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Thread: THURSDAY Show Recaps

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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    8/30 BB14 Recap LIVE/Eviction Show: Whomp-a-Doodle; Whack that Mole

    Julie: The raves are in and the fall-out is about to begin.

    Week in Review:

    *Frank wins HOH and nominates Dan and Danielle
    *Dan holds his own funeral, but Danielle is the one who is buried
    *Dan convinces Frank that they can work together
    *Dan makes up with Danielle in private; no one is to know they are together except their new alliance, Frank and Jenn
    *Jenn, POV winner, takes Dan off the block
    *Frank replaces Dan on the block with Britney

    Julie: The house is stunned in the wake of the biggest comeback in the game.

    Britney: I’m shocked. I just attended Dan’s funeral last night and today a giant carrot put me on the block next to my best friend in the house.

    Ian: I have a strong suspicion that Frank knows I’ve been playing both sides since the reset. This is bad.

    Dan: People thought I was dead, but guess what…I’m back stronger than ever and you can’t stop me.


    The Ian, Frank confrontation begins immediately after the Veto meeting when Ian charges into the HOH room loaded for bear. Ian begins by saying he feels blindsided, and Frank tells him he knows he was playing all sides which Ian tries to deny saying he didn’t use the first veto. Frank comes back with, “That is because you thought I would send Britney home.” Ian’s splutters become louder, but not as loud as Frank ejecting him from the room.

    Ian, “I will avenge this, for sure.”

    Frank tries to enter the Storage Room when Ian snidely remarks that Frank had a tough decision with a couple of days to make it, unlike Ian who had a couple of minutes. Frank gets loud by the door and leaves it to go the kitchen yelling at Ian that Ian voted out Boogie then put Ashley on the block.

    Frank, “I thought they were taking advantage of you because you were a kid. Turns out you were just being sneaky.”

    Ian, “No, that’s not true. I’m not sneaky at all.”

    As the voices get louder and louder, Dan, who is in the Arcade Room smiles then laughs. This couldn’t be going better for you, could it Dan. You now have the two sides of the house yelling at each other and you can choose your chips as they fall.

    Frank’s final observation is to laugh at himself, “I’m in this freakin’ Carrot Top having a Toe to Toe.”

    Once Frank’s back is turned, however, Ian has the last word by gesture – ala Jerry from Season 10 – by prancing three times at Frank’s back with an extended middle finger.

    Jerry is referenced once again this episode…wait for it.


    When Britney tracks down Dan for an explanation, he tells her to talk to the HOH. She reminds him that how he treats people will be reflected in Jury votes.

    Britney treks up to the HOH and ends her session tearfully saying that she will fight. She will be good for them, will protect them (Frank and Jenn) now that her back is against the wall.

    Shane: I am in the worst deal. I either have to vote my coach out from day one or my best friend.

    Shane moans to Joe about his dilemma and Joe promises to follow his vote.

    To a small group on the patio, Britney does her take on Dan’s funeral where he had nice words for everyone.

    Oh…this is me crying…oh, it’s Dan’s funeral…oh…”I was passing out tissues for his funeral. I only wish it had been his funeral, friends.” Dab…dab…poor Dan….I am so sad.

    “Please no one forget that this guy’s already won half a million dollars, but he’s willing to slit peoples’ throats to win it again. (At that statement, Danielle covered her face with a towel.)

    Frank is pleased with this turn of vitriol as the target on Dan’s back is growing.

    Britney, “Let’s be in alliance – death or dishonor.” Scowl, “Death for you.”

    “Have some apple pie….made from arsenic.”

    “Hey, Danielle, I’m sorry about last night. I knew that you wanted to be on my team and we would be friends forever.” Scowl, “You’re dead to me.”

    Britney in DR: I know in my rational brain that Dan is just really good at this game.

    “Sweet dreams Britney. Sweet dreams Dan.” Scowl, “Tomorrow your game is over.


    Ian – The mood in the house is better but tenser than a couple of weeks ago.

    Jenn – Taking Dan off the block was the most brutal decision I’ve made thus far in the house. I love Danielle to pieces. It was absolutely a game move on my plan.

    Dan – That funeral I will someday regret, but it feels good to be alive in the house. I’ll never forget what Jenn did for me considering my birthday is coming up this Saturday. The big 29 and I got a present from Jenn so I’m very grateful for that.

    Shane – Claims he cried at the funeral because the girls were crying.

    THE BRIGADE (or Brogade or, as Enzo called it, The Bragade)

    We are taken down memory lane of Britney’s eviction on season 12 where she was blindsided in fourth place by the secret alliance calling themselves, The Brigade.

