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Thread: BB13 - The Twist: 'Double Trouble' (Past HGs returning)

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    Re: BB13 - The Twist: 'Double Trouble' (Past HGs returning)

    Quote Originally Posted by PWS View Post
    Where you'd really see drama is if something led Dick to attack Jordan...if Dani took against her for some reason. Jordan can be aggressive as we know (remember the "chest bump"?)---not on Rachel's level, but not totally passive, and if she and Dani don't get along I can see Dick going after her, calling her stupid and uneducated, and Jeff coming to her defense. I really would not like to see that. If Rachel and Dick are friends...ugh. And I can definitely see Rachel going after Jordan---Jordan is way too popular for the competitive Rachel. I'm sure she thought Brenchel would be as popular as J/J.
    Disregarding any possibility of an alliance, would Dick really go after Jordan if Jeff was there? BB8 had no alpha males to stop him. So I'm incredibly curious if he would have the stones.

    Either way, Dick vs. Jeff would be one of the greatest arguments/debates/fights ever. But as much as I'd like to see them facing off with Dick being Dick and Jeff zinging back with his wit and threatening to kill people, I hope, and frankly expect them to be buddies and alliance-mates (along with the other half of their duos). Does Jeff still smoke? Because that's bonding opportunity #1 right there.

    And I don't want Rachel to be around long enough to go after anybody, least of all Jordan. Because...well, loud voice is loud.
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    Re: BB13 - The Twist: 'Double Trouble' (Past HGs returning)

    Ugh, the more I read about the returning people, the less I want to watch this season
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    Re: BB13 - The Twist: 'Double Trouble' (Past HGs returning)

    Irish, I was asking about rumor control show in another topic. Maybe we/you would want to start
    one just for that? They seem to think that the returning duos might be split up right away and paired with the new HGs.

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    Re: BB13 - The Twist: 'Double Trouble' (Past HGs returning)

    You can start one, but it should be in the feed forum. Anything feed-related needs to start getting away from the regular show forum.
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