt.

    Danielle: Love has no fury like a woman scorned.

    She takes this news as an opportunity to spread girl consolidation with Janelle and Ashley. Of course Ashley takes the beginning of gossip about Shane to comment that he is getting so skinny, he is emancipated. When men get that way they become introverted. A puzzled Danielle laughs and then tells them that she lost Shane to Staten Island. Janelle knows how showmances go…they bond; they go together to the end. They need to be broken apart with JoJo going out the door. Danielle is pleased with her work because this puts a bigger target on JoJo’s back and she stays another week.

    Britney tries to coach JoJo with about as much success as she had with Willie.

    Britney: Hey, JoJo, you want to stay in the game? If you do I suggest you should not do the following things to annoy your houseguests…as JoJo…No, no, I know. Yah, Yah, I know, no, no I know.

    To JoJo she says, “If you get voted out, it’s personal, 100%. JoJo replies, “No, I know, yah, I know.”

    Britney: You don’t freakin’ know.

    There you have it, the two nominees and their strategy to stay in the house. I know…I know.

    Britney decides she needs to talk for JoJo and tries her words out on Boogie. Boogie has another idea, though, telling her that if the TWIST does happen the former coaches will need Dan because the players’ first instinct will be to go after them. Britney squints and doesn’t agree because of player loyalty, citing Ian to Boogie.

    Boogie: Right now I have a lot of power. I can have my players swing the votes. It just depends how I want to do it.


    Joe in his chef coat and a very white goatee (nail polish?) that looks like a string of drool, answers Julie’s question about the Willie confrontation by using the tired kitchen cliché – If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

    Ian, in the bathroom during the brouhaha, wearing a towel, admits to being scared for his safety, but as a RA (Residential Advisor) at Tulane, he just wanted to step in and break things up. Of course he lasted only about three seconds as a peacekeeper before fleeing from the scene.

    Scenes are shown of Shane winning his second Veto of the summer and Britney jumping in the guacamole with him to celebrate. Britney said he did an amazing job…well worth her jumping in.


    Boogie is doing a phenomenal job for the first time in the house on his own. He’s got the jock, the nerd and the rocker. He’s coaching Frank to be his new Frankenstein. I think he’s trying to build a bigger, better, faster Chill town. The problem with Mike Boogie is that he has a big ego.

    As far as the other coaches, their play is lackluster and unless they get their act together, Mike Boogie is going to steamroll them.

    If Kermit the Frog and Ryan Seacrest had a baby, it would be Dan. Dan is always coaching. In picking his team, Dan’s eyes got pulled to the gravitational force of boobies.

    All I have to say about Britney is, “Put your coach hat on.” If you have a player evicted for violence, you are doing a terrible job.

    Janelle is a phenomenal competitor. The question is…is she good at strategy? If she wins the show, she will have redeemed her two losses. If she loses, however, she’s just a three time loser.

    If I had to guess today the one person who would win this game, I think it is Ian. Boogie is just a 40 year old Ian.

    In a fictional split screen, Boogie and Will pick up their hand phones and Will delivers this message: Hey Boogie…season two called and they want their clothes back.


    In the HOH room, Frank talks to Julie and us saying he loves Boogie and trusts Janelle. He sees that alliance lasting a long time.

    JoJo speech: I think I’ve proven that I’m loyal. I think you are making a mistake by not making big moves. If you keep me I’ll make big moves.

    Danielle speech: I’ve enjoyed playing this game and getting to know you. I hope I get to stay here longer.

    Wil votes to evict JoJo
    Joe votes to evict JoJo
    Ashley votes to evict JoJo
    Shane votes to evict Danielle
    Ian votes to evict JoJo
    Jenn votes to evict JoJo

    JoJo in a pink sparkly tee shirt with the words, Love Me or Hate Me, gets the longest hug from Shane and sits with Julie to defend her fighting heart and her mistake trusting Willie. She then watches a few words from her housemates. Her coach Britney slams her for being so loud and in people’s faces. Way to say good bye, Britney, or is it good riddance.


    On Thin Ice

    The back yard has been transformed into a combination hockey rink and skee ball set up. Each player, one at a time, wields an oversized hockey stick and must hit a ball around obstacles to land in a slot. The slots are numbered from two to twenty (even numbers) on the left and one to twenty (odd numbers) on the right. The twenty slot is in the dead center. The player with the highest score after one shot wins the HOH key.

    Ashley shoots and scores a 4
    Joe shoots and scores a 0 (his ball didn’t land in a slot)
    Jenn shoots and scores a 0
    Ian shoots and scores a 9
    Wil shoots and scores a 2
    Shane shoots and scores 20
    Danielle shoots and scores a 12

    Shane receives the HOH Key from Frank. Will this be a weekly hand-off, one to the other?