    The members were Enzo (the Meow Meow) Matt (the Brains) Lane (the Beast) and Hayden (the Animal). They stuck together until the final six when they took out Matt then Ragan then broke the news to a very shocked Britney who had been promised Final Three by Lane. They all keep in touch and Enzo says that Britney is now part of the Brigade.

    They are all cheering her in season 14, but don’t understand the Quack Pack. It seems wimpy to them. Enzo says the Brigade worked because they had loyalty and a plan. The Quack Pack has no loyalty. At the end of the clip, they raise a glass to Britney.


    Julie: Why did you change within a one hour conversation? (actually, 43 minutes in all)

    Frank: Dan and Boogie and I were working together at one point and we thought he was the one who ratted us out about Britney going up; it turns out it was Ian. I kind of had my assumptions all along, once I found out that was true, I had to pull the trigger on trying to get Britney out.

    Julie: How sincere are you about taking Dan to the end?

    Frank: Right now I’m trying to build some trust with Dan. I’m not sure how I’m going to trust him, but the next few weeks will show if I can and then that will be sincere.

    Julie: Where do you and Ian stand after your heated words?

    Frank: I pretty much know he wants to get me out of this house. He’s going to feel a little lonely this week once Britney is gone, so I’m hoping maybe I can rope him in a little bit, just to see where his head is at. At the same time, I’m going to do everything I can to get him out this next week.


    Danielle, “I have loved this whole summer and I would nothing better than to stay. Britney, I love you.”

    Britney, “I love my family and hello to all the fans. To the houseguests, it’s been a real pleasure being here with every single one of you. To quote a very, very wise old man (Jerry reference regarding Dan) you’ll always be Judas to me.” The audience groans and as Julie whooshes out, “All right,” Britney says it was supposed to be a joke.

    Dan votes to evict Britney
    Jenn votes to evict Britney
    Ian votes to evict Danielle
    Shane votes to evict Britney (The audience moans an Ahhhh)
    Joe votes to evict Britney

    Britney is evicted with a 4-1. Hugs for Danielle and Ian, a cheek kiss for Dan and she is on the doorstep.

    Britney tells Julie that she respects Dan’s game move, but since she is sitting on the front porch, she is not happy about it. Julie asks if he is pure genius or pure evil. Britney,“both.” He really, really is good at this game. He flipped the entire house in about an hour. She thinks that her allegiance to Ian was a pretty big downfall in the game.

    For more of Britney’s comments and hilarity, check out her CBS interview online with Jeff:

    Big Brother Video - Live Chat: Britney - CBS.com


    Soak Up the Sun

    All evening long, those watching the show live have been able to tweet whether they want the first to fall in this endurance comp to receive a reward or a punishment. By a slight majority vote, Punishment wins. We won’t discover the punishment or the completion of the competition until the Sunday show.

    The object of this endurance is to stand on an elevated small platform held up to rigging by a rope. The “planets” all revolve at varying speeds around the sun and get squirted with plasma blasts from the sun and whomped by a comet. The last person holding on wins the HOH key.

    While the show is still airing, Joe falls off first and he will receive the punishment. Jenn is the second to fall, but to be fair; she was knocked off by a comet.

    Next Thursday will be a DOUBLE EVICTION and this next week will be another struggle for power – stay tuned.
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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    9/6 BB 14 Recap: LIVE/Eviction Show: Breathless

    Julie: Dan seems to be running the game, but tonight is Double Eviction Night and anything can happen.

    Week in Review:

    *Dan made a Final Two deal with Frank
    *A secret alliance was formed with Dan/Danielle and Frank/Jenn
    *Ian won HOH
    *Dan reunited with the Quack Pack
    *The Quack Pack targeted Frank and Jenn
    *Dan won the Veto
    *With Frank understanding, Dan took Jenn off the block
    *Joe went up as a replacement nominee


    Frank: I only need three votes to stay this week. I’ve been working with Dan, Danielle and Jenn since Dan’s funeral, so, hopefully, I’ve got the votes.

    Dan: I’ve had a pretty good week. I have Jenn as an ally and Frank is clueless he is the target. As long as he remains clueless, I’m that much closer to the half million dollars.

    While chopping fruit, Dan has a slip of the tongue which catches Frank’s attention and his paranoia sets in.

    Dan: Oh, cr**! Did I just let that slip in front of Frank? I’ve got to be a lot more careful than that this week.

    Joe makes sure with Ian that he is not the target. Ian advises him to lie low and keep his mouth shut.

    Ian: If anyone could screw this up it would be Joe.

    Ian relishes the thought that it might be a tie vote and he can get Frank’s blood on his hands.
    Ian, “Last time I was HOH, I miss-fired and shot a doe; this time I land the twelve point buck.”

    To cover his bases and narrow his margin for error, Dan goes into the darkened bedroom and asks Joe who he would put up if he won HOH. Joe tells him Shane and Danielle.

