Episode 12 recap by BravoFan

Ed. note: I found this episode extremely boring so I fear the recap will not be very exciting.

Post eviction blues

We dive right in to Saturday’s episode with reaction to Amy’s unanimous eviction on the live show Thursday.

Marcellas - misses her tremendously

Gerry – welled up as she was leaving

Chiara – says she left with no enemies

Josh – wanted to give Amy the one vote she desperately sought, but didn’t because she asked everyone in the house for that one vote.

Jason – hopes that Marcellas sees the unanimous vote as a sign to how highly he is regarded in the house.

Eric, meanwhile, is just trying to get over losing the HoH competition to the ONE person in the house that he didn’t want to see in that spot.

Gerry Plays Defense

Being HoH is sweet justice for Gerry who has been the brunt of many jokes and essentially ignored since using the Veto Power in week 1. Lisa threatens that his time as HoH will be “hell”. Couldn’t be any worse than what he’s already been through. Josh for some reason makes himself comfortable in Gerry’s room and Roddy comments that it’s “pathetic to see Josh so confident around Gerry”. Off camera we see that Josh and Gerry both are trying to set each other up before the other one does.

Noone feels safe with Gerry as HoH, and the rats scramble about speculating. Roddy and Eric interestingly, feel no anxiety over the thought of Chiara and Lisa being potential nominees.

Household boredom

In another “vain” attempt to pass the hours away, the HG’s have created a new game called Duckball. Marcellas brought 3 rubber ducks to the house…perhaps as a luxury item? Fortunately there is no explanation as to why. The game consists of the HG’s tossing each duck towards a bucket that they have placed on the BB court. There are rules that they have created, and they are amusing themselves at the very least (and the very most).


We are now forced to watch the grooming displays of several of the HG’s…including Chiara and Lisa’s insistence on popping pimples on Roddy and Eric. (hope you have all had your lunches)

Quote of the week by Marcellas:
“The most disgusting part of this house is those people are nasty. It’s like some damn Discovery channel Gorilla show”.

Next we move on to facials. Josh and Gerry bow out, but Roddy, Eric and Jason strut around the house wearing green mud masks that Marcellas has helped them with. I found it somewhat frightening.

A Kiss is just a kiss

Later that evening Eric makes Lisa’s dreams come true in bed. In between kisses Eric pulls back and says “hi”. Lisa giggles with delight as it has always been her dream to get a salutation during a kiss. Note to the men in the audience: Don’t try this at home as you’ll only look as idiotic as Eric did. Lisa feels like a princess which may have some folks now considering her to be a low maintenance date. But I think it just means she’s an easy lay.

I can throw up in 120 seconds
Next the HG’s engage in this week’s food competition. The houseguests will compete in a mock “Name that tune” competition where they will say how much of an item they would be able to consume in 2 minutes. The blue team consists of Lisa, Jason, Eric and Marcellas. On the red side we have Chiara, Josh, Danielle and Roddy. The losers as usual, eat PBJ the entire week. Up first is Chiara. The blue team counters with Lisa as her challenger and we learn the secret item is raw brussel sprouts. Chiara bids 12, but only manages to choke down 7 giving Blue team the point. Next up are Jason and Josh who get Hostess Twinkies as their secret food. Josh doesn’t think Jason can eat 8, but Jason in double-fisted fashion, easily gets the Twinkies down. Danielle goes up against Eric in taking non jalapeno-stuffed olives and breezes through 15 of them (not before letting a tad bit of her psycho-ness shine through, however with some sort of taunting dance move). Score: 2-1 blue team. For the finale we have Marcellas vs. Roddy. The secret item is deep-fried chicken livers. Marcellas screeches at the thought so Roddy calls his bluff that he can eat 5. Marcellas the trooper pulls through, after gagging between each one. Blue wins and the red are PBJ bound again.

Couples trouble

Things are not all lovey-dovey in the couples camp. First we see Eric continuing with his wacko sleep talking. Lisa actually jumps out of the bed and attempts to flee when Eric makes some “scary noises”. Eric wakes and is able to convince her to come back to bed, however.

In the bathroom area we learn that Eric (despite his “close” relationship with Chiara) has NO CLUE what her last name is! Josh offers to find out, and asks Chiara while he’s sitting there with Roddy. Chiara realizes that it’s Roddy who doesn’t know her last name and turns Glenn Close again. Somehow Josh manages to turn things around and Chiara ends up apologizing to Roddy. Probably didn’t help her case that she called Roddy “Hardy” in the kitchen!

Quote of the week - Part II by Josh:
“I turned it around and mad her look like a lunatic. Not…very…hard…to…do.”

Up on the block
Gerry does the normal drill of going to the wall and pulling down all keys. He gathers everyone in the kitchen and says he hates to do this. He nominates Eric and Lisa and explains in chess terms that his decision was purely strategic, and that he was eliminating either the Queen or her Knight. Eric is sad but says he understands. Lisa calls Gerry’s move cowardly.