    The newest of the new twists involves an America’s Vote. Do you want to give the coaches a chance to stop coaching and start playing for the half million dollar prize? The vote by text or online is either yes or no and will be revealed on Tuesday, August 2nd.

    If there is still time to vote and you wish to make your voice heard, below is the information.

    Text 1 (yes) 2(no) to 81818 (text message charges apply)

    Question: If America votes no and the coaches continue to coach, how are they going to fill the player ranks to stretch out the season?
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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    8/2 BB14 Live/Eviction Show


    Julie: America has voted, and the results are in. Will the coaches enter the game? Find out LIVE tonight.

    Nice headline, Julie, but you bury the lead over the course of the next 40 minutes. Here we go with the week in review.

    Shane, as HOH, solidified his secret alliance with Frank.

    Shane nominates two of Janelle’s team – Joe and Ashley.

    Shane wins POV giving him true power for the week.

    Shane uses the POV to take down Ashley and put up Frank…what? Well it seems that between the Nomination and the POV ceremonies, it came to pass that Shane and Janelle’s distrust of Boogie rubs off on Frank making him tarred with the same brush. That plus Ian’s wishy-washy answer on whether Shane will be a target next week if Boogie’s team is in power. Slam Dunk for Shane to change up his nominations and back door Frank.

    After the switch up, Boogie gives Shane the death stare, but as he learns, to no avail because Frank is sure of his deal with Shane and Shane has the swing vote in Danielle. Boogie feels like as a coach, he should have been included in the loop of that information.

    Boogie, “I hate this lack of trust thing. What do we have to do to show that we’re down?”

    Uh, oh, Frank…Shane just told us that you are the target, not Joe. Danielle confirms it by complimenting Shane on making a huge move to further them in the game.

    It’s like a spiritual thing; like getting a burn to get muscles only sort of the same.

    A spiritual thing? Huh?

    Shane, “Getting Frank out will either be the biggest move, or the stupidest move.”

    Boogie and Frank grab hold of Ian to shake him up, telling him that his wishy-washy answer to Britney’s question about Shane put Frank on the block. Ian tells them he didn’t want to write any checks he couldn’t cash.

    Boogie, “This is the Big Brother house. You can bounce checks.”

    Through Britney questioning, we learn that Janelle has NO emotions.

    Cut to her trying to make up with Wil, who feels she is condescending toward him. She pulls a crumpled Kleenex out of her back pocket and blots at her eyes. Wil knows those are fake tears, but plays along with her ruse. Did she have onion drops on the Kleenex? We will never know.

    Wil: Act 1, Scene 2: Waterworks. Tell me anything I want to hear.

    Julie questions who is really in charge of the game – the coaches or the players.

    Frank’s strategy to win Danielle’s swing vote is to tell Dan, her coach, that he wants to take out Janelle’s team first.

    Dan thinks Frank’s sell was pretty good because it means Danielle is safe and so is he.

    Danielle: It’s great that I have all this power this week, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it.

    Dan in coach mode – “Stop liking Shane. I command you to stop liking him. You are not going to date him when you get out of here. ‘No one gets between me and my Shane’.”

    He’s trying to tease her out of her showmance start up, but she’s denying she even has one; all the while shyly smiling.

    Dan reminds her that you have to play this game like a cutthroat assassin…that you have to not care who you cut at any time…except your coach.

    Buried Lead

    On the hot seat – Ian will use the money from the coaches’ comp for food and rent. Boogie says he took the larger amount because it was his opportunity to do so…looking out for number one. Danielle rates her spin the bottle kiss with Shane a 10. Shane rates it a 10.5. Really, Shane…kissing up for that sure vote?

    During his HOH talk with Julie, Shane says that Danielle is a sweet girl, but he doesn’t want to focus on a showmance. Good thing Danielle didn’t hear this as her vote may have switched to save Frank.

    Frank gets a highlighted video sequence with his family, including his father, Sid Vicious, of wrestling fame. They are not close, but his father is watching the show. Does this video act as a farewell to Frank?

    FINALLY! Julie holds an envelope with America’s answer to the coaches’ return – yes or no. She explains to the gathering on the couches and chairs that if America answers yes, the coaches have the option to reset the game and come in as players. If America answers no, they will continue as coaches, the eviction will proceed and an evicted player will return to the game. If ONE coach pushes the reset button in the Diary Room, ALL the coaches become players.