    Joe: Dan comes in the room so I’m kinda throwing out names that mean absolutely nothing. Who I would put up is Dan and whoever is on his side.

    The evening’s comedy bit happens when Dan once again enters the dark bedroom, only this time to go to bed. A still awake Joe begins telling who he thinks is Shane about Dan chasing him into the bedroom. Dan, “This is Dan.”

    Dan: Joe, do you have rocks in your head? Is everything I tell you going to circulate around the house? Can I trust you, or should the Quack Pack vote to keep Frank, instead?


    Frank: I can’t compete in this next HOH which means I can’t come after ya, and I might be a nomination instead of you. Most importantly, when you’re down in this game like I am right now, you’re very vulnerable and when you reach out a hand to me I won’t forget it.

    Joe: Well, I know I’m the single biggest threat in the kitchen, but everybody, thank you so much. It’s been an honor. I really do appreciate the time I’ve had with all of you. Vote with your heart.

    Dan votes to evict Frank
    Danielle votes to evict Frank
    Jenn votes to evict Joe
    Shane votes to evict Frank

    With a 3-1 vote, Frank grabs Ted the bear and bolts for the door, pausing just long enough for a quick hug for Jenn.

    Frank admits to being shell shocked from having to once again depend on Dan and Danielle; “Once again they lied to me.” He has a hard time thinking game rather than personal when Dan swore on the bible. Frank, “I played a pretty honest game and I was hoping someone would return the favor, but nobody would.”

    In the goodbye messages, loud Joe informs him that he has an ego the size of Texas. Shane shows respect for him as a competitor. Ian tells him he was the ultimate threat to his game to him or anyone else winning this game. Dan tells him he respects the heck out him.



    “Make Your Case”

    Julie will read a quote from an evicted houseguest during their final plea from the night they were on the chopping block. The houseguests (minus Ian) must identify the houseguest who said it by holding up their name. For each correct answer they will receive one point. The houseguest with the most points after seven questions will be the new HOH.

    Q1 – Jenn gets the only point
    Q2 – Jenn, Dan and Danielle each get a point
    Q3 – Joe, Shane, Dan and Danielle each get a point
    Q4 – Jenn, Dan and Danielle each get a point
    Q5 – Jenn, Dan and Danielle each get a point
    Q6 – Jenn, Da and Danielle each get a point
    Q7 – no one receives a point.

    With a three way tie between Jenn, Dan and Danielle, they pull out the chalk boards to answer a number question. Dan answers closest without going over and wins the HOH.

    After a very short time for consultation, Dan places Joe and Ian on the block.

    Everyone plays in the Veto competition.

    “Swimming With Sharks”

    The object is to move a shark fin through a cut-out maze to the end, then run back and hit the buzzer. Once he figures out the maze, Ian charges ahead of everyone else and wins.

    Too much lollygagging with Quack Pack consultations before the Veto ceremony has Julie putting on her Mommy Voice, “Everyone in the living room NOW! Don’t make me come in there.”

    Ian wins the Veto and takes himself off the block.

    Dan replaces him with Danielle. Gasps are heard from the audience.


    Danielle: First time on the block. I love you all. Please vote to keep me here.

    Joe: Back again. Thanks guys for just hanging around and being there for me. I love all of you.

    Shane votes to evict Joe
    Jenn votes to evict Joe
    Ian votes to evict Joe

    A 3-0 vote sends Joe out to meet Julie. On his way out, he hugs everyone and tells them he really does love all of them; that it is just a game.

    Joe gets a warm send off with his jokes about his strategy and that he couldn’t be the showmance for Shane. He calls the drool on his chin, a mini-Claus.


    This coming Sunday we will see the HOH competition and nominations. On Wednesday, Julie will return for a special eviction episode, where the five will become four. Then next Thursday, another houseguest is evicted and the FINAL THREE competition begins.
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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    Great job recapping this exciting episode, Ariel! Not an easy feat, so much going on. Thanks for filling me in on the 2nd HOH, I only saw Dan win and not how everyone answered.
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    Re: THURSDAY Show Recaps

    9/13 BB 14 Recap: The LAST of the Thursday LIVE/Eviction Shows This Season

    Julie: Danielle is HOH, but tonight the real power lies with the Power of Veto. Who will grab their golden ticket to the Finale?

    Week in Review

    Ian won HOH

    Ian nominated Shane and Jenn

    Shane thwarted Dan’s plane to vote him out by winning the Veto competition

    Ian replaced him with Danielle

    Jenn-City was evicted on a vote of 2-0

    Danielle wins HOH

    *Danielle has guaranteed her spot in the finals. The winner of the Veto competition will be the sole vote to evict taking the numbers from four to three.

    Ian: It’s pretty obvious where it’s going to go. You’ve got the couples’ alliance, Danielle and Shane vs. the Renegades, which is myself and Dan.

    Dan: The Quack Pack is in the Final Four and the one thing Ian didn’t want to happen is now inevitable. We’ve got to start eating our own ducks.

    Shane: I have a final three deal with Dan and Danielle. Ian is unaware of it and may be going home this week.

    Dan: I have final three deals with everyone in the game and no one knows it.

    *Danielle nominates Ian and Dan per Dan’s suggestion.

    Dan: If Shane is comfortable with Danielle (not being nominated) then he is going to do what Danielle wants him to do, and Danielle does what I tell her to do, even if that means sending her boyfriend out the door.

    Danielle: The smarter move for me was to save Shane because he trusts me completely and he doesn’t know that Dan and I are so close and working together. But, it broke my heart to nominate Dan.

    Dan: While it would be great to win Veto, I don’t have to because I still have a lot of magic left in me. I’ve already pulled a lot of rabbits out of hats this summer and I’m not done yet.


    Ashley has been enjoying her solitude…chanting…tanning…gain ing 20 pounds and blowing bubbles. She wrote on her dream board that Frank wins the next HOH and, when Britney surprises her, she learns that he did.

    Britney tells her that Dan misted his way off the block and says that Dan is going to win the game.

    The two of them speculate while looking at nail polish that Frank will be next. Sure enough, he surprises them and while Ashley is glad because there might be make-out time, it means he won’t win the game.

    Frank brings them up to date telling them that once Dan won the veto comp he relied on him to keep him safe, but “they” (Dan, Danielle and Ian) lied to him once again.

    Ashley, “Oh, there were so many times we could have got Dan out and we didn’t do it!”

    Frank: I’m a God fearing person and Dan took advantage of that because he thought I might be a sucker for that.

    Britney and Frank begin an argument when Britney says she can’t believe he fell for Dan and Frank responds by saying Dan plays dirty. The yelling starts when Britney says Frank didn’t keep his word to her. Frank becomes defensive and his voice gets louder and louder. Britney, “Fine. We’re all Dan-misted. It’s a club called the Jury House.”

    Ashley, “It’s really fun here. We’re going to have a Fiesta!”

    Joe joins them as they are gathered in the kitchen and tells his tale of Dan woe. Loyalty rears its head and Britney, in her bored voice, proclaims…Hey, it’s a game. Once again Frank goes off about being loyal and their word exchange gets really intense until finally, Britney throws up her hands and exits the room.

    Britney: Frankie, you were rooted against since day one. (over-scrubs imaginary tears) You were targeted because your social game sucked.


    Atomic Veto

    Clues on a board are to be uncovered. Connections run between the clues and the empty space is to be filled in by a house guest’s face. Some connections could have multiple answers, but only one is right.

    As they are standing at the buzzers to begin, Ian quacks followed by Shane and Dan. Danielle, “Oh, my gosh…..quack.”

    After many tries at the buzzer by the others which were rejected, Danielle’s patience wins out.

    *Danielle wins the Power of Veto, which gives her all the power of the week.

    Ian: With Danielle winning the Veto, the nominations will probably stay the same. Either I’m going home, or Dan’s going home and neither of those situations is good for me.

    However, the Dan-mist is once again at work on Danielle and he convinces her to use the Veto on him, which means Shane would have to replace him. Danielle explains what is going to happen to Shane and promises him that she has him safe. He is not going anywhere. (Famous last words as we will see.)


    Ian and Dan give their arguments to Danielle about why she should use the veto on each.

    *Danielle uses the Veto to save Dan.

    Shane takes the nominee seat next to Ian

    They, in turn, give their pleas to Dan (the sole vote) to save them.

    *Dan elects to evict Shane.

    Danielle is in shock as she had promised Shane he would be safe. Ian is in shock because he expected to be sent to the Jury House. Shane is stunned. Dan is happy.

    Dan follows Danielle into the Arcade Room and tries to explain his action, but she is having none of it. Ian paces patting his chest to get his heart back under control and Shane sits with Julie.

    Shane tells Julie that he trusted Dan 100% and Dan looked him in the eye and shook his hand.

    To half the audience’s approval he proclaims that Dan is just a dirty player. (It sounds as though he and Frank will have a meeting of the minds in Jury House.)

    The First of the three part Head of Household competitions did not start during the time allotted to the show. Instead, we will see that and the second part on the Sunday show. Then next Wednesday, we’ll witness the third part, the Final Two and the Votes from Jury. In other words, the Season Finale.

    (If you would like to get the full picture of what went down this episode, I suggest you view it at the CBS website or see if it is up yet on You Tube. After the “funeral” episode, this is the second most pivotal episode of the season.)

    You can also vote for America’s Favorite house guest at the website or by text.
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