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Thread: Danielle - BB14

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    Re: Danielle - BB14

    I don't agree with that either, as much as I dislike her. I didn't agree with it with Shelley either. It is a tv show, there is no reason to get anyone fired.
    "All right, my turn." -Zach, BB16

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    Re: Danielle - BB14

    Yeah, the people at that facebook group that is anti-Danielle have gone crazy since the show ended. They are proud of the fact that they have harrassed and intimidated Shane and Danielle since the show ended. They have flooded Twitter with hundreds of messages and have tried to recruit Jojo to keep a war going with Danielle. They also made up fake ebay accounts to jack up the prices of anything they try to sell with fake bids. It was kind of a funny group at first, but it got too stalker-ish and hate-filled for normal people. There comes a point when you just need to let it go - like when the show is over! Yes, she lied and is a self-absorbed, clueless idiot, but that could describe many 20-somethings. lol! It doesn't mean that she should be stalked and threatened for the rest of her life! I think the same kind of thing happened to Shelly last year.
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    Re: Danielle - BB14

    People are so stupid. I find it interesting that most of these attacks happen to be aimed towards female contestants. Cowards.

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    Re: Danielle - BB14

    Story telling in BB is one thing but she needs to own up to them once she got out. It's her CBS edit that people are upset with.
    People are wasting their time and shouldn't be phoning her workplace to get her fired. That is off limits.
    My take is the workplace is already aware of stuff that happened on the show. There is the livefeeds and BBAD that they can watch.
    It's their decision. Some people from reality shows have lost their jobs due to what they said. The media report what happened in those cases.

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