    Julie opens the envelope, but doesn't show the answer to the camera. America has voted YES.

    Coach Reset Vote in Order:

    Britney: YES (she was quiet in thought for five seconds)

    Boogie: NO (Thanks, America, I’m good.)

    Dan: YES (Hello, Mrs. Chen – wink, wink to his season 10. America and I have always had a good relationship. I think they know what I’m going to do. Time to get dirty. Push it in. Let’s go) There is a yelp heard in the audience.

    Janelle: YES (Thanks, America.)

    THE GAME IS RESET – A new game has started, there is no eviction, and the HOH of the previous game is now just a player.

    Comment: What a way to save Frank, hmm? Will Boogie stay aligned with all three of his previous game players? What about Janelle? There is that rift with Wil. Both Dan and Britney, with one player each, are now free to align as they please. Will it save them or target them? The slate is wiped clean, but is it? Was Shane’s run as HOH a waste and down the tubes?

    HOH Competition

    Walking the Plank

    Because of the reset of the competition, all twelve players stand on short “planks” on the side of a sailing ship. When the show concludes, they all seem happy as the ship heads into rough seas. In order to see the conclusion of this endurance competition, we will need to tune in to Sunday’s show. Will a former coach prevail, or will the newbie hamsters pull off a coup de plank?

    Starting with the Sunday show, we will see a whole new game in play. So many questions – will there be any answers?
    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker, (attributed)

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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    8/9 BB 14 Live/Eviction Show: Save the Cheerleader, Save Boogie

    Julie, “It’s Frank’s third time on the block and Janelle’s third time in the game, and only one of them will survive the night. Welcome to Big Brother.”

    Week in Review:

    *A new game commenced when the coaches entered the game as players. No eviction.

    *Danielle outlasted the others in an endurance competition and became HOH.

    *Danielle nominated Frank and Wil with the mission of evicting Frank.

    *Ian found a new alliance with Dan, Danielle, Shane and Britney. Dan: If I can find a way to run all the way to the end with this kid, I’m going to do it.

    *Danielle wins the Veto Competition

    *Frank wins a Spiritard and Ian wins a day in the life of a dog.

    Boogie with his two players from the first game – brawn and brains.

    *Boogie pitches replacing a nominee with Janelle to HOH Danielle.

    *To keep the four coaches together in an alliance, Dan tries to broker a deal on players with Boogie and Janelle.

    *Neither would budge on sacrificing a player, so Boogie, Dan and Britney formed a new alliance with Frank, Danielle and Shane. They named themselves “The Silent Six.”

    *At the Veto meeting, Danielle blindsided Janelle by taking off Wil and putting her up.

    Britney’s assessment of the post Veto meeting obligatory hugging, “Everyone had shocked looks on their faces, but no one was truly shocked except for Janelle.”

    Boogie takes a bow to the camera for “masterminding” the placement of his arch-nemesis in jeopardy. He takes credit for taking over Danielle’s HOH to pass his own agenda.

    Britney lies to Janelle saying she doesn’t know why Danielle went after Janelle. Janelle, “She wasn’t even on my radar, but she is now.”

    With Janelle confused and trying to figure out how to scramble for votes, Dan reassures Danielle that she is about to get one of the best players in the game out of this house.

    Dan pulls Janelle aside to mitigate Danielle’s action and Janelle’s upset by telling Janelle that it was “girl feelings” on the part of Danielle. He lies, of course, because he has been on board to blindside Janelle from the beginning.

    An ironic moment is presented when, as Janelle is asking Dan if there is any other reason Danielle might be putting her up, Boogie walks in on them. Duh, duh, duh.

    Janelle campaigns for votes telling us that she only needs five votes to stay and Frank is walking out the door. Her three former coaching players all seem to be on board, but are they? She thinks she has Britney in her pocket and promises Jenn that she won’t target her. When confirming her vote with Britney, however, Britney lies and waffles around saying yes and later feels bad that she can’t promise a vote to Janelle…but she has to stay with The Silent Six.

    Britney: Janelle makes me feel horrible for not voting for her. She’s also making really good sense. She’s not coming after me; she’s not coming after the coaches…why am I voting out someone who is an ally and an asset to me in this game. I’m really starting to second guess.

    Dan: Britney is having second thoughts about voting out Janelle and is getting really emotional about it. I’m not sure how this will play out yet.


    After a compliment on his Spiritard, Frank tells Julie that he is just trying to pull it off. Julie asks for a cheer with pom-poms. After the cheer the pom-poms go back in his lap for certain coverage under the short skirt of the latex tight Unitard.

