Episode 18 recap by BravoFan

The Queen of Cheese
The Queen of Cheese (Amy) is back with a vengeance, and ready to take charge of her meltable kingdom.

HOH competition - rehashing and information gathering
We pick up the normally scheduled Saturday episode on Friday night. This is a continuation of Thursday’s live show with the bathtub from hell HOH competition. The last HG out of the tub filled with various buckets of nasty goo becomes the new HOH. Roddy hops out of the tub almost immediately…probably recognizing that winning HOH this round would put him in a pretty precarious position with the HG’s that all just saved him. Ah, Roddy, my Colby Jack. The best of 2 flavors ranging from mild and mellow, to lightly sweet, to sharp and tangy.

As we watch seaweed, pond scum, and various other forms of bacteria ridden buckets being poured into the bathtub in 20 minute intervals, the HG’s pump Amy for information on the world outside and fill her in on the goings-on of the house while she’s been away.

Amy relates a story about being in a remote part of Mexico and having a little girl recognize her. I find this hard to believe. She also fills everyone in on the fact that everyone outside loves Marcellas. And who doesn’t really? Marcellas is like Mozzarella – smooth and hard to resist.

In the DR we see Danielle admit how happy she is that Amy is back. Let the cattiness and gossiping begin! Danielle is more of a Swiss – her range can go from sweet to sharp, but is nutty and semi-hard with lots of holes.

Apparently BB is really short on airable footage this week, because the overwhelming majority of this show is rehashing footage from prior episodes. We relive nutty Danielle and Lori going at it in the argument about Gerry’s personal hygiene. Of course we end up with the close up of Gerry’s hands in the Caesar salad intertwined with his departure from the shared toilet without washing his hands. Gerry is Gorgonzola according to BB3 editing – pungent and crumbly. We also see numerous recaps of DR confessions, and nearly see the entire food competition from Week 4 where Marcellas chokes down the fried livers and wins food for his team. Unfortunately, we also have to rewitness the peanut butter bikini competition. And just when I thought it was safe to start eating PB&J again.

Back to the tub, and it’s time for Chiara to add more ingredients to the bath sludge. As they continue with mind numbing conversation, Jason and Gerry both express concern that their need to use the restroom is going to be their downfall in this competition. At the 42 minute mark Jason mentions urinating in the tub and the remaining tubmates squirm. Chiara tells the HG’s that urine is the least of their concerns at this point. Good ole Chiara, you can always count on Parmesan (hard and granular) to improve the situation.

Lisa and Eric revisited
The romance between Eric and Lisa is rehashed. This includes the orgasmic navel and the middle of a kiss “Hi” salutation revelations, the date on the basketball court, and the ultimate eviction of Eric.
Marcellas notes that Lisa is no longer Eric’s girlfriend, one of the couples, or one of the girls, and has an agenda of her own.

Amy and Marcellas revisited
Now we have recaps of Amy and Marcellas and their big fight. Marcellas in the DR says he doesn’t even remember the fight. But we see the entire argument when Marcellas thought Amy was attempting to campaign against him. We get to see Marc and Amy kiss and make up which I don’t think we saw earlier. We also see footage of a “roast” which I don’t think was aired before. Each of the HG’s say a nice thing to Amy to her face, and BB intersperses that with each HG’s voting to evict Amy in the DR.

Finally we get back to the current situation and the HOH competition. At the one-hour mark Gerry and Marcellas abandon ship. Marcellas runs around the yard screaming from the filth clinging to his body. He races to the shower and rinses off with Gerry close behind.

After the commercial break we are 36 minutes into the show and I realize we have learned absolutely nothing new. The entire show has been recaps with about 3 total minutes of watching the rats simmer in the sewer sludge. At this point I’m feeling a sudden desire to FF to the end to find out who wins HOH as it’s obvious that there will be no nominations by the end of the show (which they normally have on Saturday’s)

An alliance is just an alliance
In yet more scenes from the past, Josh stirs up trouble by revisiting the original 6 alliance with Marcellas on the back porch. Josh tells Marcellas that if Gerry had not saved him with the POV, he would have definitely been kicked out no matter how much he turned it around. Although this doesn’t appear to be anything new or earth shattering, Marcellas is really upset by the conversation and relays this to Lisa and Chiara. Chiara, in a rare moment of humanness, confronts Josh and tells him he needs to be more considerate of people’s feelings. Josh follows Chiara and Dani inside to apologize to Marcellas, but the damage is done. I think we are supposed to gather this is the point where the HG’s decided to abandon the plan to get Roddy out and instead get rid of Josh.

Back at the tub the only HG’s remaining are Jason, Lisa and Amy. Jason cringes as twenty electric eels are now added.

Expect the Unexpected
BB3 decides to pat themselves on the back again by reliving the introduction of the Power of Veto and having one of the evictees move back in the house. Shocking, isn’t it? Would 2 of you PLEASE get out of that tub so we can see something new?!

Operation Revolving Door
Edited scenes of all the HG’s talking about Operation Revolving Door (ORD) are now played. We learn from Chiara in the DR that ORD means that the evicted HG that returns will be put up and voted out immediately by those in the house.

Everyone seems to agree to Chiara and Roddy’s face, but recognize that if Eric is the returnee, Roddy and Chiara would never agree to do it. Dani and Marcellas in private admit they will never go along with this plan.

At 1 hour and 51 minutes, Lisa bails. Crying in the DR she confesses that she knew if she became HOH she would have to nominate Roddy and Chiara and that “wasn’t a card I wanted to show yet”. Um, Lisa….if you were planning on throwing the HOH competition maybe you should have bailed out a little earlier? I think I’ll give Lisa the Havarti label – hidden intensity.

HOH unveiled
Now only Amy and Jason are left in the tub, where Amy confesses that she really missed the cameras following her around. Although they claim that they know about the cameras, we see shots of the HG’s that make me wonder if they really understand the concept of 24/7.

As cod liver oil is added, Jason finally retreats. He says to Amy as he departs, "Welcome back. You're the new HOH." Ah Jason, the best for last. All American with mild and delicate flavor, and a place in everyone’s heart.

Chiara expresses her reservations about Amy's rise to power. "I want to be really happy for her, but I'm kind of annoyed."