Episode 9 Recap by BravoFan

Sir Roddy

Here we are again on nomination Saturday. After being treated to the obligatory scenes from the last show where Danielle chose NOT to exercise her power of veto, let's dive right in and find out who Roddy will nominate.

Life after Tonya
Josh feels shocked that Tonya got the boot and he's still in the house.

Amy is ecstatic saying "I was glad to see her go." You're not alone there sister.

Chiara cries like a baby because now she has no shower partner.

Danielle goes on the defense with Chiara saying that she voted her out because she does not "respect her as a mother". That's giving her a lot of credit. I barely respect her as a human being!

Roddy's reign
Danielle is worried about Roddy, tagging him as her biggest threat in the game. Eric and Chiara are totally comfortable knowing they will be safe. Amy is fearful that Chiara's jealousy will fuel the fire and get her put up on the chopping block. Marcellas worries that Chiara's fury over him nominating Tonya could put him in jeopardy.

In an interesting development, Gerry visits the HOH room upon Roddy's request, and they make a deal that will keep Gerry safe in exchange for Gerry doing so for Roddy at a later time.

We also get some insight on how smart Roddy really is as he walks around spouting information that nobody asked for. Eric comments that Roddy definitely got a lot more out of college than he did. Lisa thinks his intelligence is sexy, and Jason feels like Roddy is his older brother. Marcellas states that he has a "crazy crush on him," and hopes that he can win the game and have Roddy write his biography.

Poor Gerry
The HG's pass their day away partially with exercise. Danielle is the self appointed "Ab Sergeant". Gerry does his exercises in the swimming pool which provides the other HG's opportunity once again to make fun of him. While there were some funny moments I could comment on, I'm pretty sick of the "let's all join the I-hate-Gerry bandwagon" that is barreling through the house, so I will pass.

Love, exciting and new
Chiara makes a valiant effort to win the "bimbo of the week award", by not only continuing her romance with Roddy but attempting to seduce Jason. Unfortunately, Jason (for some unknown reason), also has feelings for the tramp and enjoys the attention. Danielle actually asks Jason if his bride must be a virgin like he is. He looks at Chiara and says he'd be able to marry someone who wasn't a virgin, even if she'd made the same mistake again and again and again. Oh no! Jason, run don't walk immediately to extraction point 1. I'm sending in the emergency helo rescue. Note to CBS: I'm getting really tired of you trying to portray Chiara as "the girl next door". If she was the girl-next-door in my neighborhood, I'd be contacting my real estate agent right now instead of doing this recap.

Meanwhile, Eric and Lisa have also gone public (they have NO idea just how public) with their relationship. Eric claims he wants to see Lisa outside of the house and mentions that he tells her secrets he wouldn't share with anyone else...um, except the millions of people watching this on TV and the Internet! For a minute, I think my TV has actually switched over to SkinaMax as we witness Lisa and Eric having sex. Just when I thought it couldn't get any grosser than watching Lisa pull out Eric's ingrown hairs. "

Batiking for Food

I figure if CBS can make up words, I can too. I don't know, but I looked up Batik in the dictionary and it had nothing to do with what I saw last night. If anyone has information on this topic, feel free to share.

Basically this game of "Batik" is a huge, square "container" in which the HG's must place different geometric shapes. Each shape has a type of food printed on it and the goal is to get as many pieces in the bin as possible. Anything that sticks out over the top does not count. Danielle picks "sweets" because it includes alcohol. Josh comments angrily because it's a huge piece and takes up "like 90%" of the space. Not really, but I sort of agree with Josh that it was a dumb start. Someone drops in the cheese piece for Amy because she didn't want to be annoying and do it herself. Must not have worked though as Josh comments that he wants to dip Amy in Velveeta and ship her out. There is also a mystery food that makes it in as well. After the competition is over we learn that it means they get Subway for lunch daily. I think to myself the only thing that would be cheesier is if that Jared dude shows up to deliver it.

A little more on the HG's
BB must be running out of material that they can air on a network show so we are forced to endure some of the HG's idiosyncrasies. Eric is a big sleep talker and provides daily amusement for the rest of the house. The guy really does have some weird comments like "My tough toes tingle", and full conversations with himself. It kind of creeps me out. Gerry talks a lot too, but he is awake. He walks around the house quoting Shakespeare. Eric comments, "I don't think he's making it up, but no one understands it."

Stirring up things in the "alliance"
Josh goes to Roddy to try to get him to put Lisa up on the block. He figures that since Lisa voted against him, the girls are not to be trusted and need to be punished for voting out of the alliance. Josh leaves thinking his proposal has a chance and tells Amy that if Roddy follows his advice that she will be save for the next 2 weeks. Josh is working hard to keep Amy in the house because he figures he has complete control over her.

Nomination Time
Roddy goes and gets the keys and explains to us that he puts the keys of the people that are safe in the box and the 2 nominees in the velvet bag. Do we really need this explanation EVERY time? At the meeting, we find out that Roddy nominates Marcellas and Amy for eviction. Roddy gives a long speech about why he's putting Amy up and I don't really understand 80% of what he says. Something about putting herself ahead of other people. Frankly, this nomination has "Chiara" written all over it in my opinion. He nominates Marcellas because that would have been a vote to keep Amy, and he is trying to guarantee that she is the one to leave. Marcellas and Amy go to the diary room together and express their discontent. Each hopes to win the power of veto to save the other.

BravoFan's nominations
Bimbo of the week: Lisa
Himbo of the week: Eric