    Frank, “What about, what about, what about our colors shout! Purple, white, purple, purple, purple…white, white, white, white, white.”

    Boogie tells Julie that he is feeling better about the reset this week. (Uh, huh, Boogie – once you put on your hard hat to work to get Frank off the block and successfully manipulated Danielle into putting up Janelle, of course you now feel better about being a player rather than a coach.)

    Jenn tells Julie that with the coaches in the game, she is just going to live on a prayer and hope for the best.

    After a series of short scenes of Ian as the house pet for 24 hours, Julie asks him how is his Big Brother experience going? Ian replies that he is still loving it. It is absolutely amazing, everything he wanted to do, and it is definitely going.


    Big Brother seems to want a cute showmance this season, and with Shane and Danielle on the back burner, they turn their sights on Ashley and Ian who grew up in Pennsylvania towns just 30 minutes apart. It seems they want to promote something along the lines of their hit show, The Big Bang Theory, with the Nerd and the Ditz. They bring in the families to weigh the chances.

    Ian’s Family in Pittsburgh has been watching Big Brother with Ian since he was ten. His mom tells us that his intelligence made itself known at age two and thinks that his intelligence in the game is not a good thing as people in the house are scared of him. Interspersed with her commentary are scenes of Ian demonstrating his knowledge to those in the house who question him. He tries to explain calculus to Shane aka the hunk…just the hunk. It was good for a laugh. Janelle ends her session about the Aurora Borealis with a Huh?

    When the scene rolls of the spin the bottle kiss with Ashley, his mom tells us that he has never had a serious girlfriend and while Ashley is a cutie-pie, he is looking for someone with brains. Slam.

    Ashley’s family in Pittsburgh has their chance at a rebuttal. Her mother says that Ashley is not the ditz everyone thinks she is, but is of the mindset that if you meditate on something it will come true. The scene plays where Ian takes Ashley on a “Slop” date and Ashley’s mom thought it was very cute…two people who are interested in each other…with stars in their eyes. Her mom goes on to reveal that Ashley likes good looking hunks, but they don’t treat her the way Ian would treat her. Ian treats her really good. She thinks they should make a final two deal, and a scene from the storage room shows that possibly happening.


    Frank, wearing his Spiritard, “Out of these 34 days, I’ve spent about 20 on the block. Nana told me to keep it classy. Even though my name has been dragged through the mud repeatedly, I’ve managed to just that. A piece of advice before voting – keep it classy.”

    Julie tells him he sounds like Ron Burgandy.

    Janelle, “I’ve enjoyed the summer with all of you, and if I can help you out in any way, please vote to keep me in the house.

    Boogie votes to evict Janelle ("This little gem is dedicated to Will and Erin.")
    Jenn votes to evict Janelle
    Joe votes to evict Frank
    Wil votes to evict Janelle
    Ashley votes to evict Janelle
    Britney votes to evict Janelle ("It’s an odd feeling to be voting to evict my favorite of all seasons.")
    Shane votes to evict Janelle
    Dan votes to evict Janelle ("Hey, Mrs. Chen, you look ravishing tonight." As in season 10 she corrects him by saying her mother is Mrs. Chen…laughs…Dan apologizes to America as he tried to keep Janelle in the game.)
    Ian votes to evict Janelle

    With a vote of 8-1, Janelle is evicted.

    After the requisite hugs, she opens the front door to a massive cheer that is heard in part by the house guests.

    Julie, “Janelle, you kept it classy.”

    Janelle tells Julie that she was surprised to have been nominated, but not shocked that she was evicted because she thinks everyone wanted to back door her.

    Julie, “Why?”

    Janelle, “Because I’m a good player.”

    The messages play and Boogie’s is full of vitriol including displaying a Chill Town t-shirt and smarmily saying not to blame anyone but him…it was all him. Boogie, “Always the bridesmaid, but never the Big Brother bride.”

    Janelle response, “He’s such a loser. What a bleep bag. Screw you, Mike Boogie, I hope you lose!”


    Battle of the Bands

    This is an elimination face-off (knock out competition) where two contestants at a time will hear a song with words relating to one of the previous competitions – HOH, COACH or VETO. The first to hit the buzzer for the correct competition is safe and calls up the next two to compete. The loser is out of the game and joins Danielle, the current HOH, on the bench. If the first to buzz in is incorrect, they are eliminated and their opponent is safe (for the moment) and chooses the next two players. Unless it is the final two, if both players fail to buzz in, they will both be eliminated.

    The first round goes to Wil with Jenn sitting down on the bench. Wil calls up Joe and Boogie.

    The second round goes to Boogie who calls up Wil and Ashley.

    The third round goes to Ashley who calls up Shane and Britney.

    The fourth round goes to Britney who calls up Ashley and Ian.

    The fifth round goes to Ian who calls up Dan and Britney.

    The sixth round goes to Britney who calls up Frank and Boogie.

    The seventh round goes to Frank as Boogie, on purpose, punches in an answer without hearing the song.

    The eighth goes to Britney who beats out Ian.

    The ninth and final round goes to Frank who beats out Britney.

    Once again, Frank goes from on the block to living the HOH high life.

    Who will Boogie…uh, I mean Frank nominate for expulsion this next week? Tune in Sunday for all the riveting happenings.

    **Thank you to cantstopwatchin for use of her gruesome threesome photo from the Wed show recap.**
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    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker, (attributed)

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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    8/16 BB 14 LIVE/EVICTION Show: A Couch Sprawl and a Captain’s Hat

    Julie: We’re half way through a summer that has provided unexpected twists and turns and last week’s landslide eviction of Janelle has made one thing perfectly clear. This season no one is safe. Welcome to Big Brother.

    Week in Review:

    *Shane, Britney, Dan and Danielle formed two different alliances; the Quack Pack with Ian and the Silent Six with Frank and Boogie.

    *Frank wins HOH

    *Bringing suspicion on himself, Wil became Public Enemy #1 over Joe.

    *Frank claims the Veto necklace from Baby Zingbot.

    *Some of the Silent Six worried that he would betray the alliance.

    *Wil and Ashley tried to convince Frank to back door Dan.

    *Frank considered it until Boogie swayed him away from it.

    *Frank did not use the Veto.

    Dan: A back door move is something I feel I’m going to have to fight the rest of the season.

    Frank: I didn’t use the Power of Veto because I thought it might rock the boat a little too much. The decision to not back door Dan could be a make or break situation going down the road.

    Wil: Are you kidding me? Seriously, Frank had a huge opportunity to get rid of a huge player in this house and he chickened out.

    Britney: Ultimately, Frank did not end up putting Dan on the block; but that it was even up for consideration bothers me. I think that the Silent Six is definitely crumbling.

    Britney to Dan, “It was close, it was very close; are you going to win HOH?”

    Dan, “Not in the foreseeable future.” (echoing the Ian statement that got Ian in trouble with Britney before they formed the quack pack.)

    Politician Dan tells Frank that he really appreciates what he did with the Veto.

    Frank tells Dan it is a sign of trust.

    Dan: Frank telling me that he thought about back dooring me shows me I can’t trust him. If you didn’t do it now, you’ll do it later. If I get an opportunity to shank Frank in this game, I’m going to do it.

    Dan, “These next couple weeks are huge.”

    Frank Makes a Big Move

    Ashley, “Hey Frank, you wanna have an ice cream date later?”

    Frank, “Yeah, sure.”

    Ashley: I definitely want some ice cream, but I also want to see if I can get some information about Wil; maybe see where the house is going. I definitely wanted to go on a date with Frank, too.

    This girl does get around, using her womanly wiles on receptive males and has now created a jealous situation with her first date, Ian. He tries to downplay it, but there is a twinge, there. Ah, a BB triangle that is not on the Alliance Wheel.

    Ian: Ashley asks Frank on an ice cream date. That is supposed to be my flirtmance.

    When wine replaces ice cream, the date in the HOH room goes from G rated to PG13 rated.

    Ashley after some murmurs about Wil, says, “I need some manly testosterone in my life.”

    Frank, “When we finish this, we can go make out on the couch.”

    Ashley, “Okay, perfect.”

    Meanwhile, the mistress of interrogation, Britney, pulls and pulls at Ian to try to get him to admit jealousy toward Frank.

    Frank: Asking flat out, “Do you want to make out on the couch?” works most of the time.

    Frank, “I’m a little worried about Ian.”

    Ashley, “You know he’s faking it, he’s really not that upset.”

    Frank, “Oh, he’s upset.”

    Ian, “Frank and Ashley have been up there awhile.”

    Wil sort of campaigns with Shane, Brit and Danielle and ends by shrugging and telling them all he has is Ashley, and a word means nothing. Wil, “For all I know there is this one big group that is taking out Joe, Ashley and I.”

    Joe campaigns a little more aggressively, and as Brit tells us, the majority of five, Quack Pack, needs to find a way to communicate with each other without being obvious.

    At fifteen minutes into the show, Julie informs America that they can influence the HOH competition by placing a temptation in the way. Those in the LIVE time zones should use twitter hash tags for either $10,000 or a Season Long Have Not Pass. Once the competition starts at the end of the show, we will find out which temptation was chosen by the viewers.

    Joe’s Family

    He and his wife have been married eight years and have four children between them. They met online when her mother placed her photo/info on a dating site without her knowledge. After two months of emails (with her mother) they finally met, fell in love and married.

    His wife has personality! During her introduction, she first says her name in normal voice, then a second time in the loud voice all of BB nation has come to know. Sara also told us that his strategy was to cook his way through the show. No one associated with the family is happy with Mike Boogie. When they watched the nomination, they said that it was predictable because Frank does whatever Mike tells him to do.

    His son asks America if they know of any way to get Joe to get that white stuff off his face, to let him know.

    Sara: If I could talk to Joe, I would tell him to trust your gut, to stop yelling in the Diary Room.

    Kids, “Dad, turn down the volume!”

    Joe in Diary Room: I’m having a bad day!


    He is there mainly to promote his CBS Live interview show with evicted houseguest on Fridays at 4PM eastern at CBS.com.

    They show clips of his times on the show then he sits with Julie in the Front Yard.

    Update: He and Jordan just moved to Santa Monica, CA. She has given him an ultimatum for a decision – his birthday – June 5, 2013. He freaks because he said the deadline out loud on air and now everyone will be counting down.

    He was surprised the most by Janelle leaving.

    The game is up for grabs, anyone can win.

    He’s pulling for Ian.

    To test his interview skills, he asks Julie what kind of player she would be in the house.

    Julie, “A little bit like a combination of Janelle and Boogie, constantly playing everyone. If you gotta go in, you gotta go in big.”

    Current Event Trivia Questions

    There was a big celebrity engagement announcement this week. Who do you think is getting married, Jennifer Aniston, or Jennifer Lopez?

    Answer: Jennifer Aniston

    Which country do you think won the most Olympic Gold Medals, China or the United States?

    Answer: United States with 46

    In the NBA, which team was White Tower traded to, the Nicks, the Mavericks or Lakers?

    Answer: Lakers

    True or False:

    For the first time a woman refereed a NFL game.

    NASA successfully landed the rover, Curiosity, on Mars.

    Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison have split.

    All are TRUE.

    Why these trivial bits of fluff were inserted into the LIVE show is a question in and of itself. For some reason all interview time with the hamsters was given over to this flaky bit. Last week, Danielle was denied a HOH interview and this week, Frank is denied a HOH interview. Why?


    Wil: (in silly mode) You’re all snoops, liars…no, I’m just kidding. If I stay I get to spend another week with awesome friends, if I go home, I go home to amazing parents, family and friends. If I walk out, I know I played this game for myself and made every decision I wanted to make and not anybody else’s. So, I leave you with…make your decision for you. I love and adore all of you. (blown kisses all around)

    Joe: Well I heard this week from Wil’s campaign that someone said I was LOUD. I got news for ya…Wil, I’m taking classes at night called Human Whispering and I’m getting better. I’ve also heard that I have a shared Sharon Osborne game going on with you. You’re Sharon Osborne. (Wil pipes up in a Sharon Osborne voice) and someone said that Wil could possibly be my son. I’m not your Daddy.

    Julie, “Joe, not only are you loud, you are long winded and I need to cut you off.”

    Ashley votes to evict Joe

    Boogie votes to evict Wil (Hi, Brady!)

    Julie, “When we return, the Quack Pack votes. Who will be sent home?”

    Danielle votes to evict Wil

    Jenn (not a quacker) votes to evict Joe

    Dan votes to evict Wil (He flirts with Julie)

    Britney votes to evict Wil

    Shane votes to evict Wil (He flirts with Julie)

    Ian votes to evict Wil

    With a 6-2 vote, Wil is evicted and leaves with flash and flair. He strips off his sweater to reveal a hot pink knit shirt…lets down his long hair and dons the captain hat he wore on his birthday. As his picture dims, he hugs Julie and settles in for his interview.

    He tells Julie he thinks he was evicted instead of Joe is because he was a bigger threat. Boogie leaves a nice (for Boogie) message; Dan told him he actually wanted to work with him because he would go after Frank, but emotions got the better of him; Ashley will miss her best friend.

    Julie informs Wil that there is a large alliance – the Silent Six.

    Wil (mockingly) The Silent six…puleeeze…

    The HOH Competition


    The hamsters (except Frank) will fill up their very small cups with liquid from a barrel made to look like a back woods still and transport it down a slight slope to one of three jars. The largest jar is labeled HOH, the next largest is labeled $10,000 (viewers pick for temptation) and a third and smallest jar is labeled Safety – one cannot be nominated or evicted the coming week. As the jars (or jugs) fill, a cork will rise and the first hamster to pluck the cork from the small opening in the top will win one of the prizes. If a hamster wins one of the temptations, they are out of the running for the HOH. Once the HOH is crowned, the game is over and the temptations are no longer in play.

    As we leave them, they are slipping and sliding up and down a very slippery slope trying to figure out ways to keep their balance and hurry.

    Since this is a competition that will take some time, we will not see how it turns out until the Sunday show. Who will win HOH? Who will be tempted – either with the money or safety for the week? This could make for a very interesting coming week. Stay tuned.

    P.S. Next Thursday will be a LIVE double eviction.
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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    8/23 BB14 Live/Eviction Recap: Hang onto Your Seatbelts

    It is Double Eviction Night!

    Week in Review:

    *Shane, Britney Dan and Danielle formed two secret alliances; the Quack Pack with Ian and the Silent Six with Boogie and Frank.

    *Shane wins HOH

    *Because of the Quack Pack mole’s information, Shane puts up Frank and Boogie.

    *Frank and Boogie are clueless about Ian as the mole and target Dan as the one who influenced Shane to put them on the block.

    *Frank won’t take Dan at his word that it wasn’t him because Dan has lied to him before.

    *Frank wins POV.

    *Boogie tries to rally the house against Dan, and Jenn becomes his soldier.

    *Shane places Jenn on the block as the replacement nominee.

    How the show will progress… either Jenn or Mike (Boogie) Malin, who looks like a Lollipop Kid sitting in an eviction chair, will be voted out. The houseguests will immediately play for the HOH title and the new HOH will nominate two more houseguests for eviction. POV players are drawn (during commercial) and that competition takes place. The POV winner makes their decision whether to use the POV and, if needed, the HOH will seat a replacement nominee. One of those two houseguests is voted out and, out of time, the competition for the next HOH will play out after the show ends.

    (FYI: The first new HOH of the evening will not reside in the HOH room, but will receive the basket and letter. The second HOH winner not seen during the hour of the show will receive the bedroom and the basket/letter.)

    Before we get to the live first eviction we see scenes of Mike and Jenn’s reaction to being on the block.


    Boogie: Dan tried to give me a fake handshake. Dan’s just trying to look like a nice guy, when in reality; he’s saying…Got Ya Suckka.

    Jenn: I’m on fire being put on the block, especially as the replacement nominee. I usually like to chill, but at this point, I’m going to be a force to be reckoned with.

    Frank goes to war for Boogie and a lot of their conversations are bleeped for swear words used as adjectives and adverbs. Colorful – yes…admissible for PG – no.

    Ian sends up a red flag with them when he tells them it is going to be tough to choose between two teammates. After their shock, he reassures them that he is voting for Boogie to stay.

    Ian: I can’t blow my cover here. I just have to make sure that even though I plan on voting Boogie out of the house, he can’t find out that I’m working against him.

    An awkward silence ensues in the main living area until Boogie and Frank question Shane about his decision. Shane plays it cool and apologizes.

    Frank, “Stuff you sorrys in a sack, man.”

    Boogie, “You’re just looking like Dan’s bitch right now.”

    Danielle, who overhears along with Britney and Ashley, comments that they are terrorizing the house. The sarcastic bitterness continues when Frank and Boogie join Dan, who is stretched out on a couch reading the bible.

    Boogie: Dan likes to play silent, but he is really just Satan. He likes to pretend he is a Catholic school boy, and he’s not.

    Dan: I’m sitting here taking all this heat from Mike Boogie, but everyone knows I’m not going to crack under pressure. The interesting thing is that Ian is sitting there watching all this. I just hope he knows how much heat I’m taking for him and understand what I’m doing for the kid.

    Boogie to Dan after a few more needles, “The only thing I ask, is don’t do wrong by Ian.”

    Jenn to Ian, “If I’m going out I’m going out Kamikaze style."

    First on her flight path is Shane who gives her a wishy/washy answer as to why he put her on the block; pawns go home, too. Next is Dan who smiles at her, then Dani, to whom she says she is a freakin’ wild card and anything can happen.

    To Ian and Ashley, “Shane is so stupid to put me up, he can suck it.”

    Ian sums it up: This tattooed rocker is over-reacting. She couldn’t be a bigger pawn right now against a legend of the game. She needs to chill out, or this plan is going to blow up in my face.


    Jenn: This is the last place I would have imagined myself, and I’m extremely grateful to have been here with all of you guys. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I think of myself as a game player and I would ask that you keep your loyal and trustworthy friend, Jenn-City.

    Boogie: He gives a shout-out to his business partner then his son and then he says, “It’s down to brass tacks and I need a vote. Joe, I think I should speak directly to you. Last week we shifted the target from you to Wil and I told you we help you and we did. Sarah, Family and friends and millions of Americans are watching. Please go in there and do the right thing."


    Ashley votes to evict Jenn

    Britney votes to evict Mike Boogie

    Joe votes to evict Mike Boogie

    Frank (in his first vote of the season and wearing a Chill Town jersey) votes to evict Jenn

    Dan (for Janelle) votes to evict Mike

    Ian (sadly) votes to evict Mike Boogie

    Danielle votes to evict Mike

    Boogie leaves on a 5-2 vote. He wishes everyone good luck, but tells Frank not to trust Ian. He tells Ian that his vote wasn’t cool.

    Sitting with Julie, he watches the good-bye messages. Frank asks for Boogie to continue rooting for him.

    Britney (imitating a Chill Town DR) briiinnng, briiiinnng: What is this telephone doing in here? Hello? Oh, hey, Janelle, no, Mike Boogie is actually not here, but I was just leaving a message for him on his eviction. HAAAAA. HAAAA. HAAAA.

    Dan tells him he has a high respect for him, and that he wasn’t the one who ratted him out.

    Ian says, “I have watched you on this show since I was ten, and I have nothing but respect and admiration for you and how you play this game. Now for the hard part…since the re-set, I’ve been in an alliance called the Quack Pack with Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane. I’m the one who told Britney and Shane you were coming after them. This week I masterminded your demise. I learned from the best and that is why you’re sitting with Julie right now.”

    Boogie blows out some air, smiles, and claps. He tips his hat to Ian. “I’m not mad at him, I’m proud of him. He did learn from the best and that is why he did what he did.”

    The QUACK PACK! Oh, My God!


    Before and After

    Except for Shane, the houseguest line up in partitioned stalls with cubes reading BEFORE and AFTER. When Julie poses two statements they have to decide whether the first event happened before or after the second event.

    First out is Ashley

    Next out are Joe, Jenn and Dan

    Next to go is Frank

    Next to go is Britney

    Ian and Danielle play a number total tie-breaker and Ian comes closer to the true number.

    Ian is the first of two HOH holders for the night. (Though he doesn’t look too happy.)


    After a very quick huddle, Ian sends Frank and Ashley to the nominee chairs with the explanation that things were said after the eviction that had his heart racing.


    Players: Ian, Frank, Ashley, Shane Danielle and Joe

    Somewhere Over the Veto

    They must run down lanes over rounded hurdles to slanted boxes containing small gold colored balls, then search through the balls for two gold clovers. Once they have found the clovers they must carry them one at a time back to the start station and place them in a box. Once the second clover is in the box, they must return to retrieve the Veto symbol hanging at the top of their box and return it to their podium. They then must hit the buzzer next to it. The first to buzz in wins the POV.

    After Ian is the first to return a clover to his box, he slows in his search for the second and Frank plows through to complete the competition first.

    Frank wins the Power of Veto.


    Frank takes himself off the block.

    HOH Ian tells Joe to pop a squat and take the empty chair.


    Ashley: I think you know it’s been a rough game. The house is clearly separated. People didn’t think I’m a gamer. Obviously I’m not articulate (audience laughter) I can’t express myself the way other people do. I don’t have that talent. I do know I have heart and I want to be here. Ian, I thought you had my back

    Joe: (using a form of rough sign language) I love you all. Send her out. Keep me here.

    As the audience laughs, Julie thanks him for keeping it short.

    Jenn votes to evict Ashley

    Shane votes to evict Ashley

    Britney votes to evict Ashley

    Frank votes to evict Joe (the terrible chef)

    Danielle votes to evict Ashley

    Dan votes to evict Ashley

    Ashley is evicted with a vote of 5-1. She gives out hugs and stumbles her way to the door where Frank is the last to say good-by.

    As the FIRST JURY MEMBER, she tells them all she’ll see them at jury.

    When she sits with Julie, she tells her she loves Julie’s “side-pony” hairstyle. Julie lets out a belly laugh.

    While she sits with Julie, Frank goes on a verbal rampage against the house for sending her out rather than Joe.

    Ashley thinks she went out because of her alignment with Boogie and Frank.

    She leaves without her luggage or good-bye messages.

    On Sunday we will see the second HOH competition and the nominations. Until then…this ride has come to a stop. Please undo your seat belts and exit the ride.
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    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker, (attributed